I’m Sadly Puzzled…..

There are those of us who grew older and left the challenges to racism to the younger folk, I felt I had done my part, that is, until Bush and 911 came along. Clinton had shepherded us through economic growth, gave some steam for the movement and  for opportunities for people minorities, so much so that he was able to fend off impediments of the pseudo- republicans (the dixicrats). Clinton left office with our thanks even with the sordid detail of a sexual liaison ringing in his ears.

We were complacent and did not pay attention to the campaign by Gore, and bush was given the election by the conservative leaning Supreme Court in 2000.  We shrugged our shoulders, saying, “Okay, we’ll do better next time around.” Bush screwed up the economy, destroyed the surplus, went to war in the Middle East on a bogus claim and put citizens’ hard won economic gains in peril. We lost billions in the equity of our homes, our 401Ks, pensions, investments, our businesses, and goods and services. The nation was in epic economic collapse. The fight to continue the march toward more civil rights, human rights, and voting rights was somewhat lost in the confusion of 2000 to 2008.

Along came Barack Obama and we woke up politically, realizing that we had the unique opportunity to elect an African American President!  I was a Hillary Clinton supporter, thinking she would follow in the political footsteps of her husband, Bill. Obama brought me, and many liberal Americans to his cause but we realized that it would take a monumental turnout against conservative American enthusiasts.

We did it, and he performed admirably, bringing the nation back from the potential economic demise despite the nefarious pledge by racist conservatives to obstruct EVERYTHING he would try to do and would not accept that this predominately white nation, could elect a Black man. Black folks viewed this event as a demonstration that this country was moving forward in terms of civil, employment and voting rights.       As we looked at the backlash toward Obama as an element of something that brewed in the plain states and the south, the bedrock of racial tensions, and decimation of voting rights, and the rise of the tea party, we became concerned but did not react.  We did not see that there were segments of the population that were left out of the economic  recovery, the middle class, the high school or less educated, white worker who earned his keep by the strength of his hands and/ or his back; and minorities who were faring no better. Blacks looked at the situation as, “business as usual”. But the white worker was left without his usual means of employment, something that dignified him/ her a human. The world was changing, and new technology, the computer age, created a more informational, service oriented economy that  was emerging and he was not a part of it. Part of bushieboy’s  economic plan left an opening for the rich to get richer, and the poor to become poorer, via his higher income  tax breaks for the rich. This segment of the population was left to wither and blamed Washington. Additionally, their loss of self-esteem inspired these individuals to search for someone who was worse off than they were; and so, they found Hispanics, Muslims, people of color and painted them all as “other”. They suffered in silence until a sordid, foul-mouthed, insulting, devious demagogue appeared and said what they were thinking and getting away with it! After all, we as a nation, and our more progressive world frowned on espousing insults and biases long absent. But this rogue became their hero, their savior, their beacon for change without understanding the consequences.

So now we are faced with the possibility that this scoundrel, despite his proven string of lies, his refusal to expose his Federal income tax returns to public scrutiny that suggest he avoided paying any taxes, his admitted crude and unwanted sexual advances toward women, his disparagement of war heroes, his plan to eliminate laws that protect our planet from further pollution, his plan to decrease tax rate for the ultra-rich, his refusal to support a livable minimum wage, his plan to force illegal residents to leave the country, to punish women who choose their health preference, to dismantle affordable health care for millions, his intention to send our troops to fight in a foreign land, and to walk away from our military alliances and international trade agreements. Further, he has gone bankrupt at least four times, refused to pay for goods and services for his businesses and used illegal workers on his many projects and defrauded people via his phony university while operating a fraudulent charity.

He proclaims that that he is honest and forthright despite evidence to the contrary.     He meanwhile has never explained how all of the above would benefit those who will vote for him.  

On the other hand, he has successfully painted, in the eyes of supporters, his opponent as untrustworthy, a criminal, and a liar simply because she has never fully faced up to her errors in judgment regarding her care of emails as Secretary of State. These errors in judgment are there to see…and she has owned up to them. but her actions were not demmed illegal, according to the Justice Department investigation.

Her life’s work has been to assist the downtrodden, to work toward universal health care. Her work to help first responders to the barbaric attacks of 9/11, her work as a U.S. Senator are there to see. She intends to continue the policies of President Obama that has produced the current economic rebound, and an increase in jobs, after the debacle of 2008, to provide access to college for those who choose that educational avenue, support a fairer tax plan that will benefit the middle class, support Social Security, pay for increased services, better training for law enforcement, continue and improve universal health care, support our military without exposing them to needless engagements, and introduce job programs to revitalize our infrastructure, build on our efforts toward renewable energy, and and continuing our lang standing commitments to our allies. Yet she is labeled unfit and 40% of our voters are ready to accept the real liar, scam artist and pervert, as our representative to the world, a  world looking for freedom of turmoil..


I’m puzzled for, what does this tell the world about us? Have we lost our moral compass, have we become terrorists toward peace, have we refused to strive toward the ideals of our constitution, to treat people fairly and protect their rights? To be AMERICANS, the lighthouse to the world?? 

Forty percent of you that intend to vote for this egoist bigot,  have lost your minds.        I hope you will come to your senses in seven days or we will no longer be America.. that’s how serious this election is..

I have always said, “Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want.”  Please be guided accordingly..

Enough said, I’m out!!!!








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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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