Don King Loses His Mind, Preachers Still Lost

Another absurd “orgen” has lost his perspective. I was sorry to see the utterly flamboyant “Ahdon’giveacrapaboutmyhair” pompous ass kiss fat ugly buttocks today. His lips could not have been any juicier. The use of the N-word demonstrates how low one can go to grovel!!!

I repeat, you Black preachers and your unwitting flock had better really look at what you are doing….. The garbagedump has found a way to denigrate almost everything in America, from war heroes, to your communities and anything in between, Mexicans, Muslims, the military, women, young black men killed by police. Then he has blatantly has lied by overt count, more than 67 times……  He hides his taxes, he lies about donations and what ties he has to questionable regimes, pays his fines from charitable contributions, hesitates to disavow david duke, hangs with the nasty bridgegate penguin, and tells this one truth, his love of the tactics of vlad pukin…

You people of the cloth are always praying for this or that, yet you fail even the slightest test, that is, that is, you portray yourselves to be in unison with the cornerstone of religious faith, the Ten Commandments!!!

Doesn’t it say something about  “Thou shalt not LIE”??                                                               Doesn’t it say something about  “Thou shalt not STEAL”??                                                           Doesn’t it say something about  “Thou shalt not COVET”??                                                 Doesn’t it say something about  “Thou shalt not COMMIT ADULTERY”??

Okay, so is he there to get his soul saved, or is he there in you church to literally pull a “Dylan Roof” by murdering your mind and conscious? I did not see a confession, I did not see contrition, I did not see an apology for anything at all. Isn’t it true to be “saved/ accepted”, you must repent??? Where is that???

So you see, you phony sell-out preachers can be lured by the snake, you are so gullible that you bite that apple……..and allow this bigot into you midst, you, grinning like a clown and bowing down to this excuse of a wannbe czar!!! Shame on you….

Then the garbagedump says “Black communities are in the worst shape, ever, ever, ever” in the most contemptuous way….ignorant of the knowledge of our history, the scourge of slavery, the beatings, the bombings, the lynchings, the massacres, the water hoses, the spitting as we tried just to go to school, the denial of the right to vote… the lack of state funding for your schools, the traffic stops to get funds to support libraries on the other side of town……and so on…. The threats when we tried to vote…

And you foolishly accept his premise. The gargbagedump can’t get this history overnight, over tea, with a few misguided preachers…who have also forgotten the struggle and just see the false promises of church donations of payment of their car note….or buildin’ fund!

darryl scott you are an embarrassment……a blind stepin fetchit!!!! “Give the garbagedump a chance??  You are ignorant of the fact that the problem in  the some Black communities begins with the republican GOVERNORS that keep funds from your neighborhood, so by looking at Washington you are missing the culprit….  “What do you have to lose??’  If you can’t see the pitfall, then shame on you…… You lose your dignity, your manhood, your ecclesiastical stance, that’s what!!!!

Did you witness the body language as the dump spoke about the slaying of these Black young men??  He was like a fish out of water… trying to “wing it” as the poor thespian that he is……..  and you welcome him????  orgen preachers,please!!!!

Lastly, I keep saying we need national Police retraining… and if you are scared…. get another job… policing takes courage, daring, compassion, a sense of justice  but certainly not temerity..

Enough said, I’m out!!!!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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