Negro Preachers Bamboozled!!!!

I see these black preachers trying to sell their souls and their congregation down the path of utter destruction and it makes my blood boil!!!       They’re coziing up to the ultimate liar and I’m trying to figure out why.       I had a conversation about this with a friend, and the conclusion was, “It’s the money, fool, it’s the money!!!! Yes!!! It has to be the money….but how much?? Poor amarosa, she needs a job…. But you preachers, the flock gets you into fine suits, a Benz maybe, lets you eat steak dinners and so on. But, why do you need more from ddfrump???? And at the expense of destroying all the progress that so many Black souls have sacrificed their lives for, got hung, shot and blown up, put up with water cannons, and beatings and dog bites (ask John Lewis) just to have a chance at an equal education or a decent equal paying job or the right to vote without intimidation.

Yes, you went to some theological school, studied the bible, learned how to scream and gasp, “Lawd!!!” and “Amen” and live off the earnings of others, but you didn’t learn a damn thing about the real struggle Black folks went through for you……You forgot about Fannie Lou Hamer or Chaney, Goodman, Schwerner, or Rosa Parks or Medgar Evers, or even Thurgood Marshall or the just mentioned John Lewis. You just said, “Screw Obama, he ain’t putting no money in my pocket….     but ddfrump is!”

You forget or choose to ignore jerrymandered districts or the long brutal line of voters it took to get our President reelected in 2012. You choose to ignore how hard it was to get the School Equality or the Civil Rights Act passed. You forgot, “Last hired, first fired”. You forgot blockbusting. You forgot high rents, poor health services. He’s going to get rid of ACA….   Bad pavement in your community, no sidewalks, projects, bogus traffic stops for murder or fine money…… Who did that? Not Black folks for sure. Yeah, after they ravaged your community, they turned it over to Black folks and said “fix it”! and this bigot comes along and say he is the one to fix it  and you buy it…talk about the “apple” in the garden????

You sit your biggass chair in your study and ponder, “How much more money can I get??” because the henchmen of the bigot passes you some bills under the table. Jerks like paul dennard or james davis out of Ohio choose to ignore the lies, the slurs, the homophobic and outright denigration of religions, insults to war heroes or women, and do not care… but what happened to your bible teachings or the Ten Commandments???? Oh, you only need them when you are fooling the flock, not when you are taking a “donation” and trying to convince disadvantaged Black folk that a liar and a bigot blowhard in your midst is going to correct all the crap that you haven’t tried to correct on you own….

This maniac is going to get rid of crime, fix your schools in the “hood” and bring back jobs you never had in the community because the “Mexicans” took ‘em away!!!

Did you ask the question……. No, am I expecting you to ask questions like, how are you going to rid the neighborhood of guns??? Where are you going to get good books, good desks, decent chalkboards, computers or good teachers? Explain to me where you think he, the frump will get the education money or how is he going to stop the manufacture of AK47s, since he promises to cut taxes for those who earn money? Can you even tell me where local education money comes from?? Where will he get the money to send in gestapo storm troopers to clear your neighborhood of the element that will shoot you, “’cause you gonna git shot!! if you leave your house!!!

The truth is, he didn’t give a ratsass about you until he saw 99% of Black folks were not going to abandon someone who has contributed to the disadvantaged of the longest time. So he sent out his henchmen/ women to find you, a weak-minded greedy “stefen fetchit” nefarious preacher, wanting some facetime and the money!!! What does the Bible say about vanity????  And stealing???

I’m trusting that most of the people you come in contact with, will trust President Barack Obama or Colin Powell who has said, ddfrump was a “national disgrace” and an ”international pariah” and a “racist birther” or when real billionaires like Buffet, Cuban or Bloomberg, call ddrump, a con man…

So, yes, I think you took the money… like Judas….. “preachermen”!!!!

Tell me you didn’t…….

Enough said, I’m out!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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