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Keith Lamont Scott’s RIP

Once again, a Black person’s life is extinguished by a police officer. Charlotte Police executed another Black male…. No difference that is the perpetrator is Black… the plain fact is clear. Poor judgment by another person sworn to uphold the safety of the public, screwed up again…..


A tape of the killing was shown on TV today….and it makes my temperature go through the roof!!!  You know I sometimes use words a little less than subtle to express my views but today, I really feel like “pitchin’ a b^$#h”!!! as my mom used to say….

The tape CLEARLY shows a woman pleading with the police not to shoot he husband.. She screams, “He has TBI (traumatic brain injury) and in a state like North Carolina, where it is an “open carry state” and not a crime to have a gun out in public, they needed to back off. Yet once again their macho training tells them that they must stand there, confront and then blindly shoot to kill!!

There were several ways to handle the situation; the first being to step back and de-escalate.       The wife clear yells that her husband did not have a gun…..(if he did, it should have not mattered)  In that car, sitting there, was he a danger????? I think not….he was legal….. Why order him out of the car???? Why break the car window to get to him???  He was legal….


Officer, again, if you think you are in danger, why not take cover??? You had your vehicles to hide behind…. Having been told, “He has TBI, why not call for medical help…  why not let someone he knows (his wife/ family) try to calm him down if he was upset… if he was at all….

More disturbing is a portion of the tape, that shows a police officer (in a red shirt) standing and watching…… with no weapon on the ground in the frame…..then he bends over to pick up ”gloves” and the next frame shows a weapon on the ground next to this officer and “unfortunately” there is an interruption in the taping…..and the wife is not allowed to go near her husband’s body, while the other police officers deal with the deceased…..

And the police cannot release their tapes…because they need to have “transparency”???, as they investigate…. forcing the family to release their tape. I see cover-up….. the body is seven or eight feet from the gun, yet the gun “has his blood and fingerprints’” on it. We need to have the Feds investigate EVERY cop shooting. And every police officer on the scene must be immediately  quarantined by an “outside agency” and all tapes impounded!!

When are we going to retrain police officers??? Teach them to de-escalate…. To step away…   Call for a medical/ mental health professional.  He is not going anywhere… and if he does drive off, follow…. and as a last resort, apprehend……not shoot to kill…. They need to understand that there are citizen out in the street that have PTSD, Autism, TBI,  disabilities, poor eyesight, poor hearing and so on….. they need  to be able to pull back and evaluate….. Stop the Killing, Damn it!!!    Just f%&king stop!!!!!!

Last…why is it that a Black man with a gun is a criminal and a white guy with a gun is militiaman????


He turned out to be a putz……Another gutless, spineless worm bowing down to kiss the ass of a bigot liar, tax-evader and fraudster. crudz, you are another toad slug who has no courage, after he’s belittled you and your family…without any apology….  and now, you support this unfit lover of a totalitarian mongrel, pukin. You think he will do what you want him to, or are you willing to “wing it”, let him do whatever he wants, which his track record proves is egoistic, and will kick you and your cabal to the curb.. the garbagedump is going to rely on schemers like him, the nasty joiseypenguin  (if he’s not in jail), juliaanny a misfit worst mayor in years or a KKKer like david duke  or a sex offender like roger ailes….or a straight out racist bigot, like steve bannon and not you…..

crudz you were a disappointment…. Now you are more so!!!

  Wells Fargo

I’ve said what I had to say, go back and read my prior blog. Senator Warren has called this mismanager out….Stumpf get out… no salary, no bonus, no stock deal…..just go!!! Your benefits should go to the people you forced into criminal activities.

Enough said, I’m out!!!










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