Time For A Change

“The U.S. Supreme Court is set to take a serious look at partisan gerrymandering with a case that could jeopardize voter maps across the country and help Democrats regain control of Congress.

The case, which will be heard next term, will be closely followed by lawmakers, since the outcome could define how far state legislatures can go in drawing up district lines for partisan gain. 

The case, known as Gill v. Whitford, centers on the Wisconsin map the state’s Republican-controlled legislature enacted in 2011. A three-judge panel on the federal District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin ruled 2-1 in November that the map was an unconstitutional political gerrymander.”                            

(Courtesy of The Hill)

Since 1776, (240 years ago) our Constitution and Bill of Rights has been the basis for governance in this country. It was constructed by white men of stature (land owners mostly, and  men of means), and the southern contingent, consisted of slave owners; and although they were also considered patriots, they wanted to be free of the heavy hand of England.

When the framers wrote this document, it was more to protect the independence they sought from England and to insure that this nation would never be used as a pawn for an individual(s) to create a “kingdom or empire” where one person, family, group could rule the masses. They envisioned a political system wherein, men would chose an “administrator” to manage the affairs of the country. They also envisioned that men would vote for this “manager”. He would govern based on the Constitution’s allowances, limits, the Bill of Rights, and the restrictions instituted by a Congress.

But those men could have never imagined today’s world, with supersonic aircraft, cars, computers, atomic bombs, cell phones, AK47s, automobiles and countries like Russia, Iran or North Korea to contend with.

But also in their good intellect, they created two other co-equal branches of government, (Congress), and made one, the Supreme Court, the unassailable arbiter of disagreements between the other branches and the states. Lastly, they also made sure that each state would be represented by the majority of voters in each state, at the Federal level, but also not be subject to the larger or richer states’  prerogatives, so they created a Senate where every state had the equal status in Congress. A magnificent constructed idea…… for that time

But the world of 1776 is gone……we are in the year 2017, and to try to depend on a “Constitution” written for that long past day, for guidance is foolish. Other nations of the current world have “updated” (for better or worse) their rules and laws for the 21st century.

In the time gap between 1776 and 2017, we have made some adjustments, such as  allowing women’s right to vote, allowing former slaves to vote, supposedly desegregating school, passing equal rights legislation, and  regulating things like transportation, commerce, our interior, taxing the population, and on.

But where they have fallen short is monumental, given today’s world reality.

They did not anticipate that immoral men would seek office or that the populace would vote for such individuals; or that the Congress would allow the minimization of the individual vote (jerrymandering), destruction of our natural resources, weapons of war in the hands of citizen, or interference by foreign adversaries to impact the election process, and so on.

But the real flaw, brought to light by this past election, was the elevation of someone totally unqualified, a racist, a pervert, a misogynist, a tax evader to the highest office in the land. Saying someone who happens to be 35 years old and a natural born citizen is eligible to hold office as president  is no longer sufficient.

We must develop and incorporate as a  requirement, a level of moral standing, mental capacity, civility, understanding of how government works, and a proven dedication for the soundness, fairness, and the safety of this country, for the person who seeks that high office. We must require that the office seeker, bare for review, his income and tax situation with an understanding that personal gain or profit will not be part of service. Further, he/ she will not be allowed to attempt to appoint family members at all , or friends and acquaintances, to advisory or Cabinet positions without consent of at least 50% of the minority party in the Senate.

We must incorporate a mechanism to relieve an incompetent president and his cabinet (including the vice president who no one votes for) of his office and institute a new election within ninety days. During that interim, the Senate must appoint one Senator from each of the contending political parties and one Justice of the Supreme Court to temporarily manage the affair of the nation. Cabinet member would be selected by the parties in Congress….alternating the selection between parties.  The lines of succession must be changed, A person no one voted for should be in line to be president. No legislation but  the most urgent would be considered during the interim; and no proclamations.

I could go on, but my intent is not to rewrite the Constitution for that is the province people way smarter than I am; but you get the picture. The point is, we can no longer operate by a document written over 240 years ago.

There should be no controversy about the performance of our current (falsely elected) president….he is a disaster….pure and simple. I am not going to harp on his performance; it is there for all to see, but what I will talk about is his lack of empathy,  utter stupidity and lying ignorance regarding the death of our brave soldiers in far off, Niger.

The question is, how long will the citizens and Congress tolerate his ineptitude? Enough is enough. The buffoon continues to astound the nation! with his ignorance.

In a time of tragedy, how can  this president screw up a message of condolences? Instead of displaying sympathy, condolence and sorrow at the loss of our heroes; like a dolt, he insults a widow and the family… They know that the hero was willing to lay down his life of his country, he volunteered….but they need not hear it at this solemn moment, from the mouth of someone, a draft dodger, who is supposed to convey the nation’s gratitude for the service this soldier gave.

To compound this event further, we have a chief of staff(??), John Kelly. a Gold Star father himself,  attempting to provide cover for this ”f##king moron” who  further insults the family and the Congresswoman who commented on the lack of candor by his boss (there is question of who is in charge, in the first place) by calling the Congresswoman an “empty barrel” and questioning her work in Congress. He insults his own standing by these actions and denigrates the his own personal loss.

He claims he was ‘stunned” by the fact that the widow of Staff Sgt. LaDavid Johnson, in a car with others, placed the call on speakerphone so all could hear the “message” from the president. Wasn’t her prerogative to do so, after  all, ddfrump had people around him that heard the horrid words he spoke but liars  that they are, refuse to tell the truth; typical of this White House and its denizens. We are stunned that this, until now, honorable general would lie and then attack a member ofCongrss, knowing the truth. 

Kelly had the gall to wrongly declare  that Congresswoman Wilson, in  a speech two years ago, heaped praise upon herself selfishly to defend and deflect attention to his his lie. I guess there is some white magic in the White House now that turns honorable people into liars. This president is not worth the lies. It is a pity….

If you were fortunate to see Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on Thursday, you were exposed not only to the details surrounding the death of those four soldiers who died and the other members of the unit who were on a mission to help an allied nation combat ISIS and other terror groups, but also the political background leading up to the tragedy. Boy, was it an eye-opener!!! She relates the decisions by the U.S. Department of State that caused another ally, Chad, who was providing cover for missions of this type, to pull its troops from the area. If you are at all interested, try to get a copy of Rachel’s show of October 19th.

I’ll talk about the Congressional tax plan and what they intend to do about medical insurance.

 I cannot close without a comment about the appearance of the incompetent, lying weasel attorney general before the Senate yesterday.

Maybe he should just testify that he is old, lacks the mental capacity to tell  the truth, and is a racist, and then go home. Like all of ddfrump’s cabal,  he is stealing money just by show up at the office! He is an affront to justice everywhere.

Enough said, I’m out!!




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