Insanity Abounds with the Frump and His Cabal……

Let me get this straight. There are about, according to Homeland Security, eleven million undocumented residents in the United States; and it is estimated that there are about four to five million that are of Latin descent. So, ICE says that as a routine, they round up people all the time and send them back to their country of origin.

But, I see pictures of Latinos being sent back to Mexico; young girls, young mothers with children that they brought with them when they came here or were born to them while they (the mothers) were here. Or young boys, who know nothing about Mexico, and were also brought here; supposedly because they have criminal records! Smoking a joint gets them a criminal record (but is legal in several states), or for fighting, or for one time shoplifting or some other similar error in judgment….and paid their dues.

But where are the WHITE  European recalcitrants, from say, Bulgaria, or the Czechk Republic, or Germany, or Poland, or Russia (the famed Russian Mafia) in Brooklyn or Las Vegas, or LA, running prostitution rings, selling girls, or protection to other sordid criminal activities?

Where are the Asian mobsters in the Chinatowns around the country?  Oh, you can’t sit outside undercover at a factory or restaurant there and snatch people up and place them on planes……

Is ICE in the race-hating business, only geared toward ridding the country of Hispanics and Muslims?

There are six million or so other residents out there who fit the description or profile of those being shackled, manhandled and place on planes to a foreign land….but where are the planes to Europe and Asia??

I’m not for busting anyone just because these people are here ; some illegally; but most work, buy houses,  buy cars, pay rent,  pay taxes, go to school, raise families and mind their businesses. ICE is now in the business of hate mongering……at the highest level….like the gestapo of WWII. and only a Federal Judge can stop the persecution. We must stand up and shout “We will never believe we are not a country steeped in racism!!!” We must stop the madness.

When frump took office, some more white people lost their way, for our tradition as a nation was to welcome people who needed safety, shelter, warmth, compassion and understanding, people who contributed to the fabric of this nation… now we have anarchy…… We must fight back. We must…..  History tells us about other despots and their hirelings… they are bound for failure….. 

Moving on… did you see this nut job, Stephen Miller on the Sunday news programs? Speaking as if the frump was elected Pope!!!  He’s infallible he bellowed… The President of the United States has accomplished more in just a few weeks than many Presidents do in an entire administration” (I guess he’s too young or too ignorant to note what FDR did, (crush the Axis of Evil), what Eisenhower did (the Interstate System) , what Kennedy did (space program), what LBJ did (civil rights/ desegregation),  what Obama did (bring the country back from economic and financial disaster) but he knows that one…  

 Miller told CBS’s Face The Nation, citing orders to reduce regulations and set new government ethics requirements and Trump’s direct negotiations with businesses over jobs. “He is the president… he can’t be challenged!!” he thundered …. as if the chief nut case were pukin or chou-en- lai or worse, hitler…..  and continued the lies about how fatfrump won…..(he was selected)…..most voters, as we know, voted for someone else, which the “goof off party” refuses to see.

From the illegal ban on Muslim travel to claiming voter fraud Mr. miller demonstrated the paranoia that has taken over frump and his cabal. They see the destruction of America in every corner, in every shadow, in every person that is not Caucasian but refuse to acknowledge that more white people kill more white people in America than any radicalized terrorist, and none from the countries that were affected by frump’s illegal “proclamation”. The immature dolt came across as a shallow bully bordering on Nazi-like emperor on a totalitarian bent. It just shows anyone that the bigoted cannonbannon fodder and the naïve bull-in-a china-shop approach to “governance” is guided by a bunch of nut cases.

Then you have the “acceptable” crooks the plumpfrump has placed in his cabal he calls a cabinet. From folks who did not pay taxes on hired household help to a fool who committed insider trading fraud to a Wall Street sheister  swindler who defrauded millions out of their homes in the 2008 debacle to a “Lucille Ball” blonde who has no clue about education, he has proven to the world that he’s lost touch with reality; that which we all knew. His penchant for creating another universe with dribble-mouth facts anyone else with a sense of sanity would call lies, is astounding. Time and again, he has proven he has no tact, no idea of diplomacy, no sense of protocol….. bumbler of the first magnitude! Oh, he has help……from other graduates from fool school.

Oh, I forgot about the shorn spizter and his vitriol, attacking the press for asking for facts to support his rantings or the frankenstein bride, sillyass conwoman who thinks it’s okay to berate a department store for dropping Irankel Frump’s drab clothes line……. How about the supernut Flynn lying about talking to the russians before  frump put his hand on the good book, about lifting sanction for their interference on the election??

Boy, do we have a circus….big tent center ring circus, run by a pack of dung beetles!!!  We Democrats just have to ride out the reign of terror and plan judiciously to win back more disillusioned white people.

And I’ll close with a question, “When the hell are the Democrats going to name a DNC chairperson and get on with the business of demonstrating what they believe in and their plan to improve the lives of Americans who have not  been a significant part of this recovery and uplift the middle class???

Enough said, I’m out!!!


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