Kaine/ Spence, Speak up Democrats, Waiting for More Lies

Okay, so we are now giving points for a glum defensive routine, a stone face, and a lack of interruptions, especially when the opposing party confronts a monumental lie.                The pundits are taking surveys and the results, they say is, the ‘xpenceman’ won;  and this one performance puts him in line for a shot at running for president in 2020. (They are probably are going to get their ass kicked this November, they figure).

They know Tom Kaine systematically dismantled the defense of the garbageman’s myriad of lies.      A damning question, “How can you sit there and defend Mr. Trump’s mendacities, deceptions and inaccuracies? The glum defender mulled over how he was going to deflect the question and as always, became accusatory. It was by far a pitiful performance yet the media who sometimes gets it wrong, dubbed this dubious crony, “the winner”! They took a poll….as if their own eyes and ears did not tell them the truth; but they need competition, a storyline….a conflict to be relevant, so they went by the polls.

If and when this prevaricator, tax evader, misogynist, classless buffoon shows up on Sunday, he will suffer one more stinging embarrassment and slink off and conger about when the next dastardly deed he’s done, will be exposed!

On the other hand, I am shocked to have to admit that this nation has regressed in reference to civil and human rights. There is irrefutable evidence that a person like the garbagedump who espouses racial and biased programs to divide the country, is allowed to head the republican slate for president.  How can 40% of Americans believe that they want this man as the face of the United States when we present ourselves to the world? We are already the laughing stock and the butt of hilarity around the world because we have allowed a person of this ilk and repute to actually vie for the most powerful job, as the most prestigious leader in the free world. And this segment of our population recoils at being called out as “deporable”! Believe me, they are and you are if you support this person.

The Democrats need to directly confront the lies about the economy. Voters need to be reminded of the economic condition of this country eight years ago. The economy was in freefall and job loss was in crisis mode, losing 800 thousand jobs a month, a critical component of the depression, due to republican economic programs including an unpaid tax reduction plan for the very rich.

The Democratic administration reversed the collapse and put us on a path of recovery, saving the auto manufacturing business, the banking institutions and stemming the loss of homes to foreclosure.

If you care to look back you will see that in the last five presidential administrations, the economy got better with Democrats in the White House. In fact, the Obama administration did it WITHOUT any help from the republican congress that vowed, led by b(m)itch  mcconnell, that they would do everything in their power to destroy Obama’s presidency. Infrastructure spending, better health care for low income and the middle class, energy alternatives that did not increase pollution levels, taxing the rich more, and improving  transportation were programs thwarted by republican Congress.

Even now, when we are now on track to really get our economy roaring again, here comes the republicans with plans to decrease taxes on the rich and so on.

When we talk about the military, Democrats must remind republicans that we now live in a different era where, large manpower armies are outmoded. This is not the Second World War or even the Korean War, when tanks and cannons were in vogue. Technology has proven to be a more powerful weapon, like drones and sea and air missiles from a distance.

When the republicans talk of “taking the oil” or staying in Iraq, we must again remind the nation that bushieboy negotiated the date of withdrawal from Iraq and, after Obama asked the Iraqis if they wanted American troops to stay, they said, “No, go home”. And as for going back into Iraq and Syria, with ground troops to destroy ISIS, who wants to be the first family that welcomes their fallen relative, a brother or sister or father or friend, as a result. Ground wars have those real consequences and I do not think “xpence-repents” want his son to come home that way…as for the garbagedump, his family is too privileged to volunteer. Let someone else’s loved one die because we want to prove we are bullies… at least, the Democrats will try diplomacy before the ultimate use of force becomes necessary.

Despite what you think about NAFTA or TPP, the reality is, rich white men (Congress) took your jobs away, and the ones they offer you now, coal miners and steelworkers, are just not 21st century. You are not going to sew sneakers or dresses or pantsuits… and as far as immigrant residents taking your jobs, you didn’t pick apples, or peaches or strawberries or lettuce, in the first place, so what the hell are we talking about, taking your jobs!!!!???

Tomorrow the “sham”man tax evader will utter more falsehoods for you to believe. Shame on you if you do!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!




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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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