More On The Pandering Garbagedump….

Okay, now the garbagedump suddenly cares about the plight of Black folks who live under-served neighborhoods. He did not give a hoot (I’d say another word that better describes my sentiments) until he found out his rhetoric has turned a lot of his supports off. (Even the Koch Brothers, how about that??!!)    They claim that, as “good” republicans, they are forced to vote for him. Many more who are trying to maintain their elected offices, concerned that with the garbagedump at the top of the ticket, they are in jeopardy of losing and have run away from the frump.

I will reiterate, as the ddfrump camp tries to deflect voter’s attention by trying to blame Democrats solely for the conditions the underserviced and poor folks live in. In reference to police and fire services, education, health care, housing and even jobs, most cities need to secure funding from state and the Federal government, simply because the tax bases of these communities are not sufficient to fund services. Most republican state legislators and governors have not provided sufficient funding to local governments to upgrade these services, or encouraged good teachers for schools, provide good books, good libraries, or implement good job opportunities or transportation and health services.

Instead of telling white people that minorities will get shot, that they have schools that are no good, that he will send in gestapo police forces, why doesn’t he openly tell those state officials to appropriate more money for the improvement of neighborhood services, and allow the cities and towns to accept help from the Federal government to make positive changes. Many republican state governors have routinely turned down or do not apply for those funding or help. Why doesn’t he talk about the lack of police training, causing too many confrontations.

I ask again, what has he ever done for the disadvantaged before he decided that he could become a tzar and king of the fringe right? Please, tell me….

Mrs. Clinton has a traceable track record, so don’t tell me that this nefarious, disingenuous, delusional, purposefully amnesiac person, and pandering republican has anything to offer except making bad decisions by the seat of his very wet pants! The garbagedump has no clue how regular people live and survive.

Another thing, the republican party needs to stop referring themselves as the “Party of Lincoln”. Yes, they were assisting Black folk in the pursuit of equality from 1900 through the 1960s but when the 1954 decision came down, southern politicians walked away from the Democratic Party and were welcomed by the republicans, just like they have recently accepted the tea party, the conservative party, or the now fringe right (Alt-right).

The current republican party is in no way near the republican party of before the ‘50s. Take a look at boehner, mcconnell and republican Congressmembers, who, on the night of President Obama’s inauguration, pledged to disrupt thing our new President tried to do to move this country forward,. Look at the republican governor who have jerrymandered districts, denied Black folks the right to vote, pushed voter ID laws.

Now, that party, many kissing ddfrump’s hindparts, repeat his insane, bigoted and divisive denunciation of Medal of Honor recipients, threatening 110 million residents with deportation (akin to extermination, like the basest evil men of the Second World War), a tax plan that most reasonable economists say would wreck our economy, denying global warming, pledging to help coal miners go back into the mines, while he has his clothing line made overseas and refuses to prove he has paid any taxes..

Some Black preachers have lost their minds. False prophets…… Blinded by the bullcrap… How can they ignore the divisive rhetoric?  Pastors like Mark Burns, Darrell Scott, James Davis and others like Sean Jackson think this “johnny-come-lately” who gets his information from TV and has promised to make decisions “on the fly!”, knows more than the generals about ISIS, and insults Black people in such a condescending manner.

I don’t think Black folks really care about emails or Benghazi, or what her husband did….                            We care about the right to vote and our vote meaning something, a fair shot at good jobs/ jobs training, a livable wage, fair housing, good schools, police brutality, getting guns out of our neighborhoods, a fair tax plan, good health care, maintaining Social Security and increasing it so that seniors are more comfortable, and all the garbagedump has to offer, is “Try me! Or “Believe me!”” with no definitive plan…….

You gottta be kiddin’ me!!!!


Enough said, I’m out!!



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