Random Thoughts After Holiday Vacation…

The worst thing that can happen to a guy who likes to express his opinion (political) is to have his  laptop crash on him while he takes a vacation to spend time with his grandkids! My plan was to spend time with them and then find a nook every few days , sneak off and commiserate; it did not happen, so…..I get a cold the day after I get back from the North Pole (23 to 37 degrees) to 80 degree weather!!!” You figure that one out!

Let me get this in…All the time Hillary and Bernie and the greatest liar on earth campaigned, there was little discussion about the concern for senior citizens. I guess they thought we were doing okay, after all, jobs, the economy, the college debt burden, climate change, minimum wage, the Supreme Court, repeal of ACA, tax breaks for millionaires, voting rights, racism, a ban on Muslims, building a wall on our southern border, and more, were of such importance, we (I’m a senior citizen) could wait to talk about US.

One of the things I received in the mail was the annual notification of my Social Security benefit. For you people who are not yet familiar with the document, it is about 24 inches long , folded to about eight inches and sealed on all four sides and a bitch to open! The message therein indicated that there was increase was .003%……but the net amount was less than last year’s amount because the cost of Medicare went up!!!!  Damn!!!!!

The point is nobody gives a damn about a livable  ”wage” for senior citizens!!! We pay for clothes, transportation, gas, electricity, cable (over $150 if you want decent channels), AC, heat,  a car note and auto insurance, a mortgage……. food, yeah, FOOD too!!!!        We don’t go to the movies or take trips to Caribbean… well , guys don’t, women do!!!, (they saved all their money while hubby was footing the bills, now he kicked the bucket)…… they getting’ two checks….. Anyway, the point is, we guys are scuffling and the damn check is less!!!! So…… I guess I won’t get that new pair of new sandals……. I’ll wait til next year….. and another reduction in my livable “wage”!!!        I like the “slap-slap” sound when I walk in my sandals…

Crazyanne cornball says not to pay attention to the frumps tweets, ‘cause she and the other phony cronies will tell us what he means and not what he might do. Despite getting a regular check from the frump charity, she ain’t spending it on food that’s for sure…….she still got the “witch body frame”. I guess she’ll fatten up starting next month!!! If he don’t drop her like the nasty penguin and frog-eyed judyannie!!!

It is still amusing to me that the frump kingdom condones his lying……every time the news moderator comments on a lie (any one of 400) he’ll tweet, “I didn’t say that!!!” and then they’ll play the freaking tape!!!!!  What a joke!!! An embarrassment!!! The world is watching…except pukin….he’s already told frump what he wants him to do…..

And the m(b)itch) mccconnell….if his chin-sag gets any larger he’ll need a bra!!!  What a group!!!

I need to get over my cold …. I’m sipping cold banana tea, Alaga syrup and lime juice!!! A cold in Florida!!! Sheeeeesh!!!! I think that’s what they said to gargle with the first two sips, then drink the rest…Supposed to cure  the cold, I think….!!! 

By the way do not, do not miss ”Fences”  Denzel did a masterpiece…Oscar  if they do right!!! Acting and directing….. Can’t wait for “Hidden Figures” either…..They taught Werner von Braun how to calculate, dammitt!!! 

Enough said, I’m out!!!!





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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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