Just Thinking…..

Before I go on, let me talk about a “talking point” the misguided republicans, including the delusion (ap)palled ryan, m(b)ithch mcconnell and others who parrot the idea, “We are doing what the American people want.”

As expected, in fact, a hallmark of their platform, isfor them  to forget that their nominee, the bumbling, embarrassing, inept frump, lost the popular vote by almost four million votes; evidence that most voting Americans did not want frump and his cabal in charge of this nation. There is NO mandate for frump to do what he is doing to damage this country. Therefore, the bullcrap they are floating about the Affordable Care Act is just that. They choose to ignore the findings of both the Congressional Budget office and the Office of Management & Budget that the ACA is not imploding. We all agree that the law needs some adjustment but to turn this process totally over to the states is ridiculous. We have seen time and again what the southern states will do. That is, refusing to impartially apply the law… just look at the history of some states and civil/ human/ voting rights… health care will be no different. But the blind one-track minded ryan, in all his faux glory as some fiduciary expert, mouths gobble-de-gook about access being more important than the ability to get health care in America. To this day, the much flawed bill they are trying to force through Congress without hearing or expert testimony (unheard of) is bound to fail, although there are republican congressmen who are wavering in their resolve not to support this travesty. We shall see what happens…

There is a clearer picture of the possibility of collusion between frumps’ surrogates and russian diplomats and spies… (I ask that you tune in on Rachel Maddow’s show nightly (MSNBC)). As I’ve said, frump and his entire cabal need to get out or be forced out. We cannot have a president who cannot be trusted, a consummate liar, involved with shady people, known oligarchs and money launderers, yet some fools think he is capable of managing the affairs of this nation. We have said loud and clear, he is unfit and deplorable.. way out of his element, involving himself in criminal endeavors….

I suggest that Congress and the investigative authorities should not wait for the fire….there is enough suspicious smoke that we should not wait to be consumed by the fire that is sure to come. Get rid of the fool!!!!

Go(r)suckh as a Supreme Court Justice….

Another biased judge up for forced consideration….. by a gorilla republican majority …I wish Senator Al Franken would pose these questions of mr Go(r)suckh…                                      1) Do you believe in honesty, trustworthiness, fairness and due process? If you do, then,  2) Why do you feel you should have the opportunity to sit before this august body, this committee, for us to consider you for the position of Justice of the Supreme Court when the majority of this country understands that Judge Merrick Garland did not get the same opportunity that you have been given? What makes him less qualified than you to not have this honor, after all he was selected before you? What gives you the right to go first? Is it fair, just, appropriate???

3) Given the foregoing, why would you accept the appointment from such a flawed person, an untrustworthy liar, a pervert, nationalist alt-right supporter, a possible a tax evader, who is in office with possible illegal assistance from a major adversary and might be under investigation for colluding with a foreign power???

I can’t wait for the answers to those queries!!!

By the way, the report is that melinomia (the false lady) sleeps in a separate bedroom…that she is relieved when he is away… even she abhors this pervert pig ….mouth spray will not disguise his stench and bad teeth and ‘SeaNu’ hair tablets will not cure the “lost” mane. Supposed money cannot garner “class” when you are that gross of a human being!! I think that naked caricature of the slob is on the money!!!!

I still ask “Where is the DNC??? And the NAACP (still should change the name)…

Enough said, I’m out….






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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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