Democrats Must Take Charge….

First, let me recognize the passing of Gwen Ifill, the pillar of public journalism, an insightful personality who was unquestionably one of the most trusted sources of fairness in television reporting. He was a willing guide and mentor to many who now grace our television news forums today. May she rest in peace?

Moving on, what do Democrats do now that the White House will be turned over to a racist bigot who truly is unfit to manage this nation?

It is very true that the United States is ideologically split and that center politics are no longer in play, especially for republicans with their ”winner take all positions”. They have proven time and again that they would never cooperate with President Obama on anything he wanted to accomplish whether their recalcitrance hurt the nation or not. In the beginning, Obama truly thought that if he proposed reasonable legislation to help the country get back on its feet and move toward better conditions for those who hurting from the depression, that he would get cooperation. Well, he did not and it took him years to realize that he never would.  Despite those roadblocks the economy flourished for the rich. Gains were made on the ecology front and despite the raging calamities in Middle East, he was able to bring our troops home and but keep us engaged in the war to defeat ISIS. As he leaves office, his approval rating at 57% is higher they have ever been. But that did not translate into people listening to him when he warned of the impending disaster from a successful campaign for the White House by the most unfit person to ever run for that office.

It appears that the Democrats are in complete disarray after the stunning, but not unexpected by those few who realized that after Bernie, the Democratic voice was silent on what many viewed as working white middle class issues. Choosing to ignore what economic condition they would have been in, if President Obama had not righted the ship despite republican opposition; they looked for hope and change from a bigot, a consummate liar, a misogynist and a pervert.

Obama, concerned that the World would be in frenzy if there was any hint of controversy in the transition of power that would indicate to states like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, the idea that they could take advantage of our turmoil to exert their influences further. For, how could we confront the complex issues that face us if we, the one constant in the World, indicated that we were not in agreement on that transfer of power?

Obama, ever thoughtful, pragmatic and non-confrontational, has always looked to compromise. Some see that quality as a weakness. He was eventually able to understand that, so he tried to avoid being exploited.

During the campaign, I my estimation, we saw about 50% more ddfrump supporters on television than Hillary. The news channels filled the air with unsolicited, unpaid info-mercials by frump surrogates, even those he fired and disdained! A nobody like kellyanne conway got more facetime than Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi! Where was Chuck Schumer, Steny Hoyer, James Clyburn, Juan Castro or ….Where was Bernie, who said he would do anything to make sure that frump did not become president of the United States????

Well, the campaign is over, Democrats lost the Electoral College but won the popular vote… so the racist is now going to govern.  

The bigger problem is where the Democrats turn to rebuild their base. Who do they turn to? Keith Ellison has thrown his hat in the ring as chairman of the DNC, as has Howard Dean. Rep. Tim Ryan, (Indiana) aims to unseat Nancy Pelosi as head of the Democratic Congressional Caucus. Before we decide we need to understand and agree upon leadership, and acknowledge them. Is Obama going to be in charge? Is Chuck Schumer or Nancy, or perhaps, maybe Jerry Brown or Andrew Cuomo, governors of large state or even Bernie (if he overtly says, “Yes, I’m a Democrat!”)…..

Now, I have no idea about the organization of the party but I know as a sales/ marketer what approach I’d take. I’d hire the best marketing firm I could afford.  Let them set up an organizational chart, by precinct, county, and state, who would report to the quintet heads of the party. I would create marketing material for each precinct in each state with the flexibility of adjusting it for county differences. Cities with multiple precincts to the county marketing official who judge the success and efficiency of the marketing effort based on potential of converting voters and interest of current party voters. This would be a nine month per year campaign, leaving out November. December and January. I’d track loyalists and converts and make sure in some way I spoke to each at least four times a year a phone call, an email, a tweet, a  postcard, a brochure….and I’d have someone audit the reports…….

We Democrats have forgotten how to talk folks….to tell them about our successes, about our plans to include everyone in America’s success. This election, people chose change even if it was a liar, racist pervert, because they knew nothing about the successes the Democratic Party had that affected them. All they knew was that the jobs, raises, the health benefits did not reach them…. and they wanted someone, anyone to tell them they were not forgotten, and Democrats did not do that. Somebody told them it was “Washington’s Fault” and there was no one there to say otherwise, to tell them all the good that the Federal Government does for our citizens and that if that benefit is not reaching them, we need to know how to get answers for them.

Democrats must take over the narrative on jobs, infrastructure, ecology/ pollution/ global warming, religious tolerance, solving the Middle East/ Syrian issues and immigration.  They should issue a “white paper” describing how they will present the resolution of these issues to the frump administration and indicate willingness to work  together to resolve them. In other words, from Day 1, demonstrate that they won the popular vote; therefore they take that vote as a mandate from the populace to lead the country.

We can get back on our feet; we just have to work at it….. to gain the trust from our citizens and not let a bogus regime take credit for improving the lives of our citizens or take the blame for not giving the country what is really needed.

One last thing do not let the frumpfake president off the hook on white supremasists, he must make a clear definitive statement to the nation, disavowing their ideas and rhetoric…and reveal his financial interests around  the world, along with placing them in a blind trust…no relatives allowed!!!

Murdering police officers is not the answer to your dilemma. You need to stop.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!


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