“Believe Me!” He Says……

I just had a thought, actually a question or two…. to all those blue collar white people and some lost black preachers who cheer on the garbagedump while he is trying to get you to believe that all your ills will go away if he deports 11/ 12 million residents.

Think about this…. They buy groceries, snacks, candy, clothes, medicine, cars, school books, refrigerators, cell phones, computers; they pay sales taxes, gasoline taxes, cut grass, pick fruit, clean hotels, pick up garbage, pay rent, their children grow up and get real jobs, and pay their way. Who is putting fruit on the stand at Walmart, placing boxes of Cheerios on the shelf so you can get at it? All that freaking money they spend propping up your town, city or state. They pay Social Security taxes knowing they won’t see a dime of it, but it’s the sacrifice they make to see that their sons and daughters have a better life than they’d have in Nicaragua or Guatemala, and you begrudge them that because some rich white guy like garbagedump made millions off your back, ran out on you and you ain’t got crap to show for your years of labor. You just stupidly go to a rally and yell “yes!!” when he yells,  ”Extreme vetting!! Believe me.”

Tell me how a wall benefits you? Tell me how taking in refugees from Syria, puts money in your pocket? Tell me what ideological vetting gets you. Tell me what benefit is there is in him saying he likes people who weren’t captured?

Some of you sit on your asses, wondering how you’re gonna make it but you’re not going to stoop to do those jobs, after all you’re a steel worker! If you were a school teacher, and you lost your job, some republican governor kicked your ass out! If you worked in civil service, who told you, you weren’t needed anymore?    You used to make $60 grand, but guys like the garbagedump closed the auto parts plant or the lumber yard! Guys like the garbagedump make millions by shipping your die-making jobs overseas. Guys like the garbagedump import shoes from India, cars from Japan and Germany, clothes from Thailand, and snows you into thinking he gives a crap about you… If he wanted to do something with all his billions???, why doesn’t he build a factory in your town to say, make his shirts… and pay you a living wage? He won’t and you know it!!  He makes money building fancy hotels that you will never be able to stay at or a golf club where you can’t even walk on the grass.

You can’t feel better about yourself when you put somebody else down…… or make them your enemy…        I’ll bet you’ll feel better if you lifted somebody up, anybody…..an old lady who car stalls on the street, or a girl who trips and falls…. when you lend a down and out guy a quarter when he’s short at the coffee shop.

You see, the garbagedump’s only rhetoric is to lie to you about other people… Somebody does that when they have nothing going for themselves…. and the gabagedump’s got nothing!!! I keep saying, “Don’t get blinded by the B.S.” You gotta know where the stink is coming from when you’re walking in the barnyard!

So my question is, do you really want to do better?? So why are you chasing after a loser? He doesn’t have a tax plan, (He won’t even prove he’s paid any taxes at all, but he’s bitching about a foundation that sends medicine and books to the needy here and overseas) a jobs plan (ask him what jobs he’ll bring back and how…. (see above about a factory), an energy plan, a transportation, infrastructure plan, a pollution plan…… he says, he’ll “wing it” if you help him get to Washington. Is that going to solve you problems? He’s got nothing but you, screaming, “Deport, deport!” and losing all that sales money, all those taxes, all those services for your town, city, state. Plus your state might be one that gets (needs) money from the Federal government to survive!

Get real….. are you going to bet your future on a guy who plays “three card monte” on a folding table in Times Square or in front of the “Y”???

Help me, give me some answers……

Enough said, I’m out!!!





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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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