The Overt Destruction of The Pillars of American Democracy  and Moral Values


Okay, where do I begin???

Back in the day, we’d have these little chuckles… like..

A Black guy and a white guy are sitting on the porch of a house. Someone from inside the house screams, ”There’s a fire in the bedroom!”  Both run into the house. The white guy runs to the bedroom door and looks in and says, “Damn bigass faaaar!!!” while the Black guy runs to the kitchen to get a bucket of water…..

Black guy and a white are standing on the corner of a busy intersection. They are facing a green light but there’s a bus roaring down the avenue, at seventy miles an hour with a red light facing the bus. The white guy begins to step off the curb to cross, the Black guy yells, “Wait and see if the bus stops!” The white guy says, “He’s supposed to stop!” and continues…and gets hit by the truck!

Two Black guys and two white guys are playing cards in a house. A barrage of gunshots hit the house. The two black guys drop to the floor and crawl for cover. One white guy runs to the front door and opens it, asking, “Who faaared those shots??!!”, and the other white guy runs to the picture  window, stands there and asks, “Kin ya see who’s doin’ the shootin’??” Both get shot!!!

Let’s see…a fat, over-tanned,  red-faced  vary-colored hair guy in a nice suit who  lied over 500 times on the campaign trail, hid his tax returns, committed fraud by using donated funds to pay his legal bills, was sued for operating a corrupt “university”, called everybody in his party,  scoundrels, attacked oppenent’s wives and family, vilified every one of them in the primary election process, insulted women and gays, Black people, Jewish people, Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants from wherever, disparaged the news media, discounted the effectiveness of our military, and our intelligence agencies, encouraged hackers to steal and hack more of our institutions, called for prison time for his opponent in the general election, really,  really  sucked up to our world adversaries, while insulting our allies, and then  lost that election by almost four million votes after being assisted by the untimely comments about a bogus investigation of his opponent by the FBI director and the leaking of emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee, such that enough biased white people who lied to pollsters, (and some few befuddled minorities, Black folks included) voted for him in sufficient numbers in meaningful states to the point that he won the electoral college and thereby  became the 45th president of these United States of America.

Now we learn that despite protocols developed over the years, (one president at a time) he and his cohorts conducted foreign affairs before being sworn in by contacting presidents and prime ministers of these foreign nations, made business deals for his companies and through his close supporters, made promises to lift sanctions on Russia, repeal the ACA, reduce taxes for the rich, wage war on Muslims and immigrants, and build a $24 million wall on the Rio Grande, and more!

As president, he’s gutted the State Department of veteran ambassadors, put a racist in charge of the Justice Department, fired Federal prosecutors ‘en masse’, some who would be in charge of investigating criminal activities of his companies, allowed coal companies to dump waste into our rivers and streams, gave the go-ahead to oil companies to build a massive pipeline across sacred burial grounds and under rivers and lakes that provide drinking water for thousands, stripped EPA regulations to stop pollution from coal mining, and hired people for his cabinet with sordid backgrounds, who supported alt-right, nationalistic rhetoric, and racist causes…  one who bought stock in a pharmaceutical  company, then authored legislation to make profits for the industry, then sold the stock to make millions. The fat guy selected a secretary of state who received medals from pukin and attended many affairs with pukin; the rotund one picked  another guy who worked for a bank and was in charge of the department that robo-signed foreclosure docs to take houses away from hard working citizens, chose a millionaire woman to be Education secretary who knew nothing about public education and supports a voucher system for school choice, a sleepy black guy to run HUD, simply because he needed a person of color and that person (who was caught lying about his life experience) once lived in a housing project. Further, another millionaire who is vice chairman of a bank in Cyprus that is a haven for laundering dirty money (Russian money in particular) and he is known as “the vulture of bankruptcy” for taking companies into insolvency. He’s appointed a failed governor, Perry as Energy Secretary who said on the   campaign trail that he would get rid that agency, a guy named Perdue who owns fast food restaurants and refused to increase worker’s wages and would use robots to replace his labor force. Even the blind mouse “no expence” has been caught in a egregious lie so he too, should be disqualified, after all the nation DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM… they voted for the fool who by virtue of our flawed system of presidential elections, won, and “no expence” as the tail of the monster, wagged and was pulled along.

There are quite a few more but I have to move on.

The ACA is under siege by republicans who are bent on replacing (destroying) rather than fixing its problems. The focus of the right is to provide more tax reductions to the rich and to create profits for the medical insurance industry and less care for the underserved; in fact the House republicans passed the bill in the early morning hours without the benefit of hearings or CBO score which every knowledgeable expert says will throw fifteen million…million off of Medicaid, be too costly for working people between the ages of 55 to 65; and take away benefits for some folk on Medicare!

Now on to the traitorous relationship between the frump political farce, the frump money scheming organization and Russian spies… The FBI is questioning the overwhelming interaction between frump cronies and the Russians. In fact to this point at least seven of these accomplices have been caught lying about their dealings and alleged appeasement of the sanctions against the Asian, supposed superpower lead by frump’s idol, pukin. It’s current news that frump tweeted that PRESIDENT Obama ordered the wiretap of frump tower, without proof. It is however, suspected that the U S intelligence agencies  overheard his cabal allegedly talking to Russian spies (while surveilling said spies) and breaking Federal laws.

And I’m not even getting into the terrible, awful, vicious, cowardly, disdainful and disrespectful manner in which residents of this country are being gleefully expelled by the Customs and Border Patrol agencies, as if they we primed to perform these acts of depravity!

I say all this to point out that, in general, the republicans in Congress, so intent on destroying this nation from the inside, are aiding and abetting the frump/ Russian scheme to destroy it from the outside along with all of our allies and treaties garnered over the last seventy  years through cooperative agreements and negotiations.  Russia intent is to make it easier for pukin to resurrect the Russian empire of the cold war era and be free to invade free countries in Europe, especially and the world in general.

Frump has done all the aforementioned, all while smiling and saying, “I will be the president for all the people!” Not to mention continuing to commandeer his personal empire while benefitting from the presidency, thereby relegating that high office to nothing more than a fraud plan to dupe the American people and some of us are falling for it!

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” , are the words the president must repeat at the swearing in ceremony. He has done none of the above and should be impeached immediately!

I mention those few ditties at the beginning in order to demonstrate how our elected officials are reacting to this dilemma, not to be racial. Frump has broken every law, tradition, principle, regulation that we have built this country on. How can we stand by and diddle while he makes a mockery of justice and civility? We must make haste to cast this villain out of our midst before it is too late to recover. It is not okay to give an accident  victim oxygen and a blood transfusion a day after he is being injured, knifed and gutted!!! Hold your hearings, investigate but guess what, too late is too late!!!

The real question is, are republicans “American” or not???? Is the desire to rule so intoxicating that you forget about country, morality and empathy??? We came to be the nation all the world looked up to because we demonstrated morality and a care for others who were less fortunate than we were. We were the model, the success story of the ages, although we did have our flaws. But we worked on them… we did not give up…. We fought…… We must continue to fight and the first step is to IMPEACH the  ”mutha-f^*ker”, as I would say if I were still in “street” mode!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!





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