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Piggfrump Rides Ag’in!!!!


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Th Pig Continues His Fantasy

I watched your unqualified, fraudster liar president use folks whose relatives were killed by persons described as “illegal immigrants” to make his false claim that our southern border is “infested” with criminal elements. While I have sympathy and empathy for, … Continue reading

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Expert Screw-up Loose

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Going Lower Than Bottom of The Barrel

We all knew that ddfrump was a liar, a racist, a homophobe and a white nationalist, so we should not be surprised that he and his gutterbuddy, the impish troll, outtasessions would implement a program and stoop so low as … Continue reading

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The Buffoon is Out of its Cage!!!!

“buffoon”, a noun…. a ridiculous but a laughable person; a clown, a jester, a fool, a merry-andrew, a dullard, an ignoramus, a dummy, simpleton, jackass, chump, blockhead, jughead,  numbskull, numbnuts, dope, twit, nitwit, halfwit, scissorbill, birdbrain, lame butthead, boob, bozo, doofus, hoser, nincompoop……. I want you think long and hard, and I want you to … Continue reading

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