Pat Buchanan and the Wandering Mass of Lost Whites

On Saturday, Pat Buchanan came on CNN and whined about the “media” not being fair to ddfrump and that the democratic process is rigged, as frump says.

Like mostly all the white republicans he is in a panic simply because, this country will no longer be bedeviled by white demagogues. Buchanan, as most republicans want to say, that 70% of the country wants change from the course of liberalism and progressiveness, we have taken. He does not speak for progressives, but he has to say what changes our seventy percent want, if he does not, he is lying. 

Buchanan says that the system is rigged but he does not see what we see; that is, ddfrump got more free exposure on all the TV channels (including CNN and MSNBC) because of his outrageous comments and proposals, than ever before….every time I looked at the news, there was some surrogate lying their ass off to mitigate some insult ddfrump uttered. It was unbearable, but we did not have a choice; we sat there and listened to this maniac attack religions, ethnic groups, medal of honor winners, communities of color, hardworking citizens, women and so many more.

Rigged?? Who jerrymandered voting districts, suppressed the vote, placed barriers to voting for minorities. (I saw unbelievable lines of voters going on for blocks and blocks to try to vote early, a tragedy!)  Did or did not the republicans devise the scheme of voting barriers in minority districts when there was only 31 cases of voter fraud in one billion votes, according to a very credible analysis? Why, did we not see and hear several republican officials admit that they rigged the system to suppress the democratic vote?

 DDtrump wants to rip away voting rights, pollution laws, increase global warming, take away a woman’s right to choose her health options, trash our global commitments, send our troops to war in foreign lands if we are taunted, (his kids are not going to join the military), and denounce our  fighting forces.

 In a time when white people can accept a Columbine, a Aurora Colorado, a Sandy Hook,  a Virginia Tech, a Oikos University, a Marysville WA, a Roseburg OR, Colorado Springs, CO, a Charleston SC, a Isla Vista, CA, a Washington DC Navy Yard, Minneapolis, MN or so many others, they recoil at such occurrences by minorities. How about Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, or even shooting at a Congresswoman, yet they focus, in a somewhat rightful sense, only on those acts by minorities.

They don’t complain about marijuana being sold in Denver and narcotic pills being sold in California, for profits for rich white millionaires, but whoop and holler in enjoyment when cops in New York arrest a drug dealer. When their dividend check from the gun manufacturer’ corporation arrives, they jump for joy and simultaneously rave over a mostly ineffective arrest of some black teenager in possession of a gun. Yes the system is rigged, Pat. 

They, like you Pat,  fear  the obvious, America is changing…….the white person without a lot of money, fear they will disappear, so they favor anyone, a bigot, a liar, a predator to save their heritage. They will accept a Russian dictator, pukin before they accept a progressive female president. They no longer care about the health of our citizens, or funding Social Security for our seniors, they no longer care about the low wages they will receive from low paying jobs while guys like ddfrump stoke away profits and share none with them, They want to mine dirty oil when the nation does not need it, they want to pollute rivers and turn the water red with lead, they want to send their sons and daughters off to war over trivial reasons, they want to be the bully of the world and take oil from foreign lands, when they will see none of the spoils.

Yes, Pat, the system is rigged against some white people because all they can see is their demise instead of working together so that the whole nation lives up to the promise of the Constitution, not just the extension of privilege they once had without challenge. Pat, this is year 2016, not 1955 when people like you could get a mortgage and buy a house for $3500 or a car for $900 because they were white.  Today, if given the chance and finances, everyone has a legitimate opportunity at America’s dream.    It is a new world today….you can come along with the progress and equality or you can languish behind. The false idea that you are no longer equal because the “system’ is rigged, is a fantasy. Your savior has never, ever done anything in his entire life for you… now you foolishly trust this egoist to suddenly to look after your ass? He did not even pay Federal taxes, money that could be used for your higher education, your highways, your trains, your water cleanliness, your unemployment payments, or for your health….

 Yes the system is finally “rigged” Pat… How does it feel to be the “rigged on” rather than the “rigger”??? In a lot of places, folks can now vote without a poll tax, in a lot of places people compete for jobs (not like before when jobs were handed down father to son), in a lot of places you get a equal chance to go to Mars, or explore the universe or build airplanes and cars and or computers. This is a new age…. A progressive age, the 50s are not coming back, so whining about it and hoping your poster child (with his small narrow mind and hands) will give you back your 40 grand job that will kill you before you reach the age of 55; it is merely a dream (actually, your own personal nightmare!).

Stop whining about the system, you made it the way it is, but we are changing it for the better…. Stop promoting a loser…a bigot, a wannabe despot, a predator (by his own admission), a tax evader, a supporter of totalitarianism. Be a real American….not a punk or to use your buddy’s language, a p#$$y cat!!!!!

 Enough said, I’m out!!!!




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