Killer Cops, seorgen…..

Keith Scott,  Charlotte

Sooner or later it was going to happen…” Black or Hispanic cop shoots and kills Black person”.  It was inevitable…..We all have friends in law enforcement, who are cops…..poorly trained, caught up in the “long blue line” syndrome…. while they themselves are targets of racism and abuse by their some of their peers, some who think that a minority got on the police force through the back door; a “minority” hire, so to speak. But they all go through the same  training…shoot to kill if you’re scared…ask questions later… careful, that Black person could be a criminal…..Always ask, “You got anything in the car I should know about??? Even women are subject to careful scrutiny….” Drugs??? Weapons?? “Broken markerlight!!!”  “Oh, Miss, Sir, you didn’t signal that right turn!!”  And, never, never pass up an opportunity for an arrest… that’ll get you promoted … and more money!!!

Keith Scott was minding his business, sitting in his car….okay, maybe he had a blunt… and even if he had a weapon in HIS car in an “open carry state”  or reading a book, a Bible some say…..on or off his medication…… why mess with him……. You weren’t looking for him, he wasn’t bothering anyone, no one caledl the authorities on him. His wife says, he was waiting for his kid…..Do you think a guy, waiting for his kid, is going to light up and have a gun on the seat of his car???

Why is it always petty s#%t when they force an encounter with a person of color??? That’s my question……never a serial killer, a rapist, a bank robber… it’s always, a Black man walking down a boulevard, or “You’re going 30mph in a 25 mph zone… pull over!!” or “broken taillight”, like how many white guys who are dead drunk, stewed to the gills, weave their way home past a cop chewing on a donut??  “Oh, that’s good old Charlie, he always makes it home!!”  Or, “Excuse me Miss, your signal is broken, get it fixed as soon as you can, safe home!!”

But a Black woman, “Get out of the car….you didn’t signal when you changed lanes……Yeah, I know it was no traffic, but, you know, it’s a violation!! We gotta search your car. Yeah we see your kids…. But, the law is the law….”

So there’s Keith….. he went out and got a gun with an ankle holster, an ankle holster…in an open carry state!!! I’ve never heard of a criminal with an ankle holster…. For what???  He doesn’t have to hide the weapon.

And points the gun at, not one cop, but several….. Two to his rear, two to his side…Why??? After exiting his car as requested and walking backwards, as requested, he was going to shoot all these cops (two behind that pickup truck) or turn completely around, point and shoot those in back of him???  Are we serious??? I watched the video carefully…….Keith never had a chance to point the weapon, if he had one… I do know tha, in the clip with the cop in a red shirt, there was no gun at his feet…..then it was there….and the tape stopped in between??? What happened??? Keith, stumble, lurch, sneeze???? Even on medication, he could understand, “Get out of your car and walk BACKWARDS!!!” but not understand that four cops had guns aimed at him??

How about his wife, screaming…”He don’t have a gun, he has TBI, he has TBI!!

Oblivious to her pleading, they don’t back away and think… “Maybe we should get professional help, maybe we should back up, maybe his wife can calm things down???  No, we shoot to kill, that’s the training we have to live by…  shoot to kill……We can go home tonight…… better us than him…..”

Why aren’t these police officers questioned immediately??? Why are they questioned by their peers, the force they are on??? Why aren’t they quarantined, alone until the Feds arrive??? If the public can look at a tape within an hour, why can’t the body cam tapes be released sooner. Sfter all that should be the “original” version???

I keep saying, it is time for a national procedural, methodology, mental and anti-bias training to be established so that all officers of the law know what is expected from them and they can understand that in many cases, unprovoked confrontation leads to all kinds of problems for themselves and the victims they create.

They keep doing it…….killer cops strike again…San Diego, oh, vaping tool equals gun……. I keep saying, if you encounter a Black person with a mental disorder, do not, do not call the police…unless you want them dead……you’d better figure it out.. .and soon!

Another “ergon” bruce levell, was excoriated by my man, Charles Blow on Don Lemon’s CNN show Tuesday night. I will go as far as to say, Charles Blow “blew” the level hell out of b levell!!

It is sad, as Mr. Blow said in effect, that a black person, such as levell is so stupid that he cannot see the bigotry that the garbageman espouses each and every day. Mr. levell is an embarrassment to all fair minded people who want better for our nation and a better person to lead the world. Too bad that people like paul dennard, michael steele, amorosa, brunell donald kyie and even a kellyanne conway will sell their country down the tubes for profit and the wrong way of life.                                                                                                             We as a people, have fought long and hard for the progress we have made… from a people of slavery to a Thurgood Marshall to a Barack Obama we have moved forward, not always perfectly, not always successfully, but steadily… and now the only thing people like you can see is the possibility of greed and power and domination, falsely and blindly believing that you will share in those spoils but how can you really hope for that when you lie down with a soulless egoist???

Shame, again shame!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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