Smashed….and a Opportunity to Build Consensus

The Affordable Care Act and the Smashing Defeat of the ryan Bull Crap on Health Care

Last week, I heard senator lindsey graham say he is opposed to forcing people, people with jobs and the ultra-rich, to pay for folks who cannot pay for premiums for their health care. But isn’t that part of why we all pay federal income taxes? The federal government ‘collects’ (I was going to write “take”) and then determines how to “redistribute” those funds for the greater good of the nation. Part of that “greater good” is to make certain that the least of us have clean water, good roads, education, food, and so on, and good health care because full health care coverage reduces the burden on all of us because it is less costly to prevent a health care crisis rather than pay for taking care of the crisis afterwards. Don’t we do the same thing with Social Security…we ask all workers to pay a certain amount so that retirees have an amount to help them survive after retirement?

But isn’t that what “insurance” does in the first place. Private companies charge premiums to all their clients and hope that they price the premium costs correctly so that the premium income is sufficient to pay for the cost of the well-being of the clients they insure, and have enough left over to make a profit. People who benefit from this same system (redistribution) claim they don’t like it because they do not believe that everyone should not be forced to pay to keep someone else well.

frump and his lost boy, “ryan a(pall)ed” and their cabal, tried to push a very flawed approach through Congress to solve the high premium problem/ limited choice dilemma while giving tremendous tax breaks to the well off and ultra-rich, some all republicans like to do (and that puzzles me. Please find a republican with an independent mind for me.)

In order to begin to make the ACA better and work for all its recipients, I believe that the politicians must begin with getting an agreement from the health care industry (Hospital associations, the AMA, the ANA, and the pharmaceutical companies on the pricing of services and drugs.  Eliminate the greed by putting a cap on profits (85/90%) of monies collected from premiums and subsidies from the Federal government must go toward care of the sick. This will allow them reasonable profits from their involvement. If they do not agree to more reasonable controlled prices for their services, then I think that a “one payer” system just like Social Security.

If those providers agree, then mandate that everybody under the age of 65 who is employed, contribute, then, work out a premium price for the health service consumer. If necessary allow those who need financial assistance, to apply for a subsidy.  Get rid of copays, co-insurance and those phony no value dental, vision and hearing plans, please! Provide a meaningful coverage for the needy.


republicans need to decide whether they are Americans… for the last nine years, they have acted as if they are against the government of their country. From the time that mcconnell and his fellow apostles decided to oppose President Obama’s presidency, they have blocked everything that would improve the lives of the citizenry, from jobs. Denying legislation on infrastructure, health, education, a fair tax plan and so on was their mantra. This partisan politics has to stop. Instead of chasing phantom programs such as banning Muslims to building a wall to keep “Mexicans” out of this country, or giving lower taxes to the well-off they need to throw these arcane ideas into the trash bin.

They need to admit that the person they allowed to run in this last election and then win, is in over his head, that he colluded with the russians to win, and that the Senate is the place to effectively continue the progress that President Obama authored. They need to also realize that the Federal government is there as a partner in progress and that too many times states have obstructed the rights and privileges of its constituents instead of creating an atmosphere we all people can have an opportunity to help this country thrive. The states track record is clear. From years of jimcrow, segregation of school, lack of health service, inappropriate police activities, including murdering youth of color, some states have been an anathema. Having a lying, conniving leader with an inexperience cabinet, we can expect more chaos from this administration unless the republicans dedicate themselves to non-partisan, fair involvement in the process.

Enough said, I’m out!!!



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