The Police Must Stop Being Afraid of People Who Are Different

I’m stepping away from politics for a moment to talk about police mentality and training. I have said for years that all police all over this country, in every town, city, hamlet, and state needs to be retrained to  deal with people of all persuasions, ethnicities, colors, languages, views, creeds, religions, dress, yes, and even people with disabilities such as an  inability to speak, to hear, to see or afflicted with autism, for instance, which comes with varying degrees of capabilities.

I was appalled to hear about the police officer who shot the nurse who was accompanying an autistic person  and now, a deaf person gets shot to death by a police officer…. Pitiful.      I have a fifteen year old grandson. He is six feet tall, and weighs 170 pounds. Despite his problem, his is bright, computer savvy, learns what he is taught well and would not hurt a fly. However, his communication skills are less than normal. He must be gradually introduced to new things and environments, then he adapts very well. Each day, I pray that he does not encounter any police officer because I think that is the LAST person who will take the time to understand him.

Police officers are all taught to shoot to kill first, without compassion or understanding a person. As he grows older, William will want to explore the world and learn more, but he cannot do it alone because, one false move, one misunderstood circumstance or verbal command could get him killed, even when he may be accompanied his parent, or by a brother or sister.

The deaf mute who was slain by the North Carolina state trooper was in NO danger whatsoever, none!, and he shot to kill Mr Harris… because he was ignorant and not trained to deal with situations, such as he encountered. In any circumstance, why is the first move by an officer is always confrontational?  His superiors have been close-mouthed but if he ran the tag, probably there was no violent offenses. The dash-cam will have all the particulars, picture of the car, speed, broken tail light, (my favorite excuse) so why not just send a citation to his address and summon him to court or ask him to pay a fine, if any is warranted. Then there would be no need for a confrontation. They do that with red light cameras now anyway, so why not in these cases?? Avoid a car chase that places everyone in danger or causes damage.

Condolences to his beloved family.

Until we find people who are not afraid of their duties, that is, to protect and serve, and we train them properly, we will continue  to have these tragedies. That trooper will probably get off with no culpability, usual in these circumstances.

As for my grandson, I pray and hope that if he is ever in an untoward circumstance;  the last thing anyone nearby needs to do in order to help him, is call the police. Call for medical and tell them his situation. I know the police will show up anyway but I pray the EMTs get there first.

But, I worry…..

And people are more concerned about some emails, that caused no danger……

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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