Keeping Up With A Hundred Day Unqualified President

I have been following politics despite health issues that preclude me from a scheduled blog, but as I watch the frump screw up all that progressives care about domestically and makes fool of himself in foreign diplomacy, I have to cringe. How long do we have to endure this travesty? I am equally appalled that republicans have continued to display a blind allegiance to political ineptitude in a futile effort to force their regressive ideals that have no place in this generation or any other, to be honest.

From incompetent choices for his cabinet, that I call his “cabal”; crooks, fraudsters, liars, by the droves, that permeate our government: and he, the ultimate liar, has confused the world, with his falsehoods, lies, diversions from reality and pronouncements that stretch justice and credulity.

You do not need a list. What I am talking about is there to be seen and heard around the world, creating an embarrassment never experienced by this country before, as some asses made it possible for this mutant to ascend to the most powerful office on Earth.

In my younger day, in sports, when we would occasionally experience an incompetent foe who fumbled, errantly threw the ball everywhere, bumped into one another, and just were idiotically laughable in their play, so we’d yell out, “Put a tent on that circus!!!” Well, it’s time to “put a tent on that circus” that we now have in Washington! What really concerns me is that most republicans have no clue when it comes to doing things the “American Way”. Although, much so a racist nation, we were tough, brave and resolute in the World, and we had a government that was humane, caring, sympathetic to other nations, willing to share and rebuild and most of all, lead the World toward peace. Now we have someone with the mindset of a despot, building a totalitarian regime with family and military….Look at those countries in the Middle East who are a problem now. Here at home, this fool shows no empathy toward the needy, he is bent on destroying families, our health system, our rivers and streams, our economy, our reputation as welcoming land to those who sought a better life and opportunity here, and most of all, our democratic values.

It is a good thing to march in protest, speechify, but it is time for action… this is not a ‘ballgame”; it is serious business….  He has appointed liars and fraudsters, and inept supporters with no real experience to his “cabinet”. The “lil general ineperiencepence” is clearly not ready for prime time” as is his attorney liar general, “outtasession”.  The whole cast of fools represent US!!! to the World. What a travesty!!

We have person who I liken to a six year old who had found a gun that makes him feel as if he can become a bully. But he happens to be dealing with a five year old with feelings of insecurity. A toxic mix destined for a conclusion no one but them seem to want.

And how about this??!!!

We have a weekend (weakened) non president; costing us over $21 million to protect him while he golfs and runs his business.  We now have a part time chief executive, using this high office to build his cache, which may be a good thing, as it limits the national damage he is capable of.

If the republicans do not have the moral mettle to dismiss this clown, and impeach him; then it is up to the masses to do it…. Recall this boob and let’s do it sooner better than later!!!! Peacefully take to the streets… loud and forceful…. Get his tax returns,.   Get him out of office soon!!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!


About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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