Around The Horn…..

Today we, as a nation, honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice when they answered the call to duty. We are eternally grateful for their service. May their families be at peace with their loss and accept our gratitude.

Designated emperor ddfrump descended on Washington D.C. and our President was as gracious as can be to a person that has been the epitome of vicious rhetoric against him.

The emperor looked like a deer in the headlights as he nervously sat in that chair to the right of our President and fidgeted and came up with another disingenuous lie, “It was an honor to meet President Obama and I look forward to his “counsel”.” He looked like he wanted to be home in the frump tower….he looked like a second grade kid forced to to attend a college course in advanced calculus! Just like he said “I’ll get there and figure it out!” Well this where the rubber meets the road and he is just not ready. It’s been said by a lot of distinguished and knowledgeable people that he was unfit and he is….but we must prevail despite this devastating setback. He will have no idea of the magnitude of the job… he will not understand foreign policy…. he will have no idea how to bring the country together, after all he was the main cause of the divisiveness evidenced by his campaign. And he will never apologize. He will continue to be a small minded pervert and with the guidance of his controllers, fumble and stagger around in both domestic and foreign policy while keeping the world on edge, concerned that there is a novice trying to “figure it out”.

Everybody here and around the world is nervous for, what can you bank on when you are dealing with a consummate liar?  What do you do about his penchant to look for ways to preserve his fortune rather than support issues that matter to the nation; except for divisive issues like the ones he espouses against minorities.

Our citizens and residents cannot walk the street, go to school or shop without fear that some racist fool may harm them because of their heritage, their religion, their color.

The news pundits seem to want to dwell on how he won over Middle America who believes that less regulation is good for their businesses. Time and again it has been proven that a lot of white business people have no regard for global warming, pollution control and respect for the environment. Trump has vowed to lift that responsibility from their shoulders. They don’t like NAFTA (he’ll get rid of it) but they do not realize that selling their products (wheat, corn, beef)  to Mexico and Canada gives them a market they don’t have here and additionally, keeps prices high here. The hate the fact that American car companies make some cars in Mexico, supposedly, taking away their manufacturing jobs. They don’t realize that the cars made in Mexico are sold here for less and shipped overseas (Asia) for at higher prices, increasing their bottom line.

Media, how soon did you forget about frump’s hidden taxes, his penchant for using donations to his phony charity to pay business bills, his fraud trials, and his disrespect/ assault on women??? I hope those women find a way to get him in court. Just like the people who are protesting his win, you should still be asking questions…. Where the hell are you??

ddfrump, for the media, says he wants to be president for all of us. Did you see the look on his face when he said it?? He could care less….. You may want to give him a pass but he is such a flawed fraud and egotist that he cannot correct his failings. It is going to be a rough ride these four years. He’s proven that you can be a white SOB racist and get elected to the highest office in the land. Europeans and Asians don’t know whether to laugh and then cry. NATO may be no more… pukin is loving it!!! Ukraine, Georgia, Poland… no stopping him now… the two emperors can have tea in Stockholm and see who can piss the farthest! I think the fraud liar pervert will lose….

Last, I also have to say the Democrats got their asses kicked by the liar. They have to figure out how to have an impact in Middle America….those farmers, cowboys and mountaineers all want unbridled freedom and their guns. How do you marry them to progressive urban liberals? Hillary got 2 million more votes than the dunce, but it didn’t matter.  Unless they can change the system, they don’t have a shot…unless they pay urbanites to move to West Virginia, Montana, Wyoming or Nebraska but then they may get converted to gun-toting, horse-riding AK47 hunters of buffalo or a snake wranglers!

But don’t send people from the hood, they don’t vote or some orgens, they’ll disprove the benefits of integration…..without a political voice!!

I know he doesn’t want to but can he run in 2020??  Did yo u see/ hear his talk at Arlington today. He never ceases to amaze!!! What an amazing couple!!!! Pure class and beauty… I love ‘em….

Enough said, I’m out!!!!




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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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