Final Thoughts Before Election Day…

I’m still contemplating whether I should tell you about my experience when I tried to: One, report on the local effort to get the Black vote out in Clearwater FL, where I reside. Second, I intended to put my time where my words were, and volunteer to spend a day at a HRC for president office, either to make phone calls or to canvass.

I went to my local office and was rudely and discourteously asked to leave under the threat of being arrested for trespassing before I was given an opportunity to explain my intentions. I left peacefully, wondering whether there might be others who were treated as I was and thereby causing the “Elect Hilary campaign” to lag in enthusiasm when it comes to Black Voters.

Two days from the election, I believe it may be too late to sway minds, so the only avenue I see the Democrats have is to get their voters to the polls.

But that will not stop me from reiterating something that I see as hatred and racism, pure and simple. Otherwise, how do I explain why some people including evangelicals, religionists and preachers of every sort, support a person who pathologically lies at the drop of a hat. The New York Time recently published more than 280 blatant lies that the republican nominee has told. How can they support a person who publicly expresses his methodological approach to assaulting women; or his disparagement of war heroes, his insults toward nationalities and religions, his penchant for vulgarity and his encouragement of assaulting people who do not agree with him. His temperament should also be of concern to a rational person. In every situation, he does not care if he says or uses objectionable language or tactics and threatens to get even if he loses. He has proven time and again that he can be provoked to respond to the most minor issues with a retaliatory action.  

It is time for republicans to look in the mirror. True Americans do not support a bigot and a con artist, even if he promises to solve all of your wants, Especially someone has done nothing for people in need  all these years of his life. He has spent his life bilking, discriminating, bullying and taking advantage of the less fortunate. He is not going to change if he were to become president; he does not have the moral integrity to do that.  America cannot afford a person like the republican nominee to ascend to the highest office in the free world. So, give some additional thought to your vote and with the best interests of our country at risk, do the right thing.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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