Ungrateful…..and Deplorable

I’m better today.

I do not want to hear the same crap from republicans that they used to excuse themselves of their racism.

This country was in the dumps, a real depression in 2008, when Barack Obama took office.  Bush and his cronies put us there with his war and tax cuts to the rich. Short memories….where the hell would you be without Obama?  Who blocked every jobs bill suggested, who blocked every effort to raise the minimum wage, republicans in Congress that’s who, so do not give the crap that it was Obama’s fault. Who swore to do everything within their power to thwart Obama’s presidency at all costs? Republicans, that’s who. Why, because he was Black, that’s why. Disadvantaged folk did not have any health care at all….now, look at how many lives it has saved. Premiums are going up because republican governors refused to fully implement it. Yet now republican supporters without insurance want to ditch it and to claim it’s too expensive…, well, if you don’t want it, then you will freakin’ die, dammit! Don’t go to the hospital if you get sick…..Sit there and say, “The premium’s too high!” But do not go to  the hospital!!  You are for taking it from people who care about having it just to disparage Obama.

Obama saved this country from financial disaster, saved the auto industry (jobs) and now you give him a slap to the face. You selected a classless idiot liken to a pimple on our country’s ass!  Rich company owners chose not to pay a decent wage to you… This was not under the president’s control.  Company owners, investors and bankers chose not to share their profits with you, or  keep your jobs here or pay a decent wage.  What role did your governors play in your jobs going away; why skip over your elected republican governors to complain about Washington?? Because it is easier?? Or is there a racial component to your anger??   I think so.

Common sense would tell any rational individual that the person they should prefer to represent them to the world and lead  them at home, would be a  person with experience  in government, as a Senator and  as a Secretary of State, as a former First Lady, as an attorney supporting civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights,  one who created a charity to fight diseases, supply medicines, and built international coalitions without personal remuneration, etc., rather than a person who will not reveal his income tax returns, defrauded his suppliers while in business, discriminated against minorities, publicly proved that he is a pervert and disrespected women, disrespected people with disabilities and war heroes, used profane language on TV, threatened people with physical harm, paid corporate and personal bills with donated charitable contributions,  created a phony school and took students’ money, wanted to steal oil from the Middle East, threatened residents with deportation, and  kill our enemy’s families, threaten to build a wall on our southern border and not on our east coast where 60% of people who overstayed their visas  came in ….                                                     Yet you think he was the best candidate……. Yeah, Hillary was right, but she should have said, “More than half of ddfrump’s supporters are deplorable!!” He is and they are. So I say if they are sane, then the answer is they are a racists.

The media won’t say it…….they avoid talking about race relations and how some white people think about race. Oh, we may get a “Special” or two when they convene “experts”, but the run of the mill white guy won’t discuss it because the outcome would be, “Yeah, you a racist”!!”

Racists are not rational people so when I see the choice they made and then want to claim to be rational or sane, the only conclusion is that they are as racist as the buffoon they elected. When you buffoons say somebody is a threat to your job, it is ridiculous!  Did you pick lettuce, berries, apples, oranges, fix cars, lay cement?? ‘Cause those are some of the jobs they do…. ones you won’t do…  Ask your your new president, what jobs is he talking about?? from where??? how much will they pay??? No you never did that so now you expect a guy who did only for himself to suddenly do for you…. that’s rational……A guy who broke several laws, is going to honest with you??  That’s sane… C’mon man!!!  Be honest with yourself, think about it….you are evangelical..”Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not lie, Thou shall not..commit adultery, or covet thy neighbor’s wife….. but you like a guy who does…is that sane??? or racist??? You do not have to tell anyone, you are….but be real, you know you are! Maybe you don’t give a crap… but guess what, I know….and I’m going to tell!!!        

Kudos to the Detroit Piston’s coach……and others….

Stan Van Gundy, Coach Detroit Pistons, NBA

“What we have done to minorities … in this election is despicable. I’m having a hard time dealing with it. This isn’t your normal candidate. I don’t know even know if I have political differences with him. I don’t even know what his politics are. I don’t know, other than to build a wall and ‘I hate people of color, and women are to be treated as sex objects and as servants to men.’ I don’t know how you get past that. I don’t know how you walk into the booth and vote for that.

“I understand problems with the economy. I understand all the problems with Hillary Clinton, I do. But certain things in our country should disqualify you. And the fact that millions and millions of Americans don’t think that racism and sexism disqualifies you to be our leader, in our country … . We presume to tell other countries about human-rights abuses and everything else. We better never do that again, when our leaders talk to China or anybody else about human-rights abuses.”

Enough said, I’m out!!!





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4 Responses to Ungrateful…..and Deplorable

  1. You’re a child molester.

    Even though I don’t know you and haven’t ever met you, I can say this with great certainty because I have thought about it and come to this very intelligent, wise conclusion despite a complete lack of any facts.

    Kind of like how you can determine that all white people are racists.

  2. Fucking hell hypocrites every god damn one of you democrats. Who the fuck wanted to keep people enslaved? Who has been fucking up school for the in coming generations? Who hasn’t truly lifted a damn finger to help black people but instead use them as tools in an attempt to stay in power? The Democratic party is based on racism and segregation. If another civil war happens the Republicans will win again like last. Sadly the KKK will be destroyed along with the democrats like they both should’ve been after the first one. So stop the ignorant hypocritical B.S., stop bitching because Trump won the electoral but the popular went to Clinton. More states had a higher popular for Trump than Clinton. Oh hey I know this reminds me of Bush beating Gore. Only difference is no one rioted because thet hated Bush.

    • I see by your command of the English language, you went to Frump U….. And graduated with honors your brain is in the clouds, you know, like”ignorance is bliss” Bush was just not bright (like you) but not a racist so there was some hope….and don’t compare Lincoln’s party with the current pack of dixiecrats and teapartiers….

      • No you ignorant old fuck. I despise both parties and believe that the liberal and conservative views are both broken in this fuck filled world. And I graduated from a school system ran by democrats. So I know that the school systems are shitty. Religion has no business in politics as our forefathers, who were free masons, have placed in our constitution. The current state of the republican party is due to the overall manipulation of the civil rights movement by the democrats. They forced the majority of crack job southern christians into the republican party in hopes of getting democrats elected more often. But no matter what the democrats try they can manage more than 8 years straight against the republicans. Ignorance is not bliss and the two parties are great at keeping their followers ignorant. I maybe young and have issues forming sentences and typing on a phone, but my level of understanding is greater than that of people who let themselves be willfully manipulated by the current state of the world and feel like falling to fearmongering just because high positioned rich ass holes around the world want more money. People constantly electing the same broke people are what cause true issues. And the world needs a max limit on the age for politics or go back to having monarchs, which would pretty much be the same damn thing considering the age of most political figures around the world.

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