Cheeesey Punk…..

They call him the Leader of the House………

I had a friend who used to describe a punk as, “weak as water” We have (only because we had no choice) a spineless worm, howdy doody, no voice, mealy mouth punk who can only find words like “unhelpful” and “unfortunate”….. when asked to  respond to a bigot’s remark… which makes him a bigot racist too… and a “Mouse Leader” , Yes,  a MOUSE!!!!! 

But more than that, he is a dehumanoid without conviction… I have more ( not much more) respect for a KKK rat that hides behind a robe that this spineless Mouse Leader……..who has “very nice Nigerian doctors in his neighborhood” and they are “friends” and “great citizens..”………

What a slug!!!!  A six year old could punk him….. Slap him and he would grovel in the dirt…… crawl on his belly and look for a cave to slither into……… He probably dons his velvet panties and bra before he come out of hiding (no offense to the ladies) ….He couldn’t lead a river to the sea……..

I’ll be glad when they all slither and snake out of Washington…. What a freaking trio, with the kingliar xpence, with the reptilian mouth….Ohhh, I forgot the king mouse gerbil…ms.connell…. Make that a quartet!!!

Well, our only hope is that our allies and the other nations of the World understand our plight….sometimes you have to go through times like this and overcome classless people like we currently have in republican political circles, to appreciate better times and better leaders..

None of these punks will survive because we will survive this torment  simply because we are stronger than they think and more resourceful, we are American….while they are  just pretenders……and Mice among Men!!!!!              When the light shines on  them that’s when they shrink the most!!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!



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Just Dreamin’ ………


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I have a lot of stuff on my plate and I felt I had said my piece yesterday, and…  I was finished spending time on the matter…..  I knew that this despicable ignoramus would lie and deny about what he said in the now infamous meeting yesterday. But while this fool is being denounced by almost all the World, I look at my TV and I see Black people in a room at the White House with this slug and he’s reading some sort of proclamation!!!!

I scream in horror, “Who the hell are these people???!!! I can’t calm down….I can’t finish my supper…. I’m aghast…. Then, the announcer says that they (representatives of the MLK Library), are there to accept a proclamation for MLK Jr Day!!! And they stand there, smiling and beaming!!

Well, you know what??? We (real Black folks) do not need a bastard like him to tell us that Monday is a Holiday.

I totally amazed that the descendants of Martin L. King Jr would accept a piece of paper, a freaking piece of paper!!!!!,  from such a disingenuous bigoted liar!!!

What the f&*k are they thinking???…….

After all the inside fights and other garbage within the family and the Library, we have this, well you know what….. I’ll honor MLK but you guys are the bigger assholes, way more than your “host!!!

I hereby dub you,  “NEGROES” and as much as I hate this fool and what he does,        I hate turncoat black people………who  bow and act like they have not shaken off the vestiges of slavery and  of being a second class citizen…. We do not need this clown to validate MLK Day………., especially in the face of yesterday’s utterances…….

Shame on you, shame on you , shame on you!!!! Damn you! For letting yourself  become fools, as if there is no connection between yesterday, and our continuing struggle here and now!!!

Enough said. I’m out!!!!


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Full Blown Racist

As a break from my chores as a writer of short stories, I was in the midst of creating a political cartoon of our delusional president when I heard the report of what he uttered today in a meeting. 

Of course it is all over news TV this evening, enough so that  I won’t repeat it here, except to say, this utterance was more graphic, if that’s possible, than all the other references he’s made espousing his racist bent.

We know that his mantra, his  theme song, had all to do with racism, rather than politics, probably fueled more by the scathing he took from President Obama at a Charity dinner some years ago. 

Rightfully, he was exposed as a racist and a buffoon with outward polish (as in “shoe polish”) , then, but despite this overt, clear depiction, he ran for the Oval office with the support of  profound racist elements in this country, along with the interference from moscow, and by our archaic election process (the majority may not win), he was able to take the office. He brought with him the worst of the worst, fraudsters, crooked bankers, greedy oil barons, uneducated wrestling moguls, out of touch brainless surgeons, lying lawyers, and other racists…….coming in hating Muslims, Latinos, Caribbean Islanders,  praising and kissing pukin’s ass, denigrating our military, appointing those who are interested in polluting our Earth and giving tax breaks to the rich like him and so on.

But today, more than ever, he exposed himself, his true “color”  (Hahaha!!!!) so much so that  there are no denials… but, as we’ve said, racists abound so tonight they crawl out of their caves and from under their rocks like slugs and millpedes and try to defend and explain what he said.

But Bsh*t is Bsh*t and when you really analyze his mouthing, those places he called sh*tholes, are striving to do better and he is striving to be the worst when he is there already..he can go no further,….. he is at the bottom of  the  dung-pit…. he is there and the hope here is, like Moms Mabley used to say, “He’s buried face down so when he starts to scratch to get out, he’ll dig deeper!!!”  and the his dung  will continue to weigh him down.

In a  some time ago, I used Hillary Clinton’s word, “deplorable” to describe this miscreant and added a few others. like  despicable and disgraceful. but I cannot find an English word to place him further into the abyss of filth.

Lastly, we have Americans of good will helping in Haiti.. doctors, teachers, police trainers…. and in Africa, we have soldiers in harm’s way trying to rid the World of terrorism, our Black soldiers, our immigrant soldiers, from the Caribbean, from Mexico, and Latin America, or elsewhere, and of course, our white American military who all may come assault from our allies because of what this fool said. If this occurs, their injuries, their lives are at his feet… then what republicans, then what???

We need another “March on Washington”, millions strong to oust him and force him to step down… We cannot wait for Mueller to take him out. The people must do it, because Congress won’t use its power to do it and this cannot wait, it cannot!!!!

By the way,’no-guts-lying-no-experience-pence’ is no better……they need to go, hand in hand ..OUT!!!!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!





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We Knew the True ddfrump but….Now “They” Can’t Deny It………..


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The Ode of the Browntongues


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The Immoral Unethical “Christian” Bible-toting Right…. Resign, resign, resign!!!!!!

The Immoral Unethical “Christian” Bible-toting Right….

A third of American or more fit this description… so pitifully true… They are first of all, Un-American, for they think that by depriving their fellow citizens of human and civil rights, voting rights, access to health care, to good paying jobs, by enriching their billionaire donors overwhelming money chests, by relaxing our already permissive gun laws and permitting carnage in our society, by forgetting about our senior citizens, by chasing away or placing barriers to a multitude of home grown talent, by fomenting upset in our allies, and by threatening our enemies, they will make an America THEY can live with.

Many of these “conservatives” are guilty of wishing for another Civil War, while ignorant of the cost in lives and prosperity. Through their desire to “be free” of the democratic rule of law justly applied, they think that by the above they will be in charge and be able to dictate the fortunes of this country. They think that laws that benefit them will return them to yesterday when white men ruled! And rich white men ruled better!!! The good ol’ days of “white makes right”!!! …. They are still proud of stealing the land and its treasures from the Native Tribes… “They won the West!!!, etc., the massacres, the starvation the slavery….” There still descendants of  the vanquished who will accept a token (and I mean, token) from a calculating deranged, slug, who will insult them under the portrait of a monster, Andrew Jackson, the one who preyed upon their helpless forefathers!

When these hypocritical  people turn away from our carefully constructed moral values, and ignore the depravity of someone like ddfrump who is only out for himself and his family (and sometimes,  I wonder if they are beyond his care), and accept this unprepared, clueless predator pervert as a leader, a sucker to our enemies, who offers  succor to those  regimes and organizations that wish to destroy us because they possess  the same qualities that he demonstrates, avarice, pride, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth, they are traitor to the words in the book they so often and without abashment, spew!

They are racist, homophobic, greedy, sinful, predacious terrorists within our midst!

And they do all this knowingly; there is enough information out there to make them aware of who and what they are. Yet they go on, holding the good book’s values to their chests and jump into the toilet with the likes of a sessions (an evil, lying sniveling miniature lucifer) a pompeo, a mnuchin, and  even what we had accepted as a patriot soldier, a now blind to moral proficiency, john kelly……They employ liars like skinnyass conwoman, fattyphukabee sanders…to disgorge monumental ignorance to avoid the simple truth…….

They hold that book in reverence on Saturday or Sunday and raise havoc against the helpless and the hopeless (that includes themselves) the rest of the week……

Don’t get me wrong… there are also judases among us too…… blind to the reality that they are a pawn, not a contributor to a ”conservative cause”, but nominal showpiece to further enhance their debauchery.

I hate to say it but the sooner we rid our society of this group, (you choose the method)   the better this nation will be.

Lastly, you can’t be “independent” and vote for these reprobates!! 

Resign, resign, resign!!!!!!

This bothering me…….(Let me be clear, up front, no one yet) has accused me of anything “mal-sexual” (my word)…..) so this is in no way personal, but the thing that keeps me concerned is not that these men are not guilty of some level of sexual impropriety, and all this…”coming out of the closet” declarations of these allegations, some, decades ago…. after ample time has passed…. is a little odd.

I try to surmise that it is somewhat like the “gay” explosion….. but I gotta ask,  “Why now??” And why the only atonement has to be “resign.”

I keep saying to myself, “Weigh each allegation on the information, acknowledgements, denials, facts, memory accuracy, serial-predatory nature, and circumstance, context.”

Just like there are venial and mortal sins; petty, misdemeanor or felony crimes and so on, so, why is the only answer, resign, resign, resign???

Everyone has his or her biases…., but where is the context???

Do today’s moral values dictate the punishment for decades old transgressions????  Yes, it was wrong then and it is wrong now, no doubt… Is there something to say to balancing the good people have done versus the bad???  I do not have the answer…..

And I do not mean to trivialize these allegations… but, I wonder…

As a younger person, I remember getting caught up in “following the crowd” and a shocker had to bring me to the reality of the road I was on…. Sometime you don’t think… you do it, wrongfully…., but you right yourself… and go on…..

But why now, why is the reparation, ouster… for each and every case?? What satisfaction is there for the alleger????

And politically, Democrats have taken the moral high ground while republicans… like moore and trump are acceptable to their base??? Oh, refer back to the above!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!



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