Democrats, The Messy Truth/ Van Jones

I’ll say it again; the disappearing, silent Democrats have been non-existent while the bloated ddfrump is out on a “victory tour” and rousing his followers, creating a dangerous circumstance that will encourage assault on Muslims and other minorities. Instead of trying to “bring the country together” (another pathological lie) he is still in hate mode and trying to appoint people like Bannon, Sessions, Flynn, and others like Mattis and Mnuchin. Oh, and of course, the token, sleepy ben……who is able to do the job of secretary of HUD since he, as a child lived in a project….Sheeeeeee!! I lived in a project, I’m black, so I guess I should apply too!!! He didn’t apply ……I gotta volunteer!!! It’s a little like a kid who stomps through a puddle of water after a slight rain once in a while, and that qualifies him as a lifeguard at the beach!!!

The Democrats need to get off their asses and call press conference after press conference to say, “We have a mandate, we won the popular vote by 2.5 million votes, therefore, here is what we will work to achieve, despite not having a majority in Congress: jobs, improved wages, education, improvement of our infrastructure, addressing global warming, reasonable immigration laws that do not ruin family structure, and a real path toward citizenship and so on.” Go into the republican strongholds and deliver that message.Explain why Democrats are the party of working people, talk about our agenda, show folks that the republicans only want political power so that they can improve their wealth! Week after week…Do it, dammittt!!!

The republicans keep saying wages are low but they don’t say why. Wages are low because THEY refuse to support meaningful job creation and an increase in the minimum wage, in Congress!! They refused to support any jobs program suggested by the Democrats and encouraged the destruction of unions, and they obstructed any measure to increase wages while millionaires lined their pockets. I’ll let the fools who believe that this oddball liar will allow millionaire profits “trickle down” to the unemployed in the rust belt who abandoned Hillary and put their faith in a liar….poor fools!!! You have a low paying job or no job because rich people choose to benefit themselves rather than employ people of increase wages

I watched Van Jones to last night. I’m not quite sure he accomplished his goal. He had  rick santorum on, who like all the frump surrogates, told the audience what he “thinks”  frump will do. Like a lot of tone deaf white people, he is blind to the fact that he places his belief in a man who by last count has lied over three hundred times (as demonstrated by various new sources) since he entered politics. santorum chooses to trust a sexual predator, a misogynist, a race baiter and a tax evader to ”do the right thing”. Common sense should tell an educated person to have some doubt… a lot of doubt, to say the least. Republicans and some Democrats support this fraud, yet want to claim it’s not racism. Okay, then it’s stupidity…. It is certainly naiveté’, at least… It does not make sense! Or, they and some gullible opponents like black fools know he is BS-ing them but  do not give a damn and, if one does not give a damn; you have to be suicidal, it’s deplorable, isn’t it? Look at Walmart… they were prodded into providing increased wages and benefits, now their prices are astronomical!!! They keep raking in profits despite being multi-muliti b-b-billionaires!!! They can afford to pay their employees decent wages and keep prices in check, but their avarice will not allow them to do the right thing…. If they never made another dime in profits, their descendants in 3016 will still be billionaires!!!

santorum tried to explain why ddfrump wants to round up some of our residents and send them somewhere that they have never been, as if they are just trash, an annoyance… He used the example of his fore-parents who came to these shores for a better way of life…. but like a lot of white folks,  he chooses to forget that the people who stole this country, its land, and resources, were illegal. (We are not supposed to remember that) What made them legal was they more often contributed to building this nation into what it is today….(If one comes here to contribute, then why keep that person and his/ her family out? And they are not taking jobs that Americans want.)

santorum chooses to believe that by restricting and shadowing Muslims makes the country safer. He thinks that millions of people should suffer because a few dissidents commit crimes. Did he think about sending the all Italians back to Sicily or Italy or the Irish lawbreakers back when they committed crimes whether they came along with their parents or were born here?  Al Capone??? Buggsy Siegle??? John Dillinger??? Whitey Bulger, more recently??? Hell no!!! You don’t propose sending the killers of Colombine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech back somewhere, do you? How about the Unibomber???

santorum told Latinos and Muslims that despite their contributions (lawyers, doctors, educators, bricklayers, shopkeepers, etc.) to our society they should go to another country and “wait their turn”. Is this the land of opportunity just for white people???   He thinks unjust laws should prevail and we, as a nation cannot find a way to accept folks who are looking for liberty and want to pursue their happiness. They always say, “our” instead of “we”. They always make laws of “possession” rather than “inclusion”. They never want to share, only to “get more”… how much is enough??? It just shows a lack of empathy and compassion and ruthlessness. No moral fiber… .it’s a pity.

And Van was appalled at the suggestion that Democrats obstruct…..saying, “forget about what “they” did”, cooperate. Here’s the deal… if Democrats own the agenda of improvement, yes, we should support that; but when the republicans want to say, get rid of ACA and hand out vouchers, I say, yes, obstruct, obstruct, obstruct!!! If the republicans want to give tax breaks to billionaires, obstruct……

Just like they planned to screw up Obama’s agenda in 2004, we should be planning our strategy to prod the republicans to improve the lives of all people, not just the very rich. There are things that frump wants to do day one, Democrats must be ready to lead Congress toward a better agenda,without unwise compromises……period, on ”Day One”! Are you listening, Chuck??? Nancy??? And do not trust the fool…

Enough said,  I’m out!!!




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