Thinking on a Dark Dreary Saturday Rainy Afternoon in Florida

The persecution and purge begins as the “hitler” minded misguided fiend you selected as ‘your” leader begins to act out his hatreds and innocent lives are now upset. Others are worried that in the night, gestapo agents will roust families out of their ill-contented sleep and haul off beloved ones, fathers and mothers, even grandparents  to face “monkey –like” trials without legal representation or due process and send them to lands they know nothing about.  As much as an unpaid parking ticket will get the attention of ICE and other enforcement agents who will carry out orders that they know are unconstitutional, morally injurious and dead wrong, especially in a land they stole from the inhabitants by use of the magnitude of fire power; now they call it their land and no one dare trespass. How dastardly??

Red-faced white people, spewing venomous invectives, who claim to be independent and resourceful, want to tell you that they’ve  earned their claim to the land on which they stand, with the sprawling destruction that they greedily caused, of the pristine  plains, streams, mountains staring them in the face,  call on this current  decrepitly immoral government to do their dirty work. And by the brute force of a disgraced “badge”, the posse and others, gleefully count how many “heads” they’ve collared!!

They never ask whether their fore-parents got here legally, whether they followed the law as they hid and cowered until it was okay to come out of the shadows; all they know is that with the shield on their chests, they have superhuman power, to unsettle the lives of residents who have done  them no harm.

It is a slippery slope that I warned about, but no attention was paid. The question is, once begun, where does it stop? Mexicans (well, to the frump any Hispanic is Mexican), Muslims, Jews, Asians without money, Russian mobsters or Bulgarian jewel thieves are exempt… Oh, and especially, Russians… you don’t want to screw up your investments over there…       Er… Russians are Asians too, or haven’t you noticed, frumpie boy???

….. Black folks live in hell, so why not get rid of them too, and their “hell”; after all, crime will go down, according to his warped mind. Where the hell is Jim Brown or Kanye West now? Where the hell is Stevie (all bullshit) Harvey and Don (un) King(k)?? Where are all those oreo black preachers who “believe” in the Good Book (“Love thy neighbor” (unless it somebody’s wife),” Give me your tired, weary…..” “ Suffer little children, come unto me….”) Please do not me go off on that tangent, please!!!

The silence is deafening….

In your meetings, did you tell frump it was wrong to begin this purge, that America is not under threat from these people, that he should not ”gorilla” liars (like him) tax cheats (like him) fraudsters (like him), polluters (like him)  Jim Crow advocates (sessions) (like him) through Congress to run this government. Did you tell him that allowing coal mining residue into our streams and rivers will kill people, did you tell him that hiding behind the truth about where his loyalties lie (same word applies in different ways to this buffoon), because of money, will kill people?? Did you say to him, “Do not silence the media”?? (It is our only check to the wrecking of our government that the people have.)

The Russians and the Iranians are laughing their heads off, as this lunatic, stumbles from New York to “Margo to Largo” and conducts world politics at an open dinner with a foreign figure….” This is the new America?? Great again???  The leader of the free world??….What a clown, a joke!! You shoot off one of you rockets and I will have my planes buzz American ships, he won’t know, he’ll be busy rounding up children!!”  Yeah, they are laughing!!!!

I’ve been around the block and as a New Yorker, so when someone uses the express, “Believe me”, you kinda know the bullcra*p is coming… frump is a hater, psychologically damaged, he likes people he can control and use…. if he sees an opportunity to add to his obsession, he likes you… thus Kushner  is “his fabulous son-in-law, though Jewish) is tolerated …..and so on… Beware of who will be next on his hit list…… Way back when, I said to start learning Russian or Congolese……. So you will know what to say when you hit the shores of the continent or your boss will instruct you in his native tongue…..Ebonics will not work.. and your kids won’t learn any more than you know with Devos at the head of “Education” and asking southern states to school them. That will be as successful as really getting rid of “Separate but Equal” or enforcing voting rights to minorities!!!  And do not depend on the Supreme Court, as long as we have another worse oreo, sitting there grinning and wondering what’s for supper when he’s awake, we have no shot at justice.

Old folks get ready for worse, unaffordable  health care under frump and the republicans, as well as, college opportunities for young middle class white kids. (Black folk need not worry unless they enroll in University of Lagos!!!) And all of you can forget about $15 minimum wage or an increase in wages… but big corporations/ millionaires will get lower taxes…..

Let me quit right now, I see where this is going and it’s not pretty….

But before I do, when are the Democrats going to name a new leader to the DNC, and when will the NAACP change to its name to the National Association for the Advancement of All People (NAAAP), and open up to more and different memberships, and give the impression they are willing to work for rights for more than just Black people??

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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