Obstruction of Justice????? I say, “Yes!!!

While the Congress slowly “investigates” the role of russia in the 2016 elections, the “collusion” of ddfrump’s playmates with the russian hackers, the dissemination of false accusations against the Democratic candidate, and so on, as promulgated by the media over these past years, we cope with the fact that this inept, stumbling, bumbling, wobbling and totally unqualified “president” continues to embarrass  us while insulting our allies, pushing our nation further from the our cooperative and supporting allies.

My last blog suggested that it was time to impeach. After this week’s performance, he has infected the respected generals in our military who chose to answer his call to serve him in his cabal. Their training (to take orders and serve this nation) as military, has blinded them to the actuality that he is truly flawed in many ways; and  I believe he has caused them to step into the toilet with him. The result is that in attempting to cover for this fraud, they are now caught up in the crap he has created, such as, making excuses for his myriad faux pas. Now their reputations are now in question, as well as Mr. Tillerson’s, as Secretary of State, who, with no diplomatic experience but encouraged by his wife (so he says), finds himself wishing for his old job and the comforting lifestyle of a gas and oil mogul.            

This man’s attempt to interfere in the investigation of russia’s involvement in our political process and election and the extent that they had support, cooperation and information supplied by the close confidants of ddfrump  by, reportedly, blatantly asking the Director of the FBI to find a way to let Mike Flynn off the hook for  his lying and misinformation  about his contacts  with russian spies and acceptance of money and gifts from a foreign power. Then he has the gall to summarily fire the Director, then trying to  use a memo he ordered two of his hirelings to pen as the reason for the dismissal.  Further, we have the same lies and diversions from “no experience-expence”, the attorney general, and others in his cabal who all had contacts with these spies and failed to disclose those encounters. Lastly, there is the leaking of classified information to these same spies that he allowed into the Oval Office without observation by media or other subordinates. This man laughing and joking with our major geo-political foe, especially with the questions surrounding the interference in our election process and collusion from ddfrump’s people. What a shame…..

It’s time to boot them all out!!! Now!!!

What is more appalling, is the disgusting Congressional support for this miscreant and his lies, misstatements, his rude, crude behavior toward the citizens of this nation but just as important, toward the representatives of nations with which we have treaties and alliances.  I am tired of watching republican senators and representation spout excuses for his behavior and performances.

ddfrump has done nothing for this country, in fact he has detracted from our prestige ….five months of braggadocio… with attempts to discriminate against our citizens, his blatant disregard for our laws that mitigate our contribution to the damage done by global warming, and the flurry of executive orders meant to overturn the advances made on all levels by the Obama administration.

In any other circumstance a person with his baggage and suspicion would be told to go home until the details of his strange lovefest for Russia, and his cabal’s malfeasance can be investigated and a determination made that he is truly unfit to hold the high office of president of the United States. Equally, necessary is the expulsion of all the liars, frauds, cheaters and other unqualified individuals that he has place in sensitive positions inside our government. Then, truly democratic progress can be achieved.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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