Prancing Negroes and Legitimate Buffoonery!!

I previously commented on Steve Harvey and other prancing black folk who decided to show up at frumptower for a photo op and a grin.

Lest the republicans think that folks like Jim Brown, and Don King (relatively high profile to the white community) represent Black folks and that we will roll over and get in the garbage dump with frump, I think they need to ‘splain what the hell they are doing!!!

Someone told me that Harvey was there to help “benny sleep” with transitioning  (morphing) into a qualified manager of thousands of people at HUD. Harvey’s qualification, of course, is that he too, once lived in the “projects”!!!  If that is so, we are all gonna line up for gubmment jobs ‘cause we’ve lived there too!!!

Black folks, if you can’t help the cause, then stay the f%&k home…. You don’t need the exposure……..

We poor folk keep looking at frump’s nominees and wonder who the hell has our back.  A bunch of billionaires, war-hawk generals and racist, worthless congress people with the mindset of a crocodile (eat anything that comes along) to tear apart the ACA and put thousands at risk for health coverage and build a wall at taxpayers’ expense in stead of welcoming immigrants, the basis of our growth as a nation.

So the intelligence community unanimously says Russia successfully hacked the DNC and the RNC but chose to leak derogatory information about the Clinton campaign in order to damage Hillary’s credibility and influence the election.

frump who has disparaged the IC, and continues to do so since, because he is afraid that they will find out about his sordid Russian mob/ pukin connections. Imagine that, an American president in the pocket of the Russian dictator. White people, blinded by hate and racism put him in that position. Fools, dependent on a liar to do what he says, knowing he can’t.

This is a small minded, insecure, incompetent, ignorant, secluded, ill-mannered, unqualified, bumbling fool that the great John Lewis had labeled, “not legitimate”. Now all the pundits are up in arms…. “He’s not legitimate??!!!”

Here’s a simple question, “How do you ”legitimize” a LIAR. Not a run-of-the mill liar… a consummate liar… 400 hundred lies and counting…. A pervert predator, (we got that on video, too!!!) a vituperative name caller….. a wife cheater…. a tax-evader… a hatemonger…anti-religious fanatic, a bombastic promoter to fisticuffs, a vengeful simple-minded divisive brute who picks on the disabled and Gold Star families??? Whew!!!

We have a man who worships pukin as a strong leader, meets the Mexican President, the leaders of Egypt, Ireland, calls Taiwan, meets with Chinese business clients, and so on… without the transparency to assure the citizenry that he is not using his position for profit. After all, he refuses to divest his holdings so that we, his reluctant employer, will know that this country will not be sold to benefit the frump empire.

When President Obama was elected in 2008, the first thing this fool does is question the President’s birthplace despite the proof. And not too many republicans spoke out against this sordid declaration. In fact there were those who plotted on the very same night to reject any opportunity to work with the President to resolve all the complex issues facing Obama when he was inaugurated. Is that not “delegitimizing” our President?? So, when John Lewis expresses in logical terms, why frump is not “legitimate” the newsies, politicians and shills howl. John will not accept this person… too many glaring flaws….to be legitimate. And those who assist and accept this person, and lie for him, are too, liars and unacceptable and illegitimate. The dictionary defines “legitimate” firstly, as sincere, acceptable, authentic, appropriate, and reasonable.

Yes, he won the electoral college but he has no mandate… he lost the popular vote by almost three million votes….. despite his collusion with the Russian hackers.

The majority of voters do not want this buffoon as president.

You can put a second grader who failed arithmetic, in a senior college differential calculus class; it doesn’t mean he’s legitimate because he’s there…..when everyone knows he is not qualified…. It just means that by some quirk, he ended up where he thought he’d never be. Now he has to ”fake it” and so far, he looks like crap. Juvenile tweeting…..babbling battles with the press, awkward solutions to his conflict of interest problems….hidden tax returns… unease about intelligence reports! Ignorance is bliss. Back in the day, while yakking and chillin’ after a game, when a guy would blather, we’d say to a him, “if bulls@#t was money, you’d be a millionaire!” Here it is 2017 and what we have is a guy espousing drivel, who claims to be a billionaire, putting out bulls$#t!!!

Naw, he ain’t legit and will never be. Kudos to John for telling it like it is!!!!

Enough said,  I’m out!!!!

And Happy New Year and MLK Jr day!!!!!!!!!





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