The Roundup

It is a difficult thing to rationally explain something that is just plain insane.

The garbagedump, as everyone in the world knows, proposes to round up and send back to wherever, 11 to 13 million residents of this country.

For purposes of this discussion, let’s try and analyze the process.

There are already over 230 thousand employees at the Dept. of Homeland Security Customs, Border Patrol, TSA, and so on. How many will be redeployed to round up immigrants? If employees are redeployed, wouldn’t that leave the borders, planes and ships unprotected? Or better still, how many more people will be hired to do the job; twenty thousand, thirty thousand? Who will pay these new employees?  Since the  dump proposes cutting taxes, where will the money come from… oh, maybe he’d cut Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, Affordable Care or fire government employees so those funds could be applied to pay for the posse???  Sick people will die, retirees won’t be able to buy food or medicine.

Plus all the jobs that the residents perform will go undone, like picking oranges, apples, grapes, lettuce, strawberries, mowing lawns, cutting trees, sweeping streets, driving taxis, watching rich folks kids, making beds at hotels, washing dishes at restaurants, cooking food at diners like McDonalds and Wendy’s, cleaning office buildings, working as aides in hospitals, fixing cars, etc. Don’t worry, we’ll get unemployed miners to take those jobs.. at ten dollars an hour!

The House and the Senate would have to pass a law to get it done and appropriate money… Will they do that??? Maybe???? Okay, but is that practical???!!

Okay, say he hires people…and they round up residents… where does he amass them??? Stadiums, football fields, arenas, in the desert in tents, airports, ships??? ..Who pays the transportation costs”? Remember also, these folks pay some rent or own homes… They live somewhere……The people who rent to them will be without renters and mortgage holders will not get their payments?? Uuuuumm, empty living quarters, loss of rental income or mortgage payments, or interest payments on loans, credit cards, huh…?     The hell with solving that problem…

Okay, he transports them.. .Where? Since they probably don’t have passports, what country will accept them or better still, if the dump tries to fly them some place, or put them on ships, they will need permission to land in a foreign country. No country is going to give permission for those planes or ships to land. And if you do not have permission, garbagedump would be violating that country’s sovereign boundaries, and could be shot at or shot down… Is he going to send the Marines to make a country accept the folks he’s rounded up? No sensible country is going to allow thousands of people to disembark in their country… who will house clothe and feed them while they wait to “reapply”??? Maybe the dump’ll dump them at the border crossing (the US side). Maybe then, Mexico will put up a fence!!! And stop all folks with legal working visas from coming here to work…

So the posse would have to take care of the people they round up…, clothes, medical….while the world watches… How’s that going to look, the shining star of democracy abusing people, and it would be abuse?

So, I see a small minded heartless racist punk, with a STUPID, IMPRACTICAL idea that only fools will buy into.

I hope he keeps saying it because the more he says it the more stupid it gets… and the media, won’t break down  the process and embarrass him.

Top to bottom, a complete ass with no clue….. oh, he watches TV!!!!

I’ll talk about his Muslim test…… he going to administer a lie detector test to every Muslim??? Oh, that’s not legal here….. maybe he can get Congress to change that… more on that tomorrow….

One last thing.. I would like the media to stop letting  republicans get away with saying (they won’t) what the American people want or think about Hillary. Because there a vast majority of people, who are not racist or evangelical or have some education, who do not agree with what the garbagedump is saying and therefore in doing so, misrepresent what WE want. Those apologists are excluding a whole lot of people when they spout off and tell that lie. The media has to step up and stop it…

Enough said, I’m out!!!





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