Trying To Do My Part…Ignorants in the Midst….

I’ve said that I was puzzled by the fact that 40% of this country would support a liar, a bigot, and a misogynist…. Oh, let me stop… I’m beating a dead horse… You know where I stand. I listened intently to our President say today, that the vote in the Black community was nor as solid as it needs to be. I decided that I needed to get up from  my computer, put aside all of my business and actually pitch in to help get my brother out  to vote.

I’m in Clearwater FL. I searched for the phone number of my local Democratic Club so I might volunteer. I found a number for an office in Dunedin, a city that abuts Clearwater. I called the number…. it was no longer active. After an hour I was able to find a number for the Pinellas County (my county) office. (By the way there was no number listed in any phone directory or search engine I used) After more phone calls, I found a phone number for the voter coordinator for the county and I called. Surprised, I got through and the nice lady explained that they were not ready for canvassing, as the areas had not been determined. I made sure she knew that I was interested in getting the Black vote out. She said she’d call back. It’s 6:30…no call yet.

I decided to contact the NAACP. I googled “NAACP in Florida” No Success. Not deterred,  I pressed on…No phone number… but they had a FAX number… great!!! But they did have a list of officers, but no way to contact any of them. Whoopeee!!!

I went online to the website for Hillary Clinton and volunteered to drive to Tampa tomorrow to make phone calls to encourage people to vote….I guess no one gives a good crapp  whether  Blacks in Clearwater don’t get to the polls on Tuesday…. But before I could volunteer, I have to make a donation…. As Richard Pryor once said, “That’s the politics, baby!!!”

I’m looking for someone besides me who abhors  orgens more than I do. These ignorant screwballs  are the same asses who would volunteer to go into a pit with twelve hungry lions to see if they eat meat!!!!! Right behind them are the fools who say “My vote don’t count, ain’t nobody done nothin’ for us!!!” I saw it today… on television……What that person has is a problem misunderstanding that he is alive to be able to say something so stupid.   I wish I could reach him. This type of person believes he is so far down in a pit of no return that he is hopeless. He does not understand further, it could get worse and one of the things that could get worse is, trump as president of the United States, the nation that has been the prime example of freedom and rights in the world, would change into a Third World country overnight. We may not have it all right, but we were trying …until trump came along. The worse thing next to death, is that he could, with a republican Congress, and republican justices on the Supreme Court, ban you just like he intends to ban Mexicans and Muslims. And where the hell would you go???!!! So, voting could save your ass. You think this is a joke and you don’t care… Well, we do, and I’m going to help with getting any registered fool to the polls by Tuesday to vote Democratic .

Enough said, I’m out!!!!





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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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