Exposed…Lying republican terrorist muthavaaaqers, traitor republicans, sleeping Democrats and the NAACP


I am going to try to put the ddfrump presidency in focus. But before I do that I have to go back and remind all those blind, dumb, racist, ignoramuses that were told… “I know a con when I see one” by a little billionaire by the name of Bloomberg; and that you were told before all this crap hit the fan! You can’t wipe all that shaaat off you face with a Kleenex….. They need a complete hot bath, a good cleanser and bleach to clean this up

What I see now is a bumbling political farce that supposedly, smart people are in Congress to solve, i.e.,  the political (the reign of the frump), ecological (pollution of  the planet),  financial (the disparity in wealth distribution), crime (including the wanton murder of Black folks by the police establishment and themselves) health  problems for most of us. The selection of frump as president has thrown a monkey wrench into the progress and recovery that the Obama administration has been able to achieve. The citizenry were clearly warned about this person, a devout liar, a pervert, a masochist, a misogynist, a totally unprepared, uneducated about the political process and protocols, an unthinking, unfocused misfit, and  a narrow focused campaign by his opponent, and her baggage, her perceived misstep as Secretary of State, the lies and false innuendo and finally, interference by our most feared world adversary, especially, caused this miscreant to be sworn in as president of these United States of America.

While the violation of protocols, his attempt to reverse the progress of the Obama administration with support of vile conservatives, and documented assistance of interference in our political process this crisis has come front and center on the political landscape.

The Democrats response is to use words like, “troubling, “concerning”, “worrisome”, “interesting”, “problematic” and “of interest”.

The oath of office requires the winner of the “Electoral College” selection to affirm the following,  “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

When it is evident the this man does not have the “ability” to execute the preservation, the protection, the defense of this nation, the word, “impeachment” must be a part of their vocabulary, given the revelations of these past few months.

When a guy is around you and he smells like ”horse or bullshaat” and has it all over his shoes, his clothes, his hands, his face, you do not need a ”smoking gun” to understand that he’s stepped “in it”!!! Especially when he does nothing to wipe the stuff off his face and tells everyone it’s perfume and to like it!

Then, as I have said many times, the republicans have no mettle or inner honesty or fortitude (manhood or womanhood, as it applies) to tell the fool he stinks, to get out… but conversely, they nod in obedience  and further give away their integrity by doing everything in their power to keep this imbecile oaf in the china shop..

They refuse to accept the premise that they and he are domestic terrorists.

But let me take a moment to place the spot light on frump’s latest foray into international politics. This week’s rantings to a group of rich, white robed, tyrannical double-faced misogynists, talking about terrorists while he foments the same propaganda here at home, calling for the elimination of extremists  within the Arabs’ midst.

An unfit, lacking in temperament, thieving, dictator loving, tax evader whose transgressions have been ignored, needs to be attacked and vilified and sent packing.

Democrats need to get on the ball, spread the truth and work their asses off to dispose of this menace. The sooner the better….no smoking gun required!!!!

And it no longer amazes me that republicans continue their blind allegiance to a bigoted narrow-minded, small minded, arrogant ignorant ass, despite the plethora of evidence that he and his inner cabal have no business attempting to guide this country. They were told that he was totally unqualified to even run for president; that he is a con-man, and would not listen to advice from the pros in government. His lack of understanding  of how unbiased politics and intelligence work, here and abroad is appalling. Every act he performs is an embarrassment to us, from ignoring the warning about a traitor like Michael Flynn, to allowing a security clearance for a total amateur Jared Kushner, willfully ignoring climate change or making us weaker internationally by unilaterally snubbing our military treaties, our trade agreements and   insulting what was once our friends abroad.

These republicans are insane traitors, pure and simple, not only to America, but to the world.…. their greed for money and power exceeds that of people like the koch brothers who would kill this planet, knowing that what they do will cause the demise of  their descendants and there will be no one left to spend their billions.

They cannot have it both ways…it’s been tried before and resulted in a civil war that we normal, rational Americans are still trying to erase the vestiges. If they (republicans) do not love this nation and all of its peoples enough to allow human, civil, democratic rights to progress, then perhaps they should go west……and north… to Russia so that their dream of joining those despots we refer to as oligarchs came be achieved, and allow them to revel in their ability to tell dominated people what to do .


Excerpted from an article by “BY JESSE J. HOLLAND, Associated Press

“WASHINGTON (AP) — NAACP President Cornell William Brooks will not be returning as the leader of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization after his contract expires this summer, officials said Friday.

NAACP Board Chairman Leon W. Russell and Vice Chair Derrick Johnson will lead the organization until a new president is selected.

Russell and Johnson announced what they described as a “transformational, system-wide refresh and strategic re-envisioning” for the NAACP in a Friday evening conference call with reporters.

“We understand and appreciate the historic model of protest, but at this point in time we believe as an organization we need to retool to become better advocates, better at educating the public, better at involving them in our operation” and better at legislation and litigation, Russell said.

Russell praised Brooks’ leadership and said the NAACP remained at the forefront of civil rights activism in the United States.

“However, modern-day civil rights issues facing the NAACP, like education reform, voting rights and access to affordable health care, still persist and demand our continued action,” he said.”

I have said for years that his organization was in need of a new name, a new focus, new leadership, a new approach to civil/ political rights issues. They need to use the new technologies to recruit, involve and enthuse all of us. They must become more than a “pastor-led” flock. They need to encourage young people, doctors, IT techies, teachers, police officers and so on to join in the fight. They need to become POLITICAL  by supporting political candidates… it is no longer feasible to only tell folks to register to vote; they must also lobby for and support candidates who support their ideals. They need to become a FORCE for political justice and protector of human rights and they need to do it right away…. They claim they will look forward to a “search” It seems to me that before they fired the present CEO, they would have had a good idea of who the prospective replacement would be… But that’s typical of the way they have functioned, reactionary…not proactive… I’ll wait and see what happens now.

Enough said, I’m out!!!





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