Some Black Pastors Are Getting Conned

The black pastors, who are groveling at the feet of the phony garbagedump the consummate showman and supreme con man, are surely blinded by the pile of crap he is dropping.

One cannot be welcome in any forum after blatantly insulting Americans of all creeds, colors, heritages and class. Educated as you claim to be, you cannot select the history you want, to justify supporting this clearly bigoted and hate-mongering liar. I’ve watched this man’s demeanor and body language, as he tries to repeat a carefully scripted dialogue, and although I am not as book/ bible schooled as you are, I can see his insincerity.

You reverends are looking at what you perceive as the ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’, but your perspective is so narrow that you do not see the full history of our struggle and the quagmire through which we have traveled and who has been there to assist us and done things for our progress toward equality.     You only see what is, sometimes, in front of you, without understanding or at the very least, investigating the process that got us to this point. Depending on the garbagedump to get you to paradise is like seeing Eden without seeing the moat filled with a thousand crocodiles….Some will survive but many will see no progress, and by and large, others, without examination and understanding, will regret their steps.

Here, we have a person that has insulted Americans, including Black folks, and you choose to ignore his absence from the struggle until he sees that he has no  chance at becoming president of this nation, unless he shams you and your flock. Just review for yourselves what he has said and done……He’s never said he’s “seen the light;he’s never apologized, he’s just repeated some pandering script written by a paid consultant that anyone except you can see is so disingenuous, it’s revolting.

The Supreme Court decides many of the liberties that are afforded the citizens of this nation… Based on the garbagedump’s rhetoric, what do you think will come from a ddfrump’s presidency? A progressive and empathetic judge?? Fairness and equality?? Adherence to the federal laws?” Hell no!!!

Think about how free access to guns has impacted the people who you think ddfrump says he will save for you. Think about the health benefits poor people receive from Medicare and Medicaid or from the Affordable Care Act. He’s said he’ll dismantle that service. What about Social Security? You concern yourselves with the gun violence in your community….but guess how many people will die because they can’t pay for medicine or afford to go to the doctor without affordable care.

The way I see it, you are being suckered….outwitted…….outconned. A pox on you, I’m ashamed to wish that… but you deserve it….. And let’s be clear, you do not represent me.

We do not see eye to eye on this hypocrite, he is no real American…… With all his “claimed” wealth, you only now see him………when he needs you… when he thought he could get over on white people, he said, “Screw you!!” Many were not fooled so now you are his patsy… yes, you are his patsy!!!  I’m waiting to see how many more of you come out from under the cloak and be found out to be as deceitful (Rev mark burns) as the garbagedump.

We do not need Black folks to take a blinded view of what is going on today. We need someone who has panoramic viewpoint.

Let’s be clear, Hillary has her flaws and missteps to deal with. The media is like a vulture, ready to expose every facet of her life, to dissect it, to parse it, and look for miscues, and the garbagedum’s too; but he has been able to shield his sordid deeds and shroud his lack of transparency. The public has years and years of history on the Clintons, but you know what, they’ve tried to help the disadvantaged, they’ve paid their taxes and haven’t made empty promises? Mistakes. Yes… but I do not see anything purposeful or devious or black-hearted in their efforts…… but your garbagedump…….. You need to take off those shades and see the daylight……

Enough said, I’m out!!!!





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