Two Fat Guys Talkin’ “$#&%”


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ahbanka and melenomia upset??? No, I’m upset!!!

Let me get this straight…..ahbanka and melenomia  are upset with the “mmooch”s language and pleaded with ffattffrump to dump “da mmmooch”!!!

But they didn’t get upset when the cancerous ffattffrump admitted he was a pervert (see the tape/ hear the audio) and used unseemly language.

They didn’t get upset when ffatffrump told his crowds to ”rough up” protesters…. He’d pay for their lawyers….

You are not upset that he’s ordered the deportation of thousands of innocent victims and broken up families…disparaged religions and made fun of people looking for a better life.

You are not upset that he’s vilified Medal of Honor veterans, political foes, (carly fiorina) and said crudze’s father was involved in a plot to assassinate John Kennedy….encouraged the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails, etc. He has made America the laughing stock of the World in a paltry six months!!!! You didn’t protest the buffoon’s antics then….now cussin’ offends you?

You didn’t get all hot and bothered when mike kelly was exposed as a threat to national security…..

I don’t have time to list all the fool’s transgressions, but you get the picture… I’ll be kind and call you two, “ladies” for now but, ladies, where the hell did all this indignation come from all of a sudden? Dump “da mmooch??” ‘cause he cussed?? I don’t condone the language but I think far greater offenses have been committed by the purveyor of filth and the slugs in his administration.

It is a strange political time when we have to decide to root for one liar over the other.      Liar, ottasession, is being excoriated by ffattffrump with the hope that he will resign and can be replaced by some other rat  ffattffrump can ask to fire the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller.

lindsay graham says, “There will be hell to pay if ffattffrump fires ottasession!” who is a blatant openly recognized liar; who is supposed to be  the top guy for federal “justice”!! Now, ordinarily we would expect the top justice guy to…..trustworthy….. but I guess these days trustworthiness ain’t worth “crap”!!!

Speaking of crap……. “four star general” kelly… who was misguidedly approved for “homeland security”didn’t have the “manly jewels” to tell ffattffrump that he was not going to participate in prejudice and racism by exporting law abiding residents and breaking up families of folks who have been among us for years, or telling his boss that building a wall hurts Americans, and messes with our economy, as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Political “leaders” from both sides of the aisle swear that this “kelly” is a “good strong character” man and a leader!” Blindly, they get amnesia when it comes to his lack of ability to do what is morally right. It seems we will now accept any tainted character as hope for a better future. How mediocre have we become? It used to be, we wanted the best of the best…. now….any liar, any pervert will do, any vagrant will do, any psychopath will do, any traitor will do, anybody who kisses pukin’s ass will do. It’s a damn shame!!!!

Now his reward for being a “good soldier” is “chief of stuff” and we know the stuff I’m talking about is in that cesspool.

General, I want to believe you got to be a “four star” because you had good judgment, had class, were a gentleman, a leader of men, etc.. Why would you and your colleagues (McMaster, for instance) throw your honor into the cesspool of lies, deceit, and gaggle of a turncoats (manafart, page, dunnelljr, krushsneer, nmunchkin,  priceloss)  that this buffoon has collected, and brought to our nation’s capital. We know the other kelly is a rat; we know that “krushsneer” doesn’t know his ass for his elbow and that ahbanka has a “made up princess” job to humor the fat guy. What the hell does either of them know about diplomacy or foreign affairs?? For that matter, what the hell does your boss know about any of this???

Maybe you think you can clean up the cesspool, but this much “s#^&” ain’t gonna go away unless you can figure out how to stop the “cancer (of lies and treachery)” creator (who metastasizes stenched dung), to disappear!!!i

You think you are going to get rid of the crap, growing and piling up in a twenty ton container, with a “teaspoon”? You’ll smell yourself and wonder, “Where the hell is that stank coming from?” and it will be from you!!!!, as you are forced to lie for the clown.

These republican senators led by a sniffling backbiter and a lost “howdy doody look-a-like” have no guts…..(except, recently, three who stood up for the not killing 20 million Americans who depend on whatever health care they can get to live)…

ffattffrump is not a republican, he is an amoral greedy ffrumpian!!! Yet, you tolerate his bullcrap because you think that, with his help you can stop the social and civil liberties progress this country has made over the last fifty years. You think that states should be in charge of people’s lives. You ignore the abuses heaped upon the masses by republican state governments with their “slave control syndrome”… they are misplaced dixiecrats, who have permeated the republican party……and made it seem like it is totalitarian in nature.

You phony republicans (the real ones no longer exist)  bow down to the “king of dung” and he just craps on you more……right now, you deserve all the crap you get…… stay in the cesspool and  grovel… justice will prevail…it might take  a while but… we will recover from this debacle and a lot of these imprudent imbiciles will end up in jail… a good thing…….

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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ddfrump’s Corral of Bull$#^&, Piled High & Dry……

When you witness the stuff on the floor of the corral, it cannot be dismissed with words like, “disappointing, disturbing, concerning, alarming, and troubling, and so on. Any sensible person, any person, who got through grammar school, even those who were born and bred in the mire of racism to those who received their schooling on the streets of the Bronx, Harlem, Atlanta, LA, Compton, Chicago or St Louis, to those that were fortunate to get into Harvard, Yale or Stanford all know the smell of BSPHD* that is emerging from the cesspool of Washington D.C.’s once sanctified halls of the White House, and from the republican Congress.

I am not going to go back and repeat all the garbage that ddfrump brought to the White House and the gutless, lost, racist, spineless, members of the republican the house and senate lapdogs’ inaction to allow this slug-thug to ignore the operational and functional norms and procedures that made the capital of this country the envy of the World.

Every president prior to this fool, had the sense to understand that, though he may not agree with the “politics”, the procedures and the “understood way of operation” of the White House and the government’s  general management were in place to protect the nation from being undermined by people who wish to do us harm.

First of all, we all know there are folks here in America whose only way feeling valued is to find some way to step on someone else’s neck or look at others misfortune and say, I’m better than you are!!”

So when a clown come along and promises to pick you up and place you above your neighbor, you jump for joy. Despite his lies, his offensive and disgusting fantasies, his ego, his bravado, his misogyny, his perversion, his racism, his thievery, his frauds, his impolite and boorish behavior, white people, rich and poor, and some misguided, confused and lost minorities, foolishly gave this miscreant sufficient votes to win the Electoral College and thus, become president of our beloved United States of America.

We must amend the Constitution to close all the loopholes this reprobate has used to flaunt our protocols and to use our lack of forward thinking and trust to bastardize us to the rest of the World.

From the beginning this buffoon began to tear down the fabric of our country, and because the light was shone on his vulgarities, like tax evasion, laundering money for foreign enemies defrauding honest people of their duly earned wages and payments, (do you realize that scum has be a part of over 3500 lawsuits, a vast majority as a defendant, and paid million to settle) collusion and associating with foreign adversaries.

In order to hide his and his families and cabal’s offenses, he set up a false claim that our national security agencies cannot be believed and disparages our press to divert attention from his crimes. Then he places in his Cabinet, thieves, liars, racists and the lowest filth available, from ‘sorry-ass cornball”  “steveabandon” to a “low intelligence”, listlessdevorse” to a Wall Street thief “mnuisance” as Treasury Secretary.

His cabal of traitors, including his son, is now under investigation on three fronts, and as they try to cover his ass, the stench from the corral is beyond any redemption by using any amount of political “righteous Fabreeze” (sic)! He continues to look for a way to block the investigation by the Special Counsel.

He has attempted to appoint his daughter as “Princess In Waiting”, his son in law, “a Clown Prince with no clothes”, knowingly took on liars, (sessions, anyprice”), spies (manafart, misfits Kelly, c(f)arter page,  and his lawyer, ass-attycohen) and other traitors, and he met with russian agents, divulging not only our secrets but those of other nations, and then goes on rallies to froth up his ignorant base.

He has set a record never to be broken by firing over 15 known inept supporters that he’s brought into our government, like “shorn spikehead”, the latest, “rinse feebutts”.

He’s called on honorable generals to serve him, forcing them to lie, to support his misguided ideas. He has spitefully threatened the welfare (health and otherwise) of citizens who cannot fend for themselves. He’s separated families from their children with his frenzied attempt to get back at President Obama by issuing proclamations. He’s even taken aim at our military….those who protect this country, who volunteered to lay down their lives, just because they want to be who they really are rather than how they were born.

Lately, he’s rudely spoken in front of the Boy Scouts of America, and ranted about his election, attempted to poke fun at real citizens of this nation, causing the administration to make a statement essentially apologizing for the nut’s inappropriate remarks. (just like we would expect)!

Now he brings in a foul-mouthed “Joe Pesci wannabe” to  replace “spiker”. It proves once again, that just like his overlord, money does not create “class”!!! The “mooch’s” $1000, size 28 suits, 50’s collared shirts and Hong Kong ties  and  his “Brrooook-lin” phony accent can’t make him any taller (in many ways). He probably washed mafia money to get the windfall that he wants to turn over to some Chinese company and like his boss, make a billion! Never in our history have we had to endure this crap!! He’ll go down the sewer just like all the other garbage, this ass has slung into the corral of horse/ cow manure. Mooch, your $50 cologne will never hide the stench… you are one of  his lackeys now….by the way, which rock did he find you under??? Prepare to smell like the dead fish that surrounds you, potty mouth!! You did not impress anybody… You’re just another clown looking for a circus!!!! And you found it…. frump’s toilet bowl…….. Oh, did I hear “divorce”!! I guess she’ll get half of your ill-gotten gains……. She’ll get half of those millions for leaving a half a man!!! Shorty!!!

Let me close by noting (for publicity only) the crackdown on “gangs” which I do not have a problem with (murderers, drug dealers and such) but “fraudfrump” doesn’t give hoot about the skinheads, the white supremist motorcycle gangs who do the same thing, including gun running, or about  the plethora of illegal guns sold and traded by these criminals or the wanton murder of our Black youth by mostly white police offices. The police officers of Brentwood Long Island should be embarrassed by the disgusting display of bad judgement (what’s new!!)  by this buffoon, making fun of proper police procedures and their responsibility to protect, yes, protect , even a suspect, from harm. They laughed… when they should have booed…….now the citizens of Long Island have to worry about whether these people (officers who lost much credibility) will do their jobs with honor. Fortunately, again, an organization had to disavow the jerk’s comments.

The framers of our Constitution could in no way, imagine today’s modern society and that some fool would come along and debase this honored office. Even people like Nixon, Bushieboy and his father (guns for the Contras) , or the racists, Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson, or Hebert Hoover (the Great Depression), or Millard Fillmore did not betray this nation’s standing in the World. But, thieving, lying ddfrump’s managed to do it….. in six weeks, and the “no-balls” republican congress, bent on forcing progressive Americans to abandon their trek toward a better country, nod their heads in agreement like the rats that followed the Pied Piper. They and their supports need to start being “American”!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!









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DDFrump Knocks ’em Dead at G-2 Summit 2017


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G-20 Summit, Hamburg, Germany 2017 DDfrump’s Dream Comes True……… Private Room, Private Dancer


DDfrump with the sweetest rump in Europe

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Out of Left Field, Guns & Now a Congressman, Frump’s Cabal, Black People Still Dying, No Convictions

A few things out of left field….

We will continue the struggle to get the Washington D.C. football team (NFL) to change its name.

Today brought the sad news that our Supreme Court has set aside part of the regulation that prohibits registration of a trademark if the government deems it offensive in nature. The case was brought by a Asian band who wanted to patent the term, “Slants”, and was denied  by the US Patent Office and the lower courts.

The decision now opens the door for the Washington football club to register the name R*****ns.

The term is racist in its origins and continues to be offensive to 95% of Native Americans. All one has to do is research the names, its origins and purpose and the man who devised the appellation to understand that it is racist, just like any other epithet we despise. On many occasions, I have suggested other names…..Warriors come to mind.. as a first choice, because it allows the club to maintain its logo, etc. Although that name would not be unique, there are several teams in pro sports with the same name… Cardinals, Jets, Rangers, Kings. Senators, Blues, and so on.

Please join me in protesting the use of the current name and provide your favorite new name….

Black Still Live Matter

The police are still walking after killing you black men. Two different juries have exonerated police officers who claim “accident!!!”  or “I thought he was armed!”.

These decisions only pave the way for more murders by police officers, and with a jerk in the White House and his cabal on the loose, dismantling the laws protecting minorities, we are at the mercy of the gun. There will be more cries of grief as those with guns assassinate black people without remorse or punishment.  Until we get guns out of the hands of our society, we will suffer.

Even when the reality of the gun comes closer to home and more innocent people are at the mercy of the assassin’s whim, they equivocate. Even Congress is not safe. But this last incident will not spur gun laws to protect us. They will say, “Tsk, tsk!! and go on with their lives without understanding that over 250 people have perished via the gun in May 2017 alone!! They may think they are safe, but they are not. We are all vulnerable, president, rich mogul, Congress, police officer, common citizen……we are unsafe… but the lure of the gun (and lobbyists) outweigh any thought of making us safe. Such a pity, such a pity….

I am a die-hard New Yorker at heart, but I can’t stand it. The Jets are deplorable, no quarterback, no center, no wide receivers, no tight ends, no running backs, but they will accept your money for tickets and give you garbage in return. I guess they’re aiming to get the first pick in the draft so they can select another loser on offense!!!! At least they had Brandon and Ewauka to catch the ball….. now Marshall is across the river. They continue to thumb their noses at free agents….   I see 1-15 this fall. What’s you thinking???

The Knicks are just as bad….. Melo and Porzinghis are the only pros on the team, no guards to distribute the ball, no guards who can shoot,  no forwards to shoot or rebound, no bench. And they pass on every free agent available…..The triangle only works if you have MJ or Kobe… it’s  that  simple……we only got squat……25 game wins this year.

Finally the Mets……….they might as well move the Hospital for Special Surgery into the parking lot! The “no-hit” disease has found a home along with his cousin, “pitch a decent game once a week!!!”  Asdrudbal, Duda, Walker, Wright (who is finished) Yoenis Cespedes, Syndergaard, Granderson, need I go on??? Hopping around on crutches… Harvey, deGrom, d’Anaud  all in the medical ward this year……..The new York Fakers………. Gimme another beer, dammitt!!! I’ll watch soccer!!! Now you know, I’m sick!!!!

On to real serious politics…. Four bag-eyed security guards clammed up about, even speaking to the sleazy nut job!!! The little liar, outtsessions’ “Pinocchio” nose got longer, and his ear  more pointed  as he proved what a slug he is.

That’s okay…. Mueller will put them all in jail. We just have to be patient. But the damage will be done and the aftermath, the destruction of American values and the loss of prestige as the leader of the free world will be a tough valley to climb out of. We have the resilience, the people and the desire to live up to the ideals of our democracy and rise to the rightful pinnacle and return as the beacon for those who are under the thumb of despots and tyrants. It is a shame to have to go through this  resurrection, but given the current circumstance, it will have to be worth it.

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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Obstruction of Justice????? I say, “Yes!!!

While the Congress slowly “investigates” the role of russia in the 2016 elections, the “collusion” of ddfrump’s playmates with the russian hackers, the dissemination of false accusations against the Democratic candidate, and so on, as promulgated by the media over these past years, we cope with the fact that this inept, stumbling, bumbling, wobbling and totally unqualified “president” continues to embarrass  us while insulting our allies, pushing our nation further from the our cooperative and supporting allies.

My last blog suggested that it was time to impeach. After this week’s performance, he has infected the respected generals in our military who chose to answer his call to serve him in his cabal. Their training (to take orders and serve this nation) as military, has blinded them to the actuality that he is truly flawed in many ways; and  I believe he has caused them to step into the toilet with him. The result is that in attempting to cover for this fraud, they are now caught up in the crap he has created, such as, making excuses for his myriad faux pas. Now their reputations are now in question, as well as Mr. Tillerson’s, as Secretary of State, who, with no diplomatic experience but encouraged by his wife (so he says), finds himself wishing for his old job and the comforting lifestyle of a gas and oil mogul.            

This man’s attempt to interfere in the investigation of russia’s involvement in our political process and election and the extent that they had support, cooperation and information supplied by the close confidants of ddfrump  by, reportedly, blatantly asking the Director of the FBI to find a way to let Mike Flynn off the hook for  his lying and misinformation  about his contacts  with russian spies and acceptance of money and gifts from a foreign power. Then he has the gall to summarily fire the Director, then trying to  use a memo he ordered two of his hirelings to pen as the reason for the dismissal.  Further, we have the same lies and diversions from “no experience-expence”, the attorney general, and others in his cabal who all had contacts with these spies and failed to disclose those encounters. Lastly, there is the leaking of classified information to these same spies that he allowed into the Oval Office without observation by media or other subordinates. This man laughing and joking with our major geo-political foe, especially with the questions surrounding the interference in our election process and collusion from ddfrump’s people. What a shame…..

It’s time to boot them all out!!! Now!!!

What is more appalling, is the disgusting Congressional support for this miscreant and his lies, misstatements, his rude, crude behavior toward the citizens of this nation but just as important, toward the representatives of nations with which we have treaties and alliances.  I am tired of watching republican senators and representation spout excuses for his behavior and performances.

ddfrump has done nothing for this country, in fact he has detracted from our prestige ….five months of braggadocio… with attempts to discriminate against our citizens, his blatant disregard for our laws that mitigate our contribution to the damage done by global warming, and the flurry of executive orders meant to overturn the advances made on all levels by the Obama administration.

In any other circumstance a person with his baggage and suspicion would be told to go home until the details of his strange lovefest for Russia, and his cabal’s malfeasance can be investigated and a determination made that he is truly unfit to hold the high office of president of the United States. Equally, necessary is the expulsion of all the liars, frauds, cheaters and other unqualified individuals that he has place in sensitive positions inside our government. Then, truly democratic progress can be achieved.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!


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