Thinkin’ and Recognizin’…

I just thought about the  “evangelical” right…….following the “Word”….that’s why they backed a liar, a bigot, an adulterer, a thief, … hell that ‘s enough…

I wish the mouthpieces for the buffoon, would stop saying “we”  elected him….We did not…we elected Hillary… the States selected the clown.

As we can see, they placed a shoemaker (apology to shoemakers) in the presidency when we needed to continue with a learned worldly experience empathetic person, a diplomat…. and a leader, not a bully…All his cohorts are like blind…..mice…….. eating up his droppings… We used to say it was hard to mess up ice cream (because all you had to do was eat it) but your emperor has alienated China, Mexico, Britain, Germany, Ukraine and Australia in just two weeks….He’s so busy protecting us from terrorists (that he can only see), that he’s said, “screw you” as far a jobs program, infrastructure,  and crammed down your  throat, every bigot with money he could find.. plus some fellow thieves from congress…..Now he’s in charge of forcing you to pay taxes when he can’t prove he did  and the news pundit have total amnesia about that….. or malenomia’s (who he stole from Frankenstein) working papers…. or his pocketing money from his hotels from foreign governments…. Pay close attention to what’s going on in russia and what frump does about the sanctions…. very close attention…bannon, the super bigot has  got his ear and when you have a duo  in front of the coven like that we are in deep crap… let alone the wrinkled dwarf, sessions…… all rights are off the table….. we are surrounded by extremists bent on turning these United States into a fiefdom where only the ultra rich can survive

Every death of a tribal member or patriot  opposing the freakin’ pipeline (and oil we will never see) or because he’s now allowed coal companies to pollute our stream and rivers., will be laid at his paws……

If it were not for love of country, every diplomat at the State Department, the CIA, the Justice department would quit… that’s how bad his choices are…. The Interior Department too……

Keep the protests going we have to drum the assh^l& out….

Enough said, I’m out!!


About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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