Classlessness, Crassness Prevails Lets Get To Work

Where has self-dignity and class gone???

The republicans have shown no class or moral aptitude after apparently winning the Electoral College vote.

After you republicans have been proven a habitual and consummate liar over three hundred times as your leader, and now realize that his bluster has gotten him into deep water without a life jacket; the only thing he can fall back on is his bullying tactics and dishonesty that forced people into cow-towing to him. So, now he scrambles all over the place to find people who are willing to bow to his wishes, and then ask them to  tell others what you should accept, or think and push his agenda of hate. That is ddfrump world these days.

But the icing on this sordid cake is that people who had shown some measure of dignity by exposing this fool’s lies and demeanor as utter dung, now are joining his bandwagon without ever explaining to the public that there is some sense to swallowing their words when the ddfrump has not even thought about apologizing to them after the mean and harsh words he’s said to and about them..  He muddies dammittumrich’s character, “He’d drop to his knees if I said so right now!”, frump said about dammittumrich! Trickihaley, who backed babyrube for the nominee of the republican party, and had harsh words for frump, now thinks it’s okay to be his mouthpiece….   What will you say at the UN, what you think is best for America or whatever comes into the mind of this maniac?? This shill has indicated that his inner circle will consist of individuals that cause concern, Steve Bannon, leader of the racist rag, breitbart, claims to be an economic nationalist  while preaching and fomenting hate and supporting neo-nazi  and white nationalist causes.

Lower than a slug?? How does one get there??? Easy… support a slug….. That’s what we have for a president of these “used to be” United States….

As ddfrump continues to fill cabinet posts with avowed recalcitrants from the preceding failed republican administrations, and other billionaires, while surrounding himself with other misfits, we bewail our loss.

But the question is what are we going to do now?

Instead of internally squabbling, like, who will be the House Minority Leader, or who will be the Chair of the DNC, we should be on a campaign to win back voters, right now, not next month, right now!!! Name a Chairperson now, let’s get moving!!

We have a mandate, we won the popular vote… by 2 million votes ……… let’s act like it!! Let’s strike a positive tone and get to work with the following….

  1. A publicity campaign to highlight our progressive agend: well-paying jobs, rebuilding our infrastructure, improving the ACA, shoring up Social Security, reducing global warming, reducing fossil fuel dependency, and immigration reform without breaking up  families or disrupting lives of our residents, reasonable gun control, and so on .

Democrats own these issues. Make them ours again. Advertise our story…..  

  1. Begin an “Appreciation Tour” in the next two week s, by leading Democrats such as Sens. Warren, Sanders, Schumer, Reps. Pelosi, Ryan, Hoyer, Clyburn, and their local representatives, telling folks that we appreciate their support during the campaign, especially in the “rust belt”. Advertise on TV this month. Give away a few thousand Christmas turkeys and other gifts at rallies. Make it a fun thing…. Keep  the enthusiasm for Democratic ideals going all year round. Make sure Democrats are visible and approachable.
  1. Present to the 2017 Congress, our bills to be considered in the next session of Congress, take the lead in running the country. Push for social legislation that takes the worry out of the living here.
  1. Lets get to work and turn this around, prepare now for 2018!!!
  • Enough said, I’m out!!!





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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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