Chicago….and the emails…


We have to have an expose’ on the Police Department in Chicago. If the commissioner and chief or the mayor are incompetent then they have to go.
It is impossible to believe that they are accepting the murder rate and it’s business as usual.
If the governor needs to call out the National Guard, so be it…. declare martial law….. Target the zip codes where most murders occur first, then go from there, search every home for guns and conscript young people (17 to 32) into some sort of State or Federal “homeland” corps /reserve and  assigned them to  Army or Marine bases out of state for 3 years minimum, with retired Army and Marine drill sergeants in control; if they’re not in school and have no verified job. Have them learn a trade or get a GED or work on crews to clear natural disasters. Those with outstanding warrants go to jail and then get conscripted!
They have to do something……. If you live in Chicago, you tell me what you think needs to be done.
Where is Black Lives Matter??
Hillary, you need to fix the email problem….
Go straight at it like this,
“Listen folks, I misspoke. I should have said “To the best of my recollection, I have arranged to release all the relevant emails relating to my tenure as Secretary of State. I requested that the State Department and my staff review the emails and delete those not relevant to my service.
So, what I am asking you to do is understand that I never knowingly received or sent confidential information on purpose.
Is it not reasonable to understand that I personally could not review all those 60k emails. I relied on my State Dept. staff just like any other leader of an organization would do. They missed approximately 300… 300 out of 60,000, (0.05%). Most of the emails that were sent erroneously to my private number, I read most on my cell phone and it oftimes was difficult to read or notice a small “c” on an email.
I received no instruction regarding how to handle sensitive material. No one in the State Dept. said to me that there might be a problem with using my personal email server, no one. I did not instruct anyone in the Department to send sensitive material to my personal email address. And if I misconstrued the suggestion regarding the cell phone by Gen Powell, he is clearly not responsible. Thank you.”
If you still want to mistrust me, go ahead but I did not fleece anybody with a worthless university. I did not stiff hard working people by not paying them for the work they performed.  I did not file for bankruptcy four times to get out of paying I bills owed. I did not ship my businesses overseas. I do not owe the Bank of China for loans. I have bared my financial and tax record for all to see; where are his tax returns. So, in my view, there is no comparison.”
Now let’s look at his proposals…Jobs?? What jobs does he propose to bring back? Remember, the republicans got rid of unions, threw civil servant, teachers, law enforcement out of jobs, Republicans refused to fund jobs programs, including infrastructure and road repair. They do not believe in climate change, and want to continue to pollute the only planet we have.
The Economy: Who will support a higher minimum wage? Who stopped the recession? Who saved the auto industry? Who brought Wall Street back from the brink? Democrats, that’s who!
Who has a program to curtail the proliferation of guns on our street? Who wants reasonable gun controls?
Who has provided health service to millions and saved lives doing that?
So you see, Hillary … you need to go on the offense right now. We need you to do it right now!
Enough said, I’m out!!!



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