Bump Stocks/????? Are You Kidding Me????  B.S.!!!!… Kids Doing What Adults Won’t Do….

The republican response to the massacre in Parkland FL is to divert the conversation to “bump stocks and mental health when the real issue, the total answer to people killing people with guns, is the elimination of GUNS!!!

All the other “solutions”  are a facade and a sham.

The people who accept their pay provide by tax dollars are stealing and cheating the public since they cannot bring themselves to do what is right and what most of Americans want, an end to mass murder. These kids are not speaking out only for school children but for all the people and places that have suffered from the inaction on control of the proliferation of guns in our midst.

Republican politicians believe that more guns, concealed guns, rapid shot rifles, assault rifles, machine guns are okay in our communities, while bragging, “I’m a gun owner too!!!”

Even those communities that claim they want to do something about the problem, but all they talk about are background checks, age requirements, training, and all the rest of the bull crap while skirting the real issue which is GUNS!!!

They want to talk about what they call “sensible solutions” yet after commiserating with a contingent of grieving students, the Florida Legislature rejected any action on gun control!! How callous…. And immoral….but they will pay at the ballot box. These kids mean business and I applaud their resolve. They have mobilized and will not give u, for soon they will be voters, voters with memories. Meanwhile they are urging older student and young people to vote out those politicians with deaf ears!  I am one hundred percent behind them. Keep up the good fight!

 NoActionAgainstComplacentPoiliticians   (NAACP)

 Heellllooooo???!!! Where are you????? Heellllo????!!!!

I’m embarrassed to tell anybody that I was once a member of this once effective organization… not only was I a member, I was Treasurer of the New York Youth and College Chapter. I was also President of the Youth & College Chapter in Corona-East Elmhurst, New York. I marched with Percy Sutton, Jeff Greenup, David Dinkins, Charlie Rangel, and MLK, Jr., talked with Roy Wilkins, argued with Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X….    

But now I am upset, distressed and amazed that this organization stands by with nothing to say politically in these stressful times when we are poised to fight and re-litigate the New Civil Rights movement, a fight for the lives of people who do not want to be murdered at the hands of a mass killer. Shame on you……..Get you noses out of the air, you are no longer a voice in the civil rights or political arena, but you should be able to figure out how to contribute to the effort against the proliferation or guns in our midst.

 In closing, since the Congress and the executive branch, including the Justice Department, won’t do anything to stop gun violence, I think cities and towns should tax bullets……. say, $50 per bullet…..  and require the seller to report each sale to law enforcement…….perhaps that would slow down mass murderers…..

Enough said, I’m out!!!!

By the way, let me remember two guys who were my mentors, who if they were still with us, would have celebrated their birthdays this month….Prince Evans                   (February 19) and Robert Stacey (Stacey Arceneaux, February 17)……

 Also accolades to my mother, a single mom (February 27)…..a caring dedicated to family, grand lady, all five foot eleven of her, who never gave up fighting for her nine kids….. and gave them a fair chance at success, when society didn’t….          Love you Mom….





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Okay…..When Is Enough Enough???

A while ago, I wrote a blog wherein I asked this very same question, yet still we (the citizenry of this once great nation) have to tolerate a lying deceitful, bumbling bigot racist in the White House… so, I’m forced to echo my thoughts again.

This fool continues to destroy this country, its norms, laws, customs and traditions… Remember he DID not get the majority of votes in the last election, yet he is in the White House; so it is not the voters fault. Because we are nation of rules, laws and tradition, we bowed to the “Constitution” that allowed this fiasco to occur.

Reiterating, we are trying to maintain our democracy using eighteenth century views of that world… but that discussion is for another time.

Three things are abundantly evident, and clearly a scourge on our way of life.

One is, the fact that this administration, despite its claim of “transparency” is totally bereft of any idea of what that word means, because everything they do, criminal that it is, is hidden from view and we have a majority in Congress  that is also so bereft of any moral fiber such that they as inert as a rock when it comes to doing the job that they were sent to do, that is, act as a check against the abuse that a wayward president,( and believe  me he is wayward) might try to implement, all on the pretext of “holding onto power”). 

We have discussed this miscreant’s shortcomings enough but people with reputation of decency are now his cohorts, and this fact is so detriment to our well-being that it is galling, appalling, and brings us to the precipice of extinction. To allow anyone without proper FBI vetted clearance to view our top secrets and have intimate knowledge our most sensitive methods of gathering information about those who wish us no good, is preposterous. Yet, a known, proven woman abuser, without proper FBI clearance, who could be available for blackmail by our foes, is allowed to work in the aforementioned sensitive position.

Now they brazenly lie about the maintenance of that liability, an eyeball away from our top secrets, being kept in that position.  john Kelly knowingly kept him there, the king-bigot kept him  there, and they need to go, as well as a slew of recalcitrants like noexperience, clapper (another man who threw his prestige into the gutter by lying), devin nunes, worm ryan and mbitch mcconnell……..and so on.

Lying bastards, all of them….

After mike flynn, manafort,  charged criminal activities, with carter page, now exposed a Russian confidant, soon to be, charged, all working in the employ of ddfrump… could it be that he, ddfrump  is a Russian mole/ spy??? Think about it……Look at everything that he has done from refusing to further sanction russia for meddling, from obstructing the investigation into Russian meddling and actually influencing the 2016 election to inviting the three top russian spy leader to Washington without ANYONE, be it, Congress, the State Department, the Justice Department, or the intelligence community in general, knowing about  this intrusion!!!

Even so, convincing the Congress to go along with a massive tax scheme to further enhance the filthy rich….. is questionable, after all, a nation in severe debt further endangers all of us. Blocking sanction as mentioned, is too, an indictment…… Is he a mole??? For me,  “Yes”, a resounding “YES!!!!”

Florida Fight 2018???!!!!

 While I do not normally weigh in on state or local political issues unless they have some sort of national impact, but a dear friend, who is interested in what is going on here, asked my opinion of upcoming the governor’s race here in Florida, particularly Andrew Gillum.

 So peruse the following:

 “Florida governor’s race well underway:

Already 18 candidates for 2018, among them,

Ron DeSantis, Conservative  Congressman, Philip Levine, Mayor Miami Beach, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, State Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam The following is Courtesy of  POLITICS  By George Bennett – Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Posted: 8:00 a.m. Sunday, May 28, 2017

With primaries still 15 months away and the general election 17 months off in a state that has a history of upending early conventional wisdom, most Florida voters haven’t begun to focus on the 2018 governor’s race.

Democrats, who haven’t won a Florida governor’s race since the late Gov. Lawton Chiles squeaked to re-election in 1994, already have a competitive primary in the works. Former U.S. Rep. Graham, Tallahassee Mayor Gillum and Winter Park businessman Chris King have begun traveling the state and making their pitches to party activists. Wealthy trial lawyer John Morgan is also considering a Democratic bid, as is Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine — who also recently floated the idea of a no-party candidacy.”

So I say this…..

Andrew Gillum is a seven term mayor of a smaller city in Florida, albeit the State’s capital city but nonetheless, a large “town”. He has done some good things there during his tenure and has positioned himself as a young progressive believing he can take his actions and philosophy to a higher level.

 He does have some prominent backers, but so do others… it is, right now, a wide open race…… the question I have is, is that enough against  the more well-known (in Florida) candidates? Can he build enough momentum between now and November??? He has to be way more active. More face time…more charisma because this is a red-purple state….. and there are enough people who are staunch republicans,  staunch ddfrump supporters, and staunch racists…..such that if Gillum were not to be the Democratic frontrunner,  he must  not end up being a spoiler, for the Democratic frontrunner.  He has to recognize where he is in terms of possibilities and if he is not really in the mix, he has to get out of the way early on to give the Democratic candidate a shot at garnering more support . He was on TV this week, sounded eloquent and knowledgeable… impressionable. He needs more facetime, more exposure. We shall see in a month or two.

The Democrats look at this race as an important indication of whether the momentum of recent victories will continue with a takeover the Congress this fall with an eye toward 2020.

Another Mass Shooting….  When is enough, enough ,again???

Condolences to the families of the victims…. Again….

Again, the nation is acutely and literally shot in the face by another disgruntled person who had easy access to an assault rifle. And sadly, many people died, this time, high school students and teachers.

 Each morning as parents send their children off to school and leave them in the care of others, to teach them, they have an rightful expectation for those children to return home safely, but that is not the case.

 If you read my hollers, you know I believe that there is no place in this country for “free for all” guns, despite the warped interpretation of the Second Amendment.

First of all, the version that all people are mandated to allow guns in our society is ridiculous. The Supreme Court could have easily gone the other way, after all it is a 18th century notion created when this country was a emerging from the threat of confrontation and another invasion from England, when this land was a virtual wilderness in many places,  and when white men wanted to kill maim, destroy and murder the Natives who were in the way of their kind of “progress”.  

The founders of the Constitution had no clue, none whatsoever  about atomic bombs, repeating rifles, cars, washing machines, planes, etc.  They had “one shot, reload, one shot” muskets, muskets!!! There is no need in these modern times for the proliferation of modern guns. I am for the elimination of guns to the masses; total elimination……

 What are they for?? To kill…. to f**king kill!!!! Why do we want/ need to kill things, people??? Mentally, why??  What is the wanton need??    A thrill?? Why is there a depraved need within you people to kill??? Want a thrill?? Go to a movie, a football game, a tennis match, parachute or bungee jump, okay?? Wanting a gun is a mental sickness, and you need to be committed to “just want a gun”…… because all you can do with it is murder something; sometimes and only in those narrow times, to feed or protect yourself, if you choose to venture into those venues of danger and, do not tell me that our civilized streets and roads are akin to the wilderness, it is not…..

 The Constitution is not sacred… it is not … it has been changed for the good before.

Thirty three thousand people are killed in America by guns last year. When cigarettes killed masses, we acted, when car caused too many deaths, we reacted; we are for train safety, plane safety, drug safety, flu safety, yet when it comes to guns we are tone deaf……because of a sick lust to kill…. That’s what guns are made for and do……

I am a proponent of updating our Constitution and Bill of Rights… Other countries have done it, why not us?? Arrogance??? Stupidity?? Or wanton desire to kill something, anything, people, animals???

I hope the students, the young people, will force these old narrow-minded, graft-taking politicians to get out of the way so we can get rid of this ridiculous notion that gun ownership is an inherent right. Like a lot of things we do every day in America, it may be a narrowly defined privilege… to those who are adjudged to be qualified for that privilege.

Our politicians are “appalled”, “shocked”, “sorry”, “prayerful”, but full of crap…..we want action….and the elimination of guns…. not piecemeal useless, solutions…….. They do not have the guts to do the right thing, that is, get rid of the Second Amendment. 

You’ve brainwashed this populace to believe that gun ownership is infallible. It is not. The politicians won’t do it they are part of the problem…..It’s like asking a murderer to convince a serial killer not to kill his captives!!!

The Indictment

Robert Mueller dropped another shoe, or rather a boot….toward the investigation on Russian collusion, despite the republican petulance to claim the opposite…..with backup proof… clear proof….. Th proof is there, now to find out who provided, aided and abetted the russian effort to interfere in our elections. And to do that he is starting with Rick Gate’s cohort of Paul Manafort who was  there when there was contact with Russian spies. I can’t wait until the heel stomp on outtssession’s neck next, working our way toward proving cooperation with foreigners,  and the biggaass fool’s attempt at interfering with and obstructing the investigation. And do not forget noexperience, he’s complicit too!

Lastly, unqualified and security clearances notwithstanding the sexual harassment, assault, and whatever else, permeate the White House… this is what you fools put in the presidency. The majority of voters did not vote for this miscreant….. yet, the wormlike republican congress has without the backbone has abdicate it’s responsibility to control and limit the damage this misfit just because they desire a chance to stop  progressives from  making our country better and more humane.

As said, I hope young people, high school student will lead their elders (college and  graduate student) to join them in this crusade to remake America…..

Enough said, I’m out!!!!






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Getting the Bowl You Want!!!


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Getting the Bowl Ya Want!!!!!


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GLOAT*.. On Exam Day…….


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Stupid, Right on Cue!!!!


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Cheeesey Punk…..

They call him the Leader of the House………

I had a friend who used to describe a punk as, “weak as water” We have (only because we had no choice) a spineless worm, howdy doody, no voice, mealy mouth punk who can only find words like “unhelpful” and “unfortunate”….. when asked to  respond to a bigot’s remark… which makes him a bigot racist too… and a “Mouse Leader” , Yes,  a MOUSE!!!!! 

But more than that, he is a dehumanoid without conviction… I have more ( not much more) respect for a KKK rat that hides behind a robe that this spineless Mouse Leader……..who has “very nice Nigerian doctors in his neighborhood” and they are “friends” and “great citizens..”………

What a slug!!!!  A six year old could punk him….. Slap him and he would grovel in the dirt…… crawl on his belly and look for a cave to slither into……… He probably dons his velvet panties and bra before he come out of hiding (no offense to the ladies) ….He couldn’t lead a river to the sea……..

I’ll be glad when they all slither and snake out of Washington…. What a freaking trio, with the kingliar xpence, with the reptilian mouth….Ohhh, I forgot the king mouse gerbil…ms.connell…. Make that a quartet!!!

Well, our only hope is that our allies and the other nations of the World understand our plight….sometimes you have to go through times like this and overcome classless people like we currently have in republican political circles, to appreciate better times and better leaders..

None of these punks will survive because we will survive this torment  simply because we are stronger than they think and more resourceful, we are American….while they are  just pretenders……and Mice among Men!!!!!              When the light shines on  them that’s when they shrink the most!!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!



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