Unqualified and Deplorable…..Their Leader Is a Crooked Nut But The Followers Are Stupid!!!



“Insanity law in criminal law, is a condition of mental disorder or mental defect that relieves persons of criminal responsibility for their conduct.

Insanity is justified as an exemption from responsibility on the grounds that responsibility assumes capacity to make elementary moral distinctions and power to adjust behavior to the commands of the law. The insane should not be condemned, since they are not morally culpable and cannot be deterred by the threat of penal sanctions. Critics say that the issue of responsibility is less important than the problem of how to identify and treat the disturbed individual. “

US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

Before he enters on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

A letter to President Obama:

“President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

November 29, 2016

Dear President Obama,

We are writing to express our grave concern regarding the mental stability of our President-Elect. Professional standards do not permit us to venture a diagnosis for a public figure whom we have not evaluated personally. Nevertheless, his widely reported symptoms of mental instability — including grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality — lead us to question his fitness for the immense responsibilities of the office. We strongly recommend that, in preparation for assuming these responsibilities, he receive a full medical and neuropsychiatric evaluation by an impartial team of investigators.


Dee Mosbacher, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Community Health Systems
University of California, San Francisco (2005-2013)

Judith Herman, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School

Nanette Gartrell, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry University of California, San Francisco (1988-2011) Assistant Professor of Psychiatry,
Harvard Medical School (1983-87)

Look up and read their analysis of the frump’s mind…it’s hair-raising

Frump is nuts……
I think it is necessary to provide some background as I go forward because I intend to also lay out my case for the republican party being crazy too, and others who seem to want things their way….(a-paul)lingl (no reality) ryan, mbitch mcconnell, (I spelled it correctly) and the whole republican Congressional contingent; and their supporters who are stone set to have it their way…. to take your tax money and do what they will with it… gutting funding for aid to the less fortunate, food stamps, Medicaid, women’s health choices, throwing people off the affordable health insurance rolls by the thousands and providing an $883 billion boon to the well off, the rich, the ultra-rich and the filthy rich!

I think someone said a common definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result but here’s conundrum, they know that the same result would occur, so are they insane, or are they just plain stupid??? How can you depend on a 600 time liar to be truthful about anything?? We have to hear his words, the reversal and accept them as uttered but we must be guided by what he does…..

To me, it is clear that republicans support frump because they are, number one, racist, homophobic and insecure, and hope that he will provide an avenue for them to overtly express these tendencies. When one continually ignores scientific facts about their origin, think the only the color one’s skin is an indication of superiority, not work ethic, education, talent, ability or capacity to empathize, when someone exhibits madness, lunacy, absurdity, and irrationality, it is sufficient to conclude he is a nut job and a home grown terrorist. . It also makes me wonder why there is a smattering of black folks hanging around these people and see themselves as “like white thinking”… perhaps, it is because they also have these tendencies and the only place they find others like them is in the republican party. They are welcomed because it enables the racist to delude him/ herself into believing that having a few “others” around proves to others, they are not what they really are, racists, first…. (absurdity)….

Now, the republicans in Congress have once again tried to pass bills to do away with the ACA without success… (lunacy)…

Following their leader, now in power, they return to the lunacy….(irrationality)

So we have madness at the top of currently, the once most powerful nation on Earth. It is clear that frump colluded with the Russians (pukin) to effect the election of frump… and the republicans are willing to bring this nation down just to feed their racism, bigotry and feelings of narcissism; again irrationality.

When you see smoke, you call The Fire Department; when you smell gas, again, you make a call. You do not wait for the fire to engulf you or wait for the explosion to occur. When you see masked men with weapons drawn go into a bank, you do not wait for them to come out with bags of stolen money, you call the Police Department. Therefore, now that we have reports from our intelligence agencies that clearly proves there were a uncommon overabundance of contacts, and phone calls to and with known Russian leaders and spies, from the cronies of “der kaiser” frump before, during and after the presidential campaign, we can easily conclude that there is it is unusual, and suspicious “smoke”. They were not discussing the weather…We should not have to wait until we are encircled and brought to our knees by these shenanigans.

Frump continually praised this despot, pukin, on the campaign trail and now, sworn in as president, he’s turned up a ratchet or two. He selects a rex tillerson to be Secretary of State, a recipient of an “Order of Friendship” medal from the Russian czar. Then, to make sure our sanctions diplomacy is off the table, he reduces the budget of the State Department, and fires the four most experienced ambassadors who know more about russia and how pukin thinks than anyone in world politics! Frump has insulted Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, and France with acts, words and tweets in order to make those nations question America’s reliability and commitment to protect Europe from russian aggression. When several, (let’s see, probably 12 or so) of his confidantes are connected to the russian oligarchy and laundered money there is a good chance that the FBI and Treasury Departments are investigating these connections, and believe me where there is smoke there is fire!! I hope that the discovery of the FIRE will not cost this nation our good name and stature in the world.  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like duck, swims like a duck, it’s a DUCK, you do not have to wait for the smelly tail feather to smack you in the face!!!  (Watch Rachel Maddow at MSNBC 9pm weekdays)

We, with frump in power, are well on our way to just that, a second-rate country. Before it is too late, get rid of this phony and consummate liar!!!

The republicans in Congress can see what is happening, yet they sit on the hands and encourage our demise. Are they American or are they complicit traitors?  Is being in power to destroy our less fortunate, that important?

They refuse to remember that they are all immigrants, except for a very few. Immigration made this country what it is today.. English immigrants, Irish immigrants, Italian immigrant, Southeast  Asian immigrants, those from the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East… Latinos from wherever, and of course, Black people, despite, “sleepy ben” saying they aspired for their progeny to get an education as they suffered in the bowels of those despicable slave ships, and be successful (how stupid)..They  all had a part in our shared success.

These same republicans who are bent on destroying the Federal government, parroting the frump, forget that their fore-parents benefitted from the GI bill, student loans, VA mortgages, FHA mortgages, Social Security, SBA loans, the TVA, the interstate highway system, protection from pollution and so on. Now they want to destroy the Federal government and give many federal responsibilities to the state when it has been proven, time and again, that  the states have failed its citizens. They refuse to say that the states that cooperated with the ACA are doing well; those that did not, refused federal dollars, and are failing their constituents.. They need to tell the  truth, the whole truth!!

There is no way, this fake president can lead this nation…he must be impeached and another election held.

The republicans are con artists just like their leader. They contend that their plan of “more choice” will solve the health care problem in America. After the world has witnessed what some states will do for the “least of us”, do they really think that’s the way to go? Choice??  We already have choices… there was not a medical insurance plan provider that did not have a myriad of plans to choose from. The problem has always been COST, both for the user and the provider, the hospitals, and so on.

I live in a development and I want to go shopping at the mall. and I only have five dollars. There is a uber car, a lyft car, a bus, a taxi and a black car service parked out front.  The uber costs $50, The lyft car costs $49.50, the bus costs $25, the taxi costs $30 and the black car costs $65! My buddy says, “I’ll give you five dollars to help you get to the mall!”….Can I get there??      Hell no!!! Yes, I have choices but the price is too high!!! That’s the bullcrap the republicans are spewing… pure crap!

To solve the problem of the cost of healthcare, we must bring the providers’ costs down…lower cost for medicines, lower costs for medical services…. doctors, hospitals must also pitch in, and so on…. The republicans need to stop the gobble-de–gook bull crap…..

When we look back at the republican presidents, we have…Nixon…had to quit…Reagan…Iran Contra and firing the air controllers, bushie I …the Gulf War and a mild recession…bushie II…. the Iraq/ Afghanistan War, a real depression via tax breaks for the rich….now we have the liar, thief, tax cheat traitor, and pervert money launderer pukin-hugger, mentally deficient ass …did we really need this??  Tell me where he has defended, protected and preserved the Constitution?? Or carried out the duties of a real president???Liar thief!!! Part time lousy golf player costing us $18 million in just two months to be a part time pretend president and a lousy diplomat.

We need to stop the bleeding……impeach the bastard!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!









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The Overt Destruction of The Pillars of American Democracy  and Moral Values


Okay, where do I begin???

Back in the day, we’d have these little chuckles… like..

A Black guy and a white guy are sitting on the porch of a house. Someone from inside the house screams, ”There’s a fire in the bedroom!”  Both run into the house. The white guy runs to the bedroom door and looks in and says, “Damn bigass faaaar!!!” while the Black guy runs to the kitchen to get a bucket of water…..

Black guy and a white are standing on the corner of a busy intersection. They are facing a green light but there’s a bus roaring down the avenue, at seventy miles an hour with a red light facing the bus. The white guy begins to step off the curb to cross, the Black guy yells, “Wait and see if the bus stops!” The white guy says, “He’s supposed to stop!” and continues…and gets hit by the truck!

Two Black guys and two white guys are playing cards in a house. A barrage of gunshots hit the house. The two black guys drop to the floor and crawl for cover. One white guy runs to the front door and opens it, asking, “Who faaared those shots??!!”, and the other white guy runs to the picture  window, stands there and asks, “Kin ya see who’s doin’ the shootin’??” Both get shot!!!

Let’s see…a fat, over-tanned,  red-faced  vary-colored hair guy in a nice suit who  lied over 500 times on the campaign trail, hid his tax returns, committed fraud by using donated funds to pay his legal bills, was sued for operating a corrupt “university”, called everybody in his party,  scoundrels, attacked oppenent’s wives and family, vilified every one of them in the primary election process, insulted women and gays, Black people, Jewish people, Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants from wherever, disparaged the news media, discounted the effectiveness of our military, and our intelligence agencies, encouraged hackers to steal and hack more of our institutions, called for prison time for his opponent in the general election, really,  really  sucked up to our world adversaries, while insulting our allies, and then  lost that election by almost four million votes after being assisted by the untimely comments about a bogus investigation of his opponent by the FBI director and the leaking of emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee, such that enough biased white people who lied to pollsters, (and some few befuddled minorities, Black folks included) voted for him in sufficient numbers in meaningful states to the point that he won the electoral college and thereby  became the 45th president of these United States of America.

Now we learn that despite protocols developed over the years, (one president at a time) he and his cohorts conducted foreign affairs before being sworn in by contacting presidents and prime ministers of these foreign nations, made business deals for his companies and through his close supporters, made promises to lift sanctions on Russia, repeal the ACA, reduce taxes for the rich, wage war on Muslims and immigrants, and build a $24 million wall on the Rio Grande, and more!

As president, he’s gutted the State Department of veteran ambassadors, put a racist in charge of the Justice Department, fired Federal prosecutors ‘en masse’, some who would be in charge of investigating criminal activities of his companies, allowed coal companies to dump waste into our rivers and streams, gave the go-ahead to oil companies to build a massive pipeline across sacred burial grounds and under rivers and lakes that provide drinking water for thousands, stripped EPA regulations to stop pollution from coal mining, and hired people for his cabinet with sordid backgrounds, who supported alt-right, nationalistic rhetoric, and racist causes…  one who bought stock in a pharmaceutical  company, then authored legislation to make profits for the industry, then sold the stock to make millions. The fat guy selected a secretary of state who received medals from pukin and attended many affairs with pukin; the rotund one picked  another guy who worked for a bank and was in charge of the department that robo-signed foreclosure docs to take houses away from hard working citizens, chose a millionaire woman to be Education secretary who knew nothing about public education and supports a voucher system for school choice, a sleepy black guy to run HUD, simply because he needed a person of color and that person (who was caught lying about his life experience) once lived in a housing project. Further, another millionaire who is vice chairman of a bank in Cyprus that is a haven for laundering dirty money (Russian money in particular) and he is known as “the vulture of bankruptcy” for taking companies into insolvency. He’s appointed a failed governor, Perry as Energy Secretary who said on the   campaign trail that he would get rid that agency, a guy named Perdue who owns fast food restaurants and refused to increase worker’s wages and would use robots to replace his labor force. Even the blind mouse “no expence” has been caught in a egregious lie so he too, should be disqualified, after all the nation DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM… they voted for the fool who by virtue of our flawed system of presidential elections, won, and “no expence” as the tail of the monster, wagged and was pulled along.

There are quite a few more but I have to move on.

The ACA is under siege by republicans who are bent on replacing (destroying) rather than fixing its problems. The focus of the right is to provide more tax reductions to the rich and to create profits for the medical insurance industry and less care for the underserved; in fact the House republicans passed the bill in the early morning hours without the benefit of hearings or CBO score which every knowledgeable expert says will throw fifteen million…million off of Medicaid, be too costly for working people between the ages of 55 to 65; and take away benefits for some folk on Medicare!

Now on to the traitorous relationship between the frump political farce, the frump money scheming organization and Russian spies… The FBI is questioning the overwhelming interaction between frump cronies and the Russians. In fact to this point at least seven of these accomplices have been caught lying about their dealings and alleged appeasement of the sanctions against the Asian, supposed superpower lead by frump’s idol, pukin. It’s current news that frump tweeted that PRESIDENT Obama ordered the wiretap of frump tower, without proof. It is however, suspected that the U S intelligence agencies  overheard his cabal allegedly talking to Russian spies (while surveilling said spies) and breaking Federal laws.

And I’m not even getting into the terrible, awful, vicious, cowardly, disdainful and disrespectful manner in which residents of this country are being gleefully expelled by the Customs and Border Patrol agencies, as if they we primed to perform these acts of depravity!

I say all this to point out that, in general, the republicans in Congress, so intent on destroying this nation from the inside, are aiding and abetting the frump/ Russian scheme to destroy it from the outside along with all of our allies and treaties garnered over the last seventy  years through cooperative agreements and negotiations.  Russia intent is to make it easier for pukin to resurrect the Russian empire of the cold war era and be free to invade free countries in Europe, especially and the world in general.

Frump has done all the aforementioned, all while smiling and saying, “I will be the president for all the people!” Not to mention continuing to commandeer his personal empire while benefitting from the presidency, thereby relegating that high office to nothing more than a fraud plan to dupe the American people and some of us are falling for it!

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” , are the words the president must repeat at the swearing in ceremony. He has done none of the above and should be impeached immediately!

I mention those few ditties at the beginning in order to demonstrate how our elected officials are reacting to this dilemma, not to be racial. Frump has broken every law, tradition, principle, regulation that we have built this country on. How can we stand by and diddle while he makes a mockery of justice and civility? We must make haste to cast this villain out of our midst before it is too late to recover. It is not okay to give an accident  victim oxygen and a blood transfusion a day after he is being injured, knifed and gutted!!! Hold your hearings, investigate but guess what, too late is too late!!!

The real question is, are republicans “American” or not???? Is the desire to rule so intoxicating that you forget about country, morality and empathy??? We came to be the nation all the world looked up to because we demonstrated morality and a care for others who were less fortunate than we were. We were the model, the success story of the ages, although we did have our flaws. But we worked on them… we did not give up…. We fought…… We must continue to fight and the first step is to IMPEACH the  ”mutha-f^*ker”, as I would say if I were still in “street” mode!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!




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Thinking on a Dark Dreary Saturday Rainy Afternoon in Florida

The persecution and purge begins as the “hitler” minded misguided fiend you selected as ‘your” leader begins to act out his hatreds and innocent lives are now upset. Others are worried that in the night, gestapo agents will roust families out of their ill-contented sleep and haul off beloved ones, fathers and mothers, even grandparents  to face “monkey –like” trials without legal representation or due process and send them to lands they know nothing about.  As much as an unpaid parking ticket will get the attention of ICE and other enforcement agents who will carry out orders that they know are unconstitutional, morally injurious and dead wrong, especially in a land they stole from the inhabitants by use of the magnitude of fire power; now they call it their land and no one dare trespass. How dastardly??

Red-faced white people, spewing venomous invectives, who claim to be independent and resourceful, want to tell you that they’ve  earned their claim to the land on which they stand, with the sprawling destruction that they greedily caused, of the pristine  plains, streams, mountains staring them in the face,  call on this current  decrepitly immoral government to do their dirty work. And by the brute force of a disgraced “badge”, the posse and others, gleefully count how many “heads” they’ve collared!!

They never ask whether their fore-parents got here legally, whether they followed the law as they hid and cowered until it was okay to come out of the shadows; all they know is that with the shield on their chests, they have superhuman power, to unsettle the lives of residents who have done  them no harm.

It is a slippery slope that I warned about, but no attention was paid. The question is, once begun, where does it stop? Mexicans (well, to the frump any Hispanic is Mexican), Muslims, Jews, Asians without money, Russian mobsters or Bulgarian jewel thieves are exempt… Oh, and especially, Russians… you don’t want to screw up your investments over there…       Er… Russians are Asians too, or haven’t you noticed, frumpie boy???

….. Black folks live in hell, so why not get rid of them too, and their “hell”; after all, crime will go down, according to his warped mind. Where the hell is Jim Brown or Kanye West now? Where the hell is Stevie (all bullshit) Harvey and Don (un) King(k)?? Where are all those oreo black preachers who “believe” in the Good Book (“Love thy neighbor” (unless it somebody’s wife),” Give me your tired, weary…..” “ Suffer little children, come unto me….”) Please do not me go off on that tangent, please!!!

The silence is deafening….

In your meetings, did you tell frump it was wrong to begin this purge, that America is not under threat from these people, that he should not ”gorilla” liars (like him) tax cheats (like him) fraudsters (like him), polluters (like him)  Jim Crow advocates (sessions) (like him) through Congress to run this government. Did you tell him that allowing coal mining residue into our streams and rivers will kill people, did you tell him that hiding behind the truth about where his loyalties lie (same word applies in different ways to this buffoon), because of money, will kill people?? Did you say to him, “Do not silence the media”?? (It is our only check to the wrecking of our government that the people have.)

The Russians and the Iranians are laughing their heads off, as this lunatic, stumbles from New York to “Margo to Largo” and conducts world politics at an open dinner with a foreign figure….” This is the new America?? Great again???  The leader of the free world??….What a clown, a joke!! You shoot off one of you rockets and I will have my planes buzz American ships, he won’t know, he’ll be busy rounding up children!!”  Yeah, they are laughing!!!!

I’ve been around the block and as a New Yorker, so when someone uses the express, “Believe me”, you kinda know the bullcra*p is coming… frump is a hater, psychologically damaged, he likes people he can control and use…. if he sees an opportunity to add to his obsession, he likes you… thus Kushner  is “his fabulous son-in-law, though Jewish) is tolerated …..and so on… Beware of who will be next on his hit list…… Way back when, I said to start learning Russian or Congolese……. So you will know what to say when you hit the shores of the continent or your boss will instruct you in his native tongue…..Ebonics will not work.. and your kids won’t learn any more than you know with Devos at the head of “Education” and asking southern states to school them. That will be as successful as really getting rid of “Separate but Equal” or enforcing voting rights to minorities!!!  And do not depend on the Supreme Court, as long as we have another worse oreo, sitting there grinning and wondering what’s for supper when he’s awake, we have no shot at justice.

Old folks get ready for worse, unaffordable  health care under frump and the republicans, as well as, college opportunities for young middle class white kids. (Black folk need not worry unless they enroll in University of Lagos!!!) And all of you can forget about $15 minimum wage or an increase in wages… but big corporations/ millionaires will get lower taxes…..

Let me quit right now, I see where this is going and it’s not pretty….

But before I do, when are the Democrats going to name a new leader to the DNC, and when will the NAACP change to its name to the National Association for the Advancement of All People (NAAAP), and open up to more and different memberships, and give the impression they are willing to work for rights for more than just Black people??

Enough said, I’m out!!!



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Insanity Abounds with the Frump and His Cabal……

Let me get this straight. There are about, according to Homeland Security, eleven million undocumented residents in the United States; and it is estimated that there are about four to five million that are of Latin descent. So, ICE says that as a routine, they round up people all the time and send them back to their country of origin.

But, I see pictures of Latinos being sent back to Mexico; young girls, young mothers with children that they brought with them when they came here or were born to them while they (the mothers) were here. Or young boys, who know nothing about Mexico, and were also brought here; supposedly because they have criminal records! Smoking a joint gets them a criminal record (but is legal in several states), or for fighting, or for one time shoplifting or some other similar error in judgment….and paid their dues.

But where are the WHITE  European recalcitrants, from say, Bulgaria, or the Czechk Republic, or Germany, or Poland, or Russia (the famed Russian Mafia) in Brooklyn or Las Vegas, or LA, running prostitution rings, selling girls, or protection to other sordid criminal activities?

Where are the Asian mobsters in the Chinatowns around the country?  Oh, you can’t sit outside undercover at a factory or restaurant there and snatch people up and place them on planes……

Is ICE in the race-hating business, only geared toward ridding the country of Hispanics and Muslims?

There are six million or so other residents out there who fit the description or profile of those being shackled, manhandled and place on planes to a foreign land….but where are the planes to Europe and Asia??

I’m not for busting anyone just because these people are here ; some illegally; but most work, buy houses,  buy cars, pay rent,  pay taxes, go to school, raise families and mind their businesses. ICE is now in the business of hate mongering……at the highest level….like the gestapo of WWII. and only a Federal Judge can stop the persecution. We must stand up and shout “We will never believe we are not a country steeped in racism!!!” We must stop the madness.

When frump took office, some more white people lost their way, for our tradition as a nation was to welcome people who needed safety, shelter, warmth, compassion and understanding, people who contributed to the fabric of this nation… now we have anarchy…… We must fight back. We must…..  History tells us about other despots and their hirelings… they are bound for failure….. 

Moving on… did you see this nut job, Stephen Miller on the Sunday news programs? Speaking as if the frump was elected Pope!!!  He’s infallible he bellowed… The President of the United States has accomplished more in just a few weeks than many Presidents do in an entire administration” (I guess he’s too young or too ignorant to note what FDR did, (crush the Axis of Evil), what Eisenhower did (the Interstate System) , what Kennedy did (space program), what LBJ did (civil rights/ desegregation),  what Obama did (bring the country back from economic and financial disaster) but he knows that one…  

 Miller told CBS’s Face The Nation, citing orders to reduce regulations and set new government ethics requirements and Trump’s direct negotiations with businesses over jobs. “He is the president… he can’t be challenged!!” he thundered …. as if the chief nut case were pukin or chou-en- lai or worse, hitler…..  and continued the lies about how fatfrump won…..(he was selected)…..most voters, as we know, voted for someone else, which the “goof off party” refuses to see.

From the illegal ban on Muslim travel to claiming voter fraud Mr. miller demonstrated the paranoia that has taken over frump and his cabal. They see the destruction of America in every corner, in every shadow, in every person that is not Caucasian but refuse to acknowledge that more white people kill more white people in America than any radicalized terrorist, and none from the countries that were affected by frump’s illegal “proclamation”. The immature dolt came across as a shallow bully bordering on Nazi-like emperor on a totalitarian bent. It just shows anyone that the bigoted cannonbannon fodder and the naïve bull-in-a china-shop approach to “governance” is guided by a bunch of nut cases.

Then you have the “acceptable” crooks the plumpfrump has placed in his cabal he calls a cabinet. From folks who did not pay taxes on hired household help to a fool who committed insider trading fraud to a Wall Street sheister  swindler who defrauded millions out of their homes in the 2008 debacle to a “Lucille Ball” blonde who has no clue about education, he has proven to the world that he’s lost touch with reality; that which we all knew. His penchant for creating another universe with dribble-mouth facts anyone else with a sense of sanity would call lies, is astounding. Time and again, he has proven he has no tact, no idea of diplomacy, no sense of protocol….. bumbler of the first magnitude! Oh, he has help……from other graduates from fool school.

Oh, I forgot about the shorn spizter and his vitriol, attacking the press for asking for facts to support his rantings or the frankenstein bride, sillyass conwoman who thinks it’s okay to berate a department store for dropping Irankel Frump’s drab clothes line……. How about the supernut Flynn lying about talking to the russians before  frump put his hand on the good book, about lifting sanction for their interference on the election??

Boy, do we have a circus….big tent center ring circus, run by a pack of dung beetles!!!  We Democrats just have to ride out the reign of terror and plan judiciously to win back more disillusioned white people.

And I’ll close with a question, “When the hell are the Democrats going to name a DNC chairperson and get on with the business of demonstrating what they believe in and their plan to improve the lives of Americans who have not  been a significant part of this recovery and uplift the middle class???

Enough said, I’m out!!!

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In The Still Of The Fright, frump Style


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The Buffoon Bumbles His Way to Hell,


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Thinkin’ and Recognizin’…

I just thought about the  “evangelical” right…….following the “Word”….that’s why they backed a liar, a bigot, an adulterer, a thief, … hell that ‘s enough…

I wish the mouthpieces for the buffoon, would stop saying “we”  elected him….We did not…we elected Hillary… the States selected the clown.

As we can see, they placed a shoemaker (apology to shoemakers) in the presidency when we needed to continue with a learned worldly experience empathetic person, a diplomat…. and a leader, not a bully…All his cohorts are like blind…..mice…….. eating up his droppings… We used to say it was hard to mess up ice cream (because all you had to do was eat it) but your emperor has alienated China, Mexico, Britain, Germany, Ukraine and Australia in just two weeks….He’s so busy protecting us from terrorists (that he can only see), that he’s said, “screw you” as far a jobs program, infrastructure,  and crammed down your  throat, every bigot with money he could find.. plus some fellow thieves from congress…..Now he’s in charge of forcing you to pay taxes when he can’t prove he did  and the news pundit have total amnesia about that….. or malenomia’s (who he stole from Frankenstein) working papers…. or his pocketing money from his hotels from foreign governments…. Pay close attention to what’s going on in russia and what frump does about the sanctions…. very close attention…bannon, the super bigot has  got his ear and when you have a duo  in front of the coven like that we are in deep crap… let alone the wrinkled dwarf, sessions…… all rights are off the table….. we are surrounded by extremists bent on turning these United States into a fiefdom where only the ultra rich can survive

Every death of a tribal member or patriot  opposing the freakin’ pipeline (and oil we will never see) or because he’s now allowed coal companies to pollute our stream and rivers., will be laid at his paws……

If it were not for love of country, every diplomat at the State Department, the CIA, the Justice department would quit… that’s how bad his choices are…. The Interior Department too……

Keep the protests going we have to drum the assh^l& out….

Enough said, I’m out!!

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