G-20 Summit, Hamburg, Germany 2017 DDfrump’s Dream Comes True……… Private Room, Private Dancer


DDfrump with the sweetest rump in Europe

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Out of Left Field, Guns & Now a Congressman, Frump’s Cabal, Black People Still Dying, No Convictions

A few things out of left field….

We will continue the struggle to get the Washington D.C. football team (NFL) to change its name.

Today brought the sad news that our Supreme Court has set aside part of the regulation that prohibits registration of a trademark if the government deems it offensive in nature. The case was brought by a Asian band who wanted to patent the term, “Slants”, and was denied  by the US Patent Office and the lower courts.

The decision now opens the door for the Washington football club to register the name R*****ns.

The term is racist in its origins and continues to be offensive to 95% of Native Americans. All one has to do is research the names, its origins and purpose and the man who devised the appellation to understand that it is racist, just like any other epithet we despise. On many occasions, I have suggested other names…..Warriors come to mind.. as a first choice, because it allows the club to maintain its logo, etc. Although that name would not be unique, there are several teams in pro sports with the same name… Cardinals, Jets, Rangers, Kings. Senators, Blues, and so on.

Please join me in protesting the use of the current name and provide your favorite new name….

Black Still Live Matter

The police are still walking after killing you black men. Two different juries have exonerated police officers who claim “accident!!!”  or “I thought he was armed!”.

These decisions only pave the way for more murders by police officers, and with a jerk in the White House and his cabal on the loose, dismantling the laws protecting minorities, we are at the mercy of the gun. There will be more cries of grief as those with guns assassinate black people without remorse or punishment.  Until we get guns out of the hands of our society, we will suffer.

Even when the reality of the gun comes closer to home and more innocent people are at the mercy of the assassin’s whim, they equivocate. Even Congress is not safe. But this last incident will not spur gun laws to protect us. They will say, “Tsk, tsk!! and go on with their lives without understanding that over 250 people have perished via the gun in May 2017 alone!! They may think they are safe, but they are not. We are all vulnerable, president, rich mogul, Congress, police officer, common citizen……we are unsafe… but the lure of the gun (and lobbyists) outweigh any thought of making us safe. Such a pity, such a pity….

I am a die-hard New Yorker at heart, but I can’t stand it. The Jets are deplorable, no quarterback, no center, no wide receivers, no tight ends, no running backs, but they will accept your money for tickets and give you garbage in return. I guess they’re aiming to get the first pick in the draft so they can select another loser on offense!!!! At least they had Brandon and Ewauka to catch the ball….. now Marshall is across the river. They continue to thumb their noses at free agents….   I see 1-15 this fall. What’s you thinking???

The Knicks are just as bad….. Melo and Porzinghis are the only pros on the team, no guards to distribute the ball, no guards who can shoot,  no forwards to shoot or rebound, no bench. And they pass on every free agent available…..The triangle only works if you have MJ or Kobe… it’s  that  simple……we only got squat……25 game wins this year.

Finally the Mets……….they might as well move the Hospital for Special Surgery into the parking lot! The “no-hit” disease has found a home along with his cousin, “pitch a decent game once a week!!!”  Asdrudbal, Duda, Walker, Wright (who is finished) Yoenis Cespedes, Syndergaard, Granderson, need I go on??? Hopping around on crutches… Harvey, deGrom, d’Anaud  all in the medical ward this year……..The new York Fakers………. Gimme another beer, dammitt!!! I’ll watch soccer!!! Now you know, I’m sick!!!!

On to real serious politics…. Four bag-eyed security guards clammed up about, even speaking to the sleazy nut job!!! The little liar, outtsessions’ “Pinocchio” nose got longer, and his ear  more pointed  as he proved what a slug he is.

That’s okay…. Mueller will put them all in jail. We just have to be patient. But the damage will be done and the aftermath, the destruction of American values and the loss of prestige as the leader of the free world will be a tough valley to climb out of. We have the resilience, the people and the desire to live up to the ideals of our democracy and rise to the rightful pinnacle and return as the beacon for those who are under the thumb of despots and tyrants. It is a shame to have to go through this  resurrection, but given the current circumstance, it will have to be worth it.

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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Obstruction of Justice????? I say, “Yes!!!

While the Congress slowly “investigates” the role of russia in the 2016 elections, the “collusion” of ddfrump’s playmates with the russian hackers, the dissemination of false accusations against the Democratic candidate, and so on, as promulgated by the media over these past years, we cope with the fact that this inept, stumbling, bumbling, wobbling and totally unqualified “president” continues to embarrass  us while insulting our allies, pushing our nation further from the our cooperative and supporting allies.

My last blog suggested that it was time to impeach. After this week’s performance, he has infected the respected generals in our military who chose to answer his call to serve him in his cabal. Their training (to take orders and serve this nation) as military, has blinded them to the actuality that he is truly flawed in many ways; and  I believe he has caused them to step into the toilet with him. The result is that in attempting to cover for this fraud, they are now caught up in the crap he has created, such as, making excuses for his myriad faux pas. Now their reputations are now in question, as well as Mr. Tillerson’s, as Secretary of State, who, with no diplomatic experience but encouraged by his wife (so he says), finds himself wishing for his old job and the comforting lifestyle of a gas and oil mogul.            

This man’s attempt to interfere in the investigation of russia’s involvement in our political process and election and the extent that they had support, cooperation and information supplied by the close confidants of ddfrump  by, reportedly, blatantly asking the Director of the FBI to find a way to let Mike Flynn off the hook for  his lying and misinformation  about his contacts  with russian spies and acceptance of money and gifts from a foreign power. Then he has the gall to summarily fire the Director, then trying to  use a memo he ordered two of his hirelings to pen as the reason for the dismissal.  Further, we have the same lies and diversions from “no experience-expence”, the attorney general, and others in his cabal who all had contacts with these spies and failed to disclose those encounters. Lastly, there is the leaking of classified information to these same spies that he allowed into the Oval Office without observation by media or other subordinates. This man laughing and joking with our major geo-political foe, especially with the questions surrounding the interference in our election process and collusion from ddfrump’s people. What a shame…..

It’s time to boot them all out!!! Now!!!

What is more appalling, is the disgusting Congressional support for this miscreant and his lies, misstatements, his rude, crude behavior toward the citizens of this nation but just as important, toward the representatives of nations with which we have treaties and alliances.  I am tired of watching republican senators and representation spout excuses for his behavior and performances.

ddfrump has done nothing for this country, in fact he has detracted from our prestige ….five months of braggadocio… with attempts to discriminate against our citizens, his blatant disregard for our laws that mitigate our contribution to the damage done by global warming, and the flurry of executive orders meant to overturn the advances made on all levels by the Obama administration.

In any other circumstance a person with his baggage and suspicion would be told to go home until the details of his strange lovefest for Russia, and his cabal’s malfeasance can be investigated and a determination made that he is truly unfit to hold the high office of president of the United States. Equally, necessary is the expulsion of all the liars, frauds, cheaters and other unqualified individuals that he has place in sensitive positions inside our government. Then, truly democratic progress can be achieved.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!


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Exposed…Lying republican terrorist muthavaaaqers, traitor republicans, sleeping Democrats and the NAACP


I am going to try to put the ddfrump presidency in focus. But before I do that I have to go back and remind all those blind, dumb, racist, ignoramuses that were told… “I know a con when I see one” by a little billionaire by the name of Bloomberg; and that you were told before all this crap hit the fan! You can’t wipe all that shaaat off you face with a Kleenex….. They need a complete hot bath, a good cleanser and bleach to clean this up

What I see now is a bumbling political farce that supposedly, smart people are in Congress to solve, i.e.,  the political (the reign of the frump), ecological (pollution of  the planet),  financial (the disparity in wealth distribution), crime (including the wanton murder of Black folks by the police establishment and themselves) health  problems for most of us. The selection of frump as president has thrown a monkey wrench into the progress and recovery that the Obama administration has been able to achieve. The citizenry were clearly warned about this person, a devout liar, a pervert, a masochist, a misogynist, a totally unprepared, uneducated about the political process and protocols, an unthinking, unfocused misfit, and  a narrow focused campaign by his opponent, and her baggage, her perceived misstep as Secretary of State, the lies and false innuendo and finally, interference by our most feared world adversary, especially, caused this miscreant to be sworn in as president of these United States of America.

While the violation of protocols, his attempt to reverse the progress of the Obama administration with support of vile conservatives, and documented assistance of interference in our political process this crisis has come front and center on the political landscape.

The Democrats response is to use words like, “troubling, “concerning”, “worrisome”, “interesting”, “problematic” and “of interest”.

The oath of office requires the winner of the “Electoral College” selection to affirm the following,  “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

When it is evident the this man does not have the “ability” to execute the preservation, the protection, the defense of this nation, the word, “impeachment” must be a part of their vocabulary, given the revelations of these past few months.

When a guy is around you and he smells like ”horse or bullshaat” and has it all over his shoes, his clothes, his hands, his face, you do not need a ”smoking gun” to understand that he’s stepped “in it”!!! Especially when he does nothing to wipe the stuff off his face and tells everyone it’s perfume and to like it!

Then, as I have said many times, the republicans have no mettle or inner honesty or fortitude (manhood or womanhood, as it applies) to tell the fool he stinks, to get out… but conversely, they nod in obedience  and further give away their integrity by doing everything in their power to keep this imbecile oaf in the china shop..

They refuse to accept the premise that they and he are domestic terrorists.

But let me take a moment to place the spot light on frump’s latest foray into international politics. This week’s rantings to a group of rich, white robed, tyrannical double-faced misogynists, talking about terrorists while he foments the same propaganda here at home, calling for the elimination of extremists  within the Arabs’ midst.

An unfit, lacking in temperament, thieving, dictator loving, tax evader whose transgressions have been ignored, needs to be attacked and vilified and sent packing.

Democrats need to get on the ball, spread the truth and work their asses off to dispose of this menace. The sooner the better….no smoking gun required!!!!

And it no longer amazes me that republicans continue their blind allegiance to a bigoted narrow-minded, small minded, arrogant ignorant ass, despite the plethora of evidence that he and his inner cabal have no business attempting to guide this country. They were told that he was totally unqualified to even run for president; that he is a con-man, and would not listen to advice from the pros in government. His lack of understanding  of how unbiased politics and intelligence work, here and abroad is appalling. Every act he performs is an embarrassment to us, from ignoring the warning about a traitor like Michael Flynn, to allowing a security clearance for a total amateur Jared Kushner, willfully ignoring climate change or making us weaker internationally by unilaterally snubbing our military treaties, our trade agreements and   insulting what was once our friends abroad.

These republicans are insane traitors, pure and simple, not only to America, but to the world.…. their greed for money and power exceeds that of people like the koch brothers who would kill this planet, knowing that what they do will cause the demise of  their descendants and there will be no one left to spend their billions.

They cannot have it both ways…it’s been tried before and resulted in a civil war that we normal, rational Americans are still trying to erase the vestiges. If they (republicans) do not love this nation and all of its peoples enough to allow human, civil, democratic rights to progress, then perhaps they should go west……and north… to Russia so that their dream of joining those despots we refer to as oligarchs came be achieved, and allow them to revel in their ability to tell dominated people what to do .


Excerpted from an article by “BY JESSE J. HOLLAND, Associated Press

“WASHINGTON (AP) — NAACP President Cornell William Brooks will not be returning as the leader of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization after his contract expires this summer, officials said Friday.

NAACP Board Chairman Leon W. Russell and Vice Chair Derrick Johnson will lead the organization until a new president is selected.

Russell and Johnson announced what they described as a “transformational, system-wide refresh and strategic re-envisioning” for the NAACP in a Friday evening conference call with reporters.

“We understand and appreciate the historic model of protest, but at this point in time we believe as an organization we need to retool to become better advocates, better at educating the public, better at involving them in our operation” and better at legislation and litigation, Russell said.

Russell praised Brooks’ leadership and said the NAACP remained at the forefront of civil rights activism in the United States.

“However, modern-day civil rights issues facing the NAACP, like education reform, voting rights and access to affordable health care, still persist and demand our continued action,” he said.”

I have said for years that his organization was in need of a new name, a new focus, new leadership, a new approach to civil/ political rights issues. They need to use the new technologies to recruit, involve and enthuse all of us. They must become more than a “pastor-led” flock. They need to encourage young people, doctors, IT techies, teachers, police officers and so on to join in the fight. They need to become POLITICAL  by supporting political candidates… it is no longer feasible to only tell folks to register to vote; they must also lobby for and support candidates who support their ideals. They need to become a FORCE for political justice and protector of human rights and they need to do it right away…. They claim they will look forward to a “search” It seems to me that before they fired the present CEO, they would have had a good idea of who the prospective replacement would be… But that’s typical of the way they have functioned, reactionary…not proactive… I’ll wait and see what happens now.

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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Keeping Up With A Hundred Day Unqualified President

I have been following politics despite health issues that preclude me from a scheduled blog, but as I watch the frump screw up all that progressives care about domestically and makes fool of himself in foreign diplomacy, I have to cringe. How long do we have to endure this travesty? I am equally appalled that republicans have continued to display a blind allegiance to political ineptitude in a futile effort to force their regressive ideals that have no place in this generation or any other, to be honest.

From incompetent choices for his cabinet, that I call his “cabal”; crooks, fraudsters, liars, by the droves, that permeate our government: and he, the ultimate liar, has confused the world, with his falsehoods, lies, diversions from reality and pronouncements that stretch justice and credulity.

You do not need a list. What I am talking about is there to be seen and heard around the world, creating an embarrassment never experienced by this country before, as some asses made it possible for this mutant to ascend to the most powerful office on Earth.

In my younger day, in sports, when we would occasionally experience an incompetent foe who fumbled, errantly threw the ball everywhere, bumped into one another, and just were idiotically laughable in their play, so we’d yell out, “Put a tent on that circus!!!” Well, it’s time to “put a tent on that circus” that we now have in Washington! What really concerns me is that most republicans have no clue when it comes to doing things the “American Way”. Although, much so a racist nation, we were tough, brave and resolute in the World, and we had a government that was humane, caring, sympathetic to other nations, willing to share and rebuild and most of all, lead the World toward peace. Now we have someone with the mindset of a despot, building a totalitarian regime with family and military….Look at those countries in the Middle East who are a problem now. Here at home, this fool shows no empathy toward the needy, he is bent on destroying families, our health system, our rivers and streams, our economy, our reputation as welcoming land to those who sought a better life and opportunity here, and most of all, our democratic values.

It is a good thing to march in protest, speechify, but it is time for action… this is not a ‘ballgame”; it is serious business….  He has appointed liars and fraudsters, and inept supporters with no real experience to his “cabinet”. The “lil general ineperiencepence” is clearly not ready for prime time” as is his attorney liar general, “outtasession”.  The whole cast of fools represent US!!! to the World. What a travesty!!

We have person who I liken to a six year old who had found a gun that makes him feel as if he can become a bully. But he happens to be dealing with a five year old with feelings of insecurity. A toxic mix destined for a conclusion no one but them seem to want.

And how about this??!!!

We have a weekend (weakened) non president; costing us over $21 million to protect him while he golfs and runs his business.  We now have a part time chief executive, using this high office to build his cache, which may be a good thing, as it limits the national damage he is capable of.

If the republicans do not have the moral mettle to dismiss this clown, and impeach him; then it is up to the masses to do it…. Recall this boob and let’s do it sooner better than later!!!! Peacefully take to the streets…..be loud and forceful…. Get his tax returns,.   Get him out of office soon!!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!

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Smashed….and a Opportunity to Build Consensus

The Affordable Care Act and the Smashing Defeat of the ryan Bull Crap on Health Care

Last week, I heard senator lindsey graham say he is opposed to forcing people, people with jobs and the ultra-rich, to pay for folks who cannot pay for premiums for their health care. But isn’t that part of why we all pay federal income taxes? The federal government ‘collects’ (I was going to write “take”) and then determines how to “redistribute” those funds for the greater good of the nation. Part of that “greater good” is to make certain that the least of us have clean water, good roads, education, food, and so on, and good health care because full health care coverage reduces the burden on all of us because it is less costly to prevent a health care crisis rather than pay for taking care of the crisis afterwards. Don’t we do the same thing with Social Security…we ask all workers to pay a certain amount so that retirees have an amount to help them survive after retirement?

But isn’t that what “insurance” does in the first place. Private companies charge premiums to all their clients and hope that they price the premium costs correctly so that the premium income is sufficient to pay for the cost of the well-being of the clients they insure, and have enough left over to make a profit. People who benefit from this same system (redistribution) claim they don’t like it because they do not believe that everyone should not be forced to pay to keep someone else well.

frump and his lost boy, “ryan a(pall)ed” and their cabal, tried to push a very flawed approach through Congress to solve the high premium problem/ limited choice dilemma while giving tremendous tax breaks to the well off and ultra-rich, some all republicans like to do (and that puzzles me. Please find a republican with an independent mind for me.)

In order to begin to make the ACA better and work for all its recipients, I believe that the politicians must begin with getting an agreement from the health care industry (Hospital associations, the AMA, the ANA, and the pharmaceutical companies on the pricing of services and drugs.  Eliminate the greed by putting a cap on profits (85/90%) of monies collected from premiums and subsidies from the Federal government must go toward care of the sick. This will allow them reasonable profits from their involvement. If they do not agree to more reasonable controlled prices for their services, then I think that a “one payer” system just like Social Security.

If those providers agree, then mandate that everybody under the age of 65 who is employed, contribute, then, work out a premium price for the health service consumer. If necessary allow those who need financial assistance, to apply for a subsidy.  Get rid of copays, co-insurance and those phony no value dental, vision and hearing plans, please! Provide a meaningful coverage for the needy.


republicans need to decide whether they are Americans… for the last nine years, they have acted as if they are against the government of their country. From the time that mcconnell and his fellow apostles decided to oppose President Obama’s presidency, they have blocked everything that would improve the lives of the citizenry, from jobs. Denying legislation on infrastructure, health, education, a fair tax plan and so on was their mantra. This partisan politics has to stop. Instead of chasing phantom programs such as banning Muslims to building a wall to keep “Mexicans” out of this country, or giving lower taxes to the well-off they need to throw these arcane ideas into the trash bin.

They need to admit that the person they allowed to run in this last election and then win, is in over his head, that he colluded with the russians to win, and that the Senate is the place to effectively continue the progress that President Obama authored. They need to also realize that the Federal government is there as a partner in progress and that too many times states have obstructed the rights and privileges of its constituents instead of creating an atmosphere we all people can have an opportunity to help this country thrive. The states track record is clear. From years of jimcrow, segregation of school, lack of health service, inappropriate police activities, including murdering youth of color, some states have been an anathema. Having a lying, conniving leader with an inexperience cabinet, we can expect more chaos from this administration unless the republicans dedicate themselves to non-partisan, fair involvement in the process.

Enough said, I’m out!!!


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Just Thinking…..

Before I go on, let me talk about a “talking point” the misguided republicans, including the delusion (ap)palled ryan, m(b)ithch mcconnell and others who parrot the idea, “We are doing what the American people want.”

As expected, in fact, a hallmark of their platform, isfor them  to forget that their nominee, the bumbling, embarrassing, inept frump, lost the popular vote by almost four million votes; evidence that most voting Americans did not want frump and his cabal in charge of this nation. There is NO mandate for frump to do what he is doing to damage this country. Therefore, the bullcrap they are floating about the Affordable Care Act is just that. They choose to ignore the findings of both the Congressional Budget office and the Office of Management & Budget that the ACA is not imploding. We all agree that the law needs some adjustment but to turn this process totally over to the states is ridiculous. We have seen time and again what the southern states will do. That is, refusing to impartially apply the law… just look at the history of some states and civil/ human/ voting rights… health care will be no different. But the blind one-track minded ryan, in all his faux glory as some fiduciary expert, mouths gobble-de-gook about access being more important than the ability to get health care in America. To this day, the much flawed bill they are trying to force through Congress without hearing or expert testimony (unheard of) is bound to fail, although there are republican congressmen who are wavering in their resolve not to support this travesty. We shall see what happens…

There is a clearer picture of the possibility of collusion between frumps’ surrogates and russian diplomats and spies… (I ask that you tune in on Rachel Maddow’s show nightly (MSNBC)). As I’ve said, frump and his entire cabal need to get out or be forced out. We cannot have a president who cannot be trusted, a consummate liar, involved with shady people, known oligarchs and money launderers, yet some fools think he is capable of managing the affairs of this nation. We have said loud and clear, he is unfit and deplorable.. way out of his element, involving himself in criminal endeavors….

I suggest that Congress and the investigative authorities should not wait for the fire….there is enough suspicious smoke that we should not wait to be consumed by the fire that is sure to come. Get rid of the fool!!!!

Go(r)suckh as a Supreme Court Justice….

Another biased judge up for forced consideration….. by a gorilla republican majority …I wish Senator Al Franken would pose these questions of mr Go(r)suckh…                                      1) Do you believe in honesty, trustworthiness, fairness and due process? If you do, then,  2) Why do you feel you should have the opportunity to sit before this august body, this committee, for us to consider you for the position of Justice of the Supreme Court when the majority of this country understands that Judge Merrick Garland did not get the same opportunity that you have been given? What makes him less qualified than you to not have this honor, after all he was selected before you? What gives you the right to go first? Is it fair, just, appropriate???

3) Given the foregoing, why would you accept the appointment from such a flawed person, an untrustworthy liar, a pervert, nationalist alt-right supporter, a possible a tax evader, who is in office with possible illegal assistance from a major adversary and might be under investigation for colluding with a foreign power???

I can’t wait for the answers to those queries!!!

By the way, the report is that melinomia (the false lady) sleeps in a separate bedroom…that she is relieved when he is away… even she abhors this pervert pig ….mouth spray will not disguise his stench and bad teeth and ‘SeaNu’ hair tablets will not cure the “lost” mane. Supposed money cannot garner “class” when you are that gross of a human being!! I think that naked caricature of the slob is on the money!!!!

I still ask “Where is the DNC??? And the NAACP (still should change the name)…

Enough said, I’m out….





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