Surrogate Liar….

I saw another prostitute surrogate liar, Brunell Donald Kyie on CNN, lie for the garbagedump today…… It is a pity that some Black folk look toward a lucifer to save them from what they see a hell. What they need is history lesson and the real history of a garbagedump. I know money is important, but isn’t dignity more?

They disgrace all the Black folks who have perished or struggled to gain the right of any person, disillusioned are they are like you, to make political choices.

There no denying that there communities in this country that suffer the loss of jobs, a lack of educational opportunities, and an overabundance of criminal activities. But to ignore why this occurred and who is responsible is the tragedy in all this. When you abandon the history of those who have paid a monumental price for your right to choose, you kick dirt in their faces.

When you lie to protect a liar, you disgrace that privilege. Most of all, the catastrophe is that the choice you made to support a fraud, a bigot, a homophobic, xenophobic, egotistical, maniacal, corrupt tax evader.

This is who you prop up as your savior, “to stop you from getting’ shot!”, to save you from bad schools, from the dearth of jobs and from  criminal activity, when you have witnessed this  miscreant, for nearly seven years, disparage your President  and the Democratic Party. Remember the story about “the snake in the garden and the lure of the apple”.  You made a choice but it’s not too late to correct your error in judgment.  He’s done nothing, nothing for disadvantaged communities. and now he uses to you,not to help disadvantaged communities but to curry favor with his fellow birthers and alt-right cohorts and other disillusioned folk who need someone to wrongly blame for the condition they are in. Again, greedy white millionaires took away jobs… is the truth so they have to live live with it  and if you were honest, you’d tell them so…

You remind me of the homely girl at the senior dance that gets approached by the football hunk on a bet by his buddies, then dances with her, takes her to BK for a burger and fries, and tells her she is wonderful and fine she is, and convinces her not to waste her virginity; then afterward he’s finished, he takes her home. The next day, after winning the bet, she is his afterthoughts and he’s off in search of another sucker.

Don’t be that gullible…… know he’s a fraud and a womanizer….. just say “NO”!!!      Wait for the right choice to come along, wait for somebody who’s shown care and consideration, but who is maybe not as flashy or sexy… but dependable and supporting, somebody who will help you with your car if it breaks down, someone who will take you to a Red Lobster (or someplace other than a fast food joint) and makes sure you are home safe and sound.

You know I’m right…. You just have to have the heart to make the right decision… as they say, “Just do it!!!!”    And then I’ll apologize for the “prostitute surrogate’ designation.


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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