Speakin’ Up and Goofin’ Up…..

Colin K

So he sat down in protest… He explained why he did what he did. Accept his right to protest in this country. The people who want to analyze, parse, explain or otherwise complain, need to get a grip on reality. The more you talk about it the more he call attention to his message, so keep talking!

It makes me laugh when somebody burns a flag, or a book or the Bible or the Koran. They get turned sideways, aggravated, upset, and want to fight. It’s called freedom expression and it’s okay. I don’t care if they burn something so long as it doesn’t belong to me or somebody else…. and…. whatever they’re burning, if they paid for it; they’ll soon run out of what they’re burning before we run out of viewpoints…so live and let live.

Mexican Salsa, ddfrump style

Mexican President Pena Nieto made a mistake, an error in judgement. He in no way should have involved himself in our political rhetoric. He should have sat by and let the election take place. He is the President…… he should be meeting with PRESIDENTS! By doing what he did, he lowered his own status…..meeting with a wannabee.  He looked like a wimp…. If somebody insulted me and my family; before that person could come in peace, he would have to apologize for his remarks just as loudly as he did when he spoke in a disparaging manner about my family, and publicly! He should have told the garbagedump that a wall, any wall is an insult. Just think, if your neighbor, who you have a disagreement with, puts up a solid wall, what would you think?? Is that the way to clear the air? Certainly, a wall would end all discussion despite having a lot in common…I would think.

I don’t think the Mexican people appreciated the meeting and Pena Nieto certainly needs validation given his satisfaction rate in the 20 percentile.

Now, Nieto-Pena tweets that the liar lied!!!  What’s new???

Pena Nieto, find some toilet paper and clean your shoes, ‘cause, you stepped in it!!!! And a lot of people on both side of the border can smell it!!!! Febreze, anybody??? My advice…  mind your business!!!





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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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