BSA (and I ain’t talkin’ about the Boy Scouts of America, either) and The New Show in Town

Well, we acknowledge that ddfrump won the Electoral College vote and will be the next president of these current United States of America, despite his sordid past. But we will not let go of the fact that more than three million more voters preferred someone else.

I’ve already explained why, despite the newsies ad pundits insisting that we condone a liar, a pervert, and a buffoon, as president. He is clearly not qualified but he’s got the job. We won’t as many others so choose, also.

We, I’m sure have seen the Florida A& M Marching Band or the  military precision of the Cadets from, say, West Point, and even the strut of the military army of North Korea, where they do that precision trot so perfectly. I imagine that if some little North Korean can’t do it right,  they’d be shot or at the very least,placed in some mine field breaking rocks!

Anyway, the frump machine has promised to ”hit the road, running” on January 20th. Scary-anne mouthpiece has given assurances that everything in the foreboding agenda of her boss would go off without a hitch…. But like their boss, many of his nominees have criminal behavior in their past; one guy didn’t pay taxes for his home help, another bought stock in a health company, then introduced a bill in Congress to help the company! The Attorney general nominee has blocked civil rights legislation for years, (a good thing if you work for frump), a black guy needs a comedian to help him decide what to do about housing issues, and they have another guy who could not explain what he knows about climate change but he’s propped up to run the EPA! You have a war-hawk general who supported neo-Nazis, a guy from Goldman Sachs who was there when they were part of the mortgage crisis that set off the 2008 recession. Another guy runs a fast food operation and believes that $10 per hour is too much to pay workers and wants to automate flipping burgers!! They have a rich bitch who gave a boatload of money to the republican party to run Education and think it might be a good idea not to partially fund public schools with federal dollars or won’t support free college for everyone who wants that privilege and, another RB who promoted the wrestling game which EVERYBODY knows was phony (oh, that makes her perfect for the frump camp). We got sickkkly Haley for UN ambassador but she doesn’t move her mouth when she talks, as if she trained to be a ventriloquist, which is pretty good act without a puppet! Lastly they have a little gray haired stutterer as VP who tries to explain gibberish and act like Merlin with his “rocks into gold” theories about “what’s gonna be!!!”

I guess I could go on but the point is, the fools who voted for frump were promised “precision” but all they’re looking at, is a “mer-dogs” commercial (Farmers Insurance) circus without a tent!  I’d normally yell, “Put a tent on that circus!!!” but it won’t do any good, after all, the elephants and monkeys in Ringling do have some talent…. These fools don’t.

In order to conclude, I have to go back to the little general without the moustache and helmet, “no-exPeriENCE”  (and I thought Indiana had something going for itself) and crown him , BSA…Bull S@#t Artist  number two behind the frump who’s put out more “snow” that that German guy with the funny moustache from years gone by. By the time frump’s pursed lips finish a lap dance with pukin and Jung un il’s butt, the fools will be glad that reasonable folks will say, “I told you he was not legitimate!!” Dump frump!!!  I just hope it will not be too late to recover from this disaster.

Enough said, I’m out!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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