That’s The Facts, Baby That’s the Facts!!!!

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened…

I really don’t know where to begin; there so much to cover now that the pervert misogynist, consummate liar has assumed the mantel of president-elect of these United States (which seem to be less than united).

As ddfrump encouraged people to hate residents different from themselves, one phrase kept going around in my head, “E Pluribus Unum”.

While Europeans came to these shores long ago to steal, plunder and rape the Americas, and Black people were shanghaied as slave labor, to do work for those who were too misguided to work for themselves, they will want to ignore the truth. They were criminals. They were murderers and thieves. And they used  the U.S. Army to do it.

One cannot change the past, but it is important to a segment of Americans who have been conquered, abused, marginalized, and disenfranchised that the present population recognizes these facts because that is the only way the robbers can show any remorse or contrition and make up for their transgressions, wipe the slate relatively clean then work toward real equality, justice and freedom for all of us. 

My question is, why do they always have this need to take and own rather than share?? They wipe out the buffalo, the beavers, fish, whales, trees, rivers, and then teach others who are not strong willed to do the same. My, my, my never “our” is what they always say.

They always refer to America as their (my America!!) when they do not know for sure that their forefathers entered this land legally. After all, the biggest “heritage” group in the “Plains” states, are of Germanic descent, descendants of the thousands  (possibly, 60 thousand) of Germans who were discreetly brought here after the Second World War so that the Russians would not take them to that country and force them to work on the Atomic Bomb…. After the war they were freed into society with funds to open businesses, buy land and homes, and melt into the fabric of society. And what do a lot of WWII Germans think about their place in the world???  We know the answer to that question, don’t we.

Moving on, I’ve said, that if you ignore politics, do not vote, you will get representation you may not want.

As an aside, where was the NAACP and other “Civil” rights groups during this election?? They were a nonentity during this election, I can’t remember if I saw any serious representative on TV this whole campaign season, espousing support for Hillary. I would have loved to work with that organization to get the vote out if I had been able to locate a chapter in my area. I’ve said it before. The organization is outmoded, was irrelevant and irresponsible in 2016. They, like the Democratic Party, need to reorganize, revamp, change their name, become more outspoken and proactive, and outwardly support those politicians who support their ideals. You just can’t have an annual dinner or an annual membership drive and then disappear.

Well here we are. President Obama is a person who is very judicious with his words, will always be the eternal optimist, be careful not to signal a crisis, and believes wholeheartedly that inevitably, good will win out. That is why, in the beginning he was always poised to find a compromise…not understanding that compromise only comes when both parties give up something to reach an accord. So the republicans dug in their heels, opposed everything and “ate his lunch”! He hardened a little later on but as the ever diplomat, he deferred to the theory that the enemy, being humane, was not that bad. As he waits to get out from under the burden of the Oval Office, he has chosen to bite his tongue publicly regarding his successor. He knows that ddfrump is a disaster but won’t say so until he walks into to the sunset. We should fear, be afraid, and be vigilant regarding the next four years.

Proof? Is jeff sessions going to enforce civil rights laws, voting rights laws, human rights laws, investigate police that murder Black people? Is steve bannon going to whisper in frump’s ear to give meaningful positions in his cabinet to minorities? Is mike flynn going to protect innocent victims in Syria when he tells frump “to bomb the hell out of ‘em!!??  Is mike pompeo, an avowed racist, going to honor the ban on waterboarding??? Or not to cozy up to pukin..?? frump, who has no concept of how real Americans live, is going to make sure he profits from his surprising victory, while breaks up families with his gestapo  police force. Ask who has investments in private prisons??? Investments in Turkey, China and Russia???  In coal and oil companies??? You wait until he nominates justices to the Supreme Court….

 Moral integrity.. republicans have none….. frump has kicked out fatchristie and judyannie…. they didn’t kiss ass enough and were also unqualified. He told sleepy carson to take a walk  not even Surgeon General!! He’s going to discuss national issues with his son-in-law…..and daughter…..whenever he wants…  he will try and make government a family business; he will shut out the press; in other words, act like a dictator (the first part is right… dic). Maybe he will have a role for omogrossa… (She complains she has no Black friends now) maybe “tea pourer” might be a job he has for a psuedo Black person in his cabinet.  He fired her once before; now she can go for two!!

 I have to hand it to the magician liar……slugs like crudz… now, romney……have come groveling….. after calling each other worse than sonofabitches, as will other republicans of every ilk, promoting the cobra… curry favor from this misogynist and bigot…. You wait and see…… Birds of a feather flock together… Let’s see what bushieboyII does….  At least Kasich had the gumption to outwardly say he wouldn’t vote for the deviate.

I’m still laughing (through my tears) at the coal miners and steelworkers who are waiting for jobs to come back. They wanted ”change”, well, when their medical benefits go away, all they will have left is, change, chump change! They wanted to blame Washington D.C. for no jobs and low wages…while their rich counterparts stuffed their pockets with money, got richer and fatter and trickled down zero; you guys opposed unions, were against the minimum wage and were complicit in ruining our rivers and farm lands!!! I hope that the Democrats fight the good fight when it comes to legislation to help workers…..infrastructure for instance….and not let the phony take credit… like he did with…claiming to have forced Ford car company, not to send jobs to Mexico.. when the deal not to close plants and lose jobs was make four years ago… a liar is a liar, is a liar!!!  No doubt…

Enough said, I’m out!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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