Oblivious to Reality

General John Kelly screwed up, plain and simple.

Back in the day, in Banking, we used to say, “If you f##k up, you ‘fess up!!!” In other words, put the mess in the past….. If you don’t clean it up yourself, somebody who is not clued in will try and do it and things will only get worse.

Kelly refused to understand a few things, one, he was trying to protect a buffoon, a unprepared nut, a racist, a liar and overall untrustworthy bum who messed up first. If ddfrump had any grip on reality, any sympathy, and understood the circumstance, he would not have insulted the family of a slain hero with his crude words, a soldier who gave his all for this nation.

Kelly has to know that fatfrump’s attention span is minute and that the only thing this fool can remember is, his name and his perverse inclination to lie!

Like, in a  trial,  only deal with the issue or the question and no more… when you ramble, you add fuel to the fire.

Second, although he may work for the bum, he is paid by the citizens of this country to serve and protect them first, and when the bum screws up, when those two issues clash, you serve the people. To complain that the fool’s comments were heard by folks in the car they were riding in while people around the clown heard the tenor of the words, is unbelieveable. I hope you guys caught Lawrence O’Donnell’s commentary on kelly….. kelly’s “back-in-the fifties” comment about the sacredness of women rang hollow after Lawrence put the comments in perspective… missed by many newscasters and his kelly’s colleagues, who continue to say, “He’s a decent guy!!” They failed to recognize he ain’t so decent  when he lies and misrepresents… with no apologize!!!

Kelly tarnished his reputation by trying to cover for a incompetent fool… when you chose to be in the fish barrel without a deodorant, you will come up smelling like fish.. and you, kelly look and smell like all the putrid fish in that barrel. There is still time, kelly… apologize, admit your error, then move on..

The republican are oblivious to the reality that ddreump LOST the election by 17 million votes; he was selected by a jerry-mandered Electoral College, an archaic, flawed process that negates the will of the majority. As I said in my last piece, update the Constitution.

The pundits all want to know why it took 12 days for this miscreant to acknowledge the loss of four brave men. Now we have more misguided generals marshalling an effort to excuse Kelly. We understand his military service, his leadership but we also recognize his failure as a chief of staff…he forgot that, like his allegiance in the military, and despite ddfrump being the nominal commander-in- chief, because he has no idea of the gravity of that title, he, kelly must have an allegiance to the nation. Protecting an incompetent is not how you do it. Apologize…and move on to the next crisis your ”president” will create.

The country needs to know how and why these brave soldiers died. Let’s hope the investigation is thorough and complete.

Let me point out that those who pay attention to health care say the republican plan to fund the health care will cause 3.5 million people to lose coverage…..

Last thing….the “tax plan” the republican and its mousy leader , mcconnell is touting will give millionaires and billionaires a massive tax break, with the  lie that  it will create jobs, is a joke. First of all, the unemployment rate is about 4%, so it begs the question, who will fill the “jobs” rich people  “will create”??.  The real issue is rich people do not create jobs, they just stash their money in the bank or invest it in the stock market to create more unearned income. The problem is insufficient salaries paid to low and middle income earners. Instead of paying dividends, corporation must pass their earnings on to their workers in the form of increased salaries. After all these years the republicans fail to understand that workers who spend a portion of  their salaries will create the same profits  and pay more income tax, bringing the deficit down. This tax plan will increase the deficit as usual when republicans try to give tax breaks to the rich. Look at history….. bush’s tax cut…then Clinton, a boom; bushieboy’s tax cut…. then Obama got them out of the ditch, so the Democrats had to right the ship. Now, we have the ill-advised ddfrump and his cabal. Watch and see….

Surprisingly, bushieboy called out the bigots on how destructive they are to this country on the same day President Obama rallied the forces in Virginia, topped by the appearance of our five living presidents to support the effort to assist all those negatively affected by recent hurricanes. Although I do not condone almost all that the republican party stands for, I must recognize a few men like Senator McCain, who is an honest patriot and not a blind robot to their cause.

Real last thing…. Did you see where joe arpaio, the convicted felon pardoned by ddfrump tried to have his conviction set aside! If you accept a pardon, joe, you have admitted the crime!!! You are forever a criminal and should be in jail but  for the illegal pardon before sentencing!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!





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