Colin K, Black Preachers and the garbagedump

Colin K

Boy, you really got the attention that you aimed for!

Although you are a most recognizable figure, even with that new tremendous ‘fro (You know I’m jealous), by virtue of the fact that you are a NFL football player, a quarterback no less, on a pretty good team fighting to keep your job, you’ve stepped onto a very different stage, one of overt protest, on a national level.

“My God!!!, they yell from all corners, political, religious, sports, armed forces, police forces, and barber shops and beauty parlors, “he’s a traitor, he hates police, he should stick to football, he shouldn’t protest the National Anthem, on and on….

His fellow Black sports figures, caught off guard, fumble to be articulate about Colin’s act. Most often, Black athletes, from my perspective only, almost always want to be invisible off the field or court, despite the fancy cars, the outlandish mansions, the gold chains, large platinum rings, champagne and fine girls, and lavish parties, just want to get their checks. Agreed, some understand the value of their “brand”, settle down and live great family lives, but at all times, they protect the check. Inarticulate as some are, they are asked questions about things they know nothing about, and say nothing, and that’s okay.

When I look at politicians, preachers, they are polished speakers, though they seem to be, at times, lost on the nuances, the history and the details of the issues, about which they are queried.

Uninformed or misguided,  sort of, go “kneejerk” and think that everything that touches their lives that is less than their “normal”, requires that they go on offense. “He’s against cops! He hates the flag!! He wears the wrong socks!!!, he’s against the military!! Some say Colin was unpatriotic, or an embarrassment. I say he is a patriot….he’s protesting the inaction by folks that don’t feel the impact of injustice. He wants the words to be real and true and fair and effective and just…

No doubt, Colin has a right to protest peacefully, the Constitution says so. The problem is, other folks want to determine how, when and why, according to their convictions, he should let his feeling be expressed and his heart felt words heard.

“Cut him!!” they say, “Wrong place!”, or “Just play ball!!” “He’s a traitor!”

Colin says the following is unacceptable and we must do what we have to do to make the words of the Constitution ring true.

He is asking America to end the spate of deadly confrontations between law enforcement and black and Latino Americans: “John Crawford III,Tamir RiceAntonio Zambrano MontesCharly “Africa” KeunangWalter ScottFreddie Gray, Eric HarrisTony RobinsonRubén García Villalpandoan unarmed 15-year-old girl in Texas, Sandra BlandSamuel DuBoseChristian Taylora high school student in South Carolina,Zachary HammondNatasha McKennaLaquan McDonaldAlton Sterling and Philando Castile”, to mention a few. Add Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Danroy Henry, Christian Taylor, Matthew Ajibade and Eric Harris and more to the above.


I get tired of writing, “Condolences” and “My Sympathies” to relatives of human beings who for no valid reason are no longer with us. It bothers a lot of us, but we do not have the platform to say what we feel, Colin does and he did. Kudos to him. Other athletes, and stars, Black and White (except Hispanics, by and large), of every stripe have stood up and spoken out, but none have chosen to sit down!

For me, Colin eloquently explained his motive… to bring attention to the fact that America, all America is not living up to those venerable words of the Constitution.

It made me think, how about the Pledge of Allegiance. To wit:

“I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Read it again!!! “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!!!”

If you are a conservative republican, or a militiaman, or a klansman or a rebel flag-waver, then you may want this country to be divided and anything akin to progress and agreement is an anathema.

If you are somebody who never gets stopped by a police officer for a “your signal light is out” stop, and have to place both hands on your steering wheel as a matter of habit and to save your life, and only get a ticket, you don’t even think about “liberty and justice for all. Because you got it! We do……

Stephen A even said the other day that as well-known as he is, he got pulled over in New York and placed his hands on the steering wheel and the officer placed his hand on his weapon as he approached Smith’s car.

So when Colin sits down or now, kneels, he is saying something important….to all America… “There is NOT liberty and justice for all” and we, all of us must do something positive about the problem. I think all athletes who have a forum should be kneeling along with Colin……Colin chose the right time and venue….I hope everybody else does too….

Black Preachers and the garbagedump

I still say that some of you are doing a disservice to your flock. What you need to do is, explain your motive for entertaining this idiot. What qualifies him to come before you to pander?  His base and divisive rhetoric gives him no right to come to you, you, who have appointed yourselves as a ‘leader” to explain that I’ll “get shot” when I leave my house!” comment without an apology.”

He comes without an apology for his vile references denigrating Black folk. He comes without any evidence whatsoever that he’s done ANYTHING for Black folks in his years of notoriety…. No track record, none, nada, zilch, zero, naught!!! Why now???

It seems to me you’re brown-nosing! You give him a list of scripted questions and he has his staff choreograph answers. Isn’t that an open book test?? Reverend, please!!!  Why didn’t you ask your flock what they want to see and hear from this man? What makes your questions valid?

Plus, who is representing the Black folk who are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, or don’t attend church? Are we being marginalized?

Take the time to look up this article by David Cay Johnston                                                          “21 Questions for Donald Trump”

I’ve covered Donald Trump for 27 years. Here are some questions for him.

By David Cay Johnston / The National Memo July 10, 2015  It starts with this:

“I have covered Donald Trump off and on for 27 years — including breaking the story that in 1990, when he claimed to be worth $3 billion but could not pay interest on loans coming due, his bankers put his net worth at minus $295 million. And so I have closely watched what Trump does and what government documents reveal about his conduct.”

Newscast TV stations need to understand that most Black folks do not give a hoot about freaking emails….none!!! or Benghazi……. It is a non-issue……60,000 emails….150 were “classified” as secret.. so what? …..Nothing happened so drop it, please, please???? We are wasting our time and tax dollars on stuff that is in the past that no one can change… Jobs, education, justice, equal pay……police brutality….     Concrete, attainable, detailed plans, you got our attention.

Why don’t they ask ddFrump to release his taxes??? Now, that would worth investigating; it’d be a “story”!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!


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