Out of Left Field, Guns & Now a Congressman, Frump’s Cabal, Black People Still Dying, No Convictions

A few things out of left field….

We will continue the struggle to get the Washington D.C. football team (NFL) to change its name.

Today brought the sad news that our Supreme Court has set aside part of the regulation that prohibits registration of a trademark if the government deems it offensive in nature. The case was brought by a Asian band who wanted to patent the term, “Slants”, and was denied  by the US Patent Office and the lower courts.

The decision now opens the door for the Washington football club to register the name R*****ns.

The term is racist in its origins and continues to be offensive to 95% of Native Americans. All one has to do is research the names, its origins and purpose and the man who devised the appellation to understand that it is racist, just like any other epithet we despise. On many occasions, I have suggested other names…..Warriors come to mind.. as a first choice, because it allows the club to maintain its logo, etc. Although that name would not be unique, there are several teams in pro sports with the same name… Cardinals, Jets, Rangers, Kings. Senators, Blues, and so on.

Please join me in protesting the use of the current name and provide your favorite new name….

Black Still Live Matter

The police are still walking after killing you black men. Two different juries have exonerated police officers who claim “accident!!!”  or “I thought he was armed!”.

These decisions only pave the way for more murders by police officers, and with a jerk in the White House and his cabal on the loose, dismantling the laws protecting minorities, we are at the mercy of the gun. There will be more cries of grief as those with guns assassinate black people without remorse or punishment.  Until we get guns out of the hands of our society, we will suffer.

Even when the reality of the gun comes closer to home and more innocent people are at the mercy of the assassin’s whim, they equivocate. Even Congress is not safe. But this last incident will not spur gun laws to protect us. They will say, “Tsk, tsk!! and go on with their lives without understanding that over 250 people have perished via the gun in May 2017 alone!! They may think they are safe, but they are not. We are all vulnerable, president, rich mogul, Congress, police officer, common citizen……we are unsafe… but the lure of the gun (and lobbyists) outweigh any thought of making us safe. Such a pity, such a pity….

I am a die-hard New Yorker at heart, but I can’t stand it. The Jets are deplorable, no quarterback, no center, no wide receivers, no tight ends, no running backs, but they will accept your money for tickets and give you garbage in return. I guess they’re aiming to get the first pick in the draft so they can select another loser on offense!!!! At least they had Brandon and Ewauka to catch the ball….. now Marshall is across the river. They continue to thumb their noses at free agents….   I see 1-15 this fall. What’s you thinking???

The Knicks are just as bad….. Melo and Porzinghis are the only pros on the team, no guards to distribute the ball, no guards who can shoot,  no forwards to shoot or rebound, no bench. And they pass on every free agent available…..The triangle only works if you have MJ or Kobe… it’s  that  simple……we only got squat……25 game wins this year.

Finally the Mets……….they might as well move the Hospital for Special Surgery into the parking lot! The “no-hit” disease has found a home along with his cousin, “pitch a decent game once a week!!!”  Asdrudbal, Duda, Walker, Wright (who is finished) Yoenis Cespedes, Syndergaard, Granderson, need I go on??? Hopping around on crutches… Harvey, deGrom, d’Anaud  all in the medical ward this year……..The new York Fakers………. Gimme another beer, dammitt!!! I’ll watch soccer!!! Now you know, I’m sick!!!!

On to real serious politics…. Four bag-eyed security guards clammed up about, even speaking to the sleazy nut job!!! The little liar, outtsessions’ “Pinocchio” nose got longer, and his ear  more pointed  as he proved what a slug he is.

That’s okay…. Mueller will put them all in jail. We just have to be patient. But the damage will be done and the aftermath, the destruction of American values and the loss of prestige as the leader of the free world will be a tough valley to climb out of. We have the resilience, the people and the desire to live up to the ideals of our democracy and rise to the rightful pinnacle and return as the beacon for those who are under the thumb of despots and tyrants. It is a shame to have to go through this  resurrection, but given the current circumstance, it will have to be worth it.

Enough said, I’m out!!!





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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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