Had To Do Another One…. “What Do You Have To Lose II”

What do you have to lose?? Try me????, he pathetically panders.

It’s a joke… The garbagedump is so ignorant sometimes it’s hard to comprehend.

If he did his homework, he would know how stupid he sounds.

Yes, there are pockets and cities with issues. But why are these neighborhoods like they are? And who has been in charge (mayors) of cities, governors of states and leaders of locales that come to mind when the discussion of crime, jobs and education are broached. Mainly white people.

Why are neighborhoods segregated? Why are the schools inferior? Why are there no jobs in the inner cities? Who blocked minorities from living where they want to? Who manufactures guns? Who imports drugs? Who refused to pay a living wage? Or provide good teachers, or good books or libraries? Who jerrymandered votes or structured districts to mitigate voting power? Who fought against the 1954 Supreme Court decision that separate was not equal, and even before that, who jim-crowed black folks? It is not a Black problem it is an American problem that people like the garbagedump neglected to resolve; all they did is abuse citizens in so many ways, to line their pockets.

Rich white people (define any way you want to) decided where disadvantaged people could live, how much rent they had to pay, where they could buy a house, how much they would spend on education and where the best teachers would work, what they would pay for food, who would get good current books in the library, who could go to college or get into a union, what jobs would be available to whom, who they would let vote, when they would take away jobs, provide community services, or health care.

Yes, there are some good well-meaning rich folks who tried to do the right thing, but not nearly enough. When a company like GE or Uniroyal or Coca Cola, or Proctor & Gamble (for instance) decides to close a plant, or move a job to the out-suburbs, or to China or Pakistan or Korea, they ignore the needs of the disadvantaged.  When Bristol Myers closes its offices near New Haven CT that Black folks could get to, and moves to Princeton, New Jersey, where a house costs $700 thousand or rentals go for $2500, saying “If you can get to Princeton, you still have a job!”, when even Black folks who live in New Jersey can’t afford to live in Princeton! Believe me, I know!!!

When a Black family has to put down 25% and pay 15% for a mortgage when a Caucasian making the same money pays 6% and puts down 10%, that’s why there are communities with problems, and poor schools, poor transportation, poor educational opportunities or no jobs. Or like you did, ddfrump, discriminate against Black renters…. It’s happened to me, so I know!

So, trust you??? Believe you? .. With your “trickle down” economics, with your tax strategies, with your own businesses that you sent overseas, with your unsympathetic and wrong-headed ideas of becoming a “czar” like “I will do this alone” mentality. Someone recently said,  “I know a con man when I see one!” Most of us do too.

What do we have to lose…..YOU, we will lose you!!!

No, gargbagedump, WE will solve these issues TOGETHER when people of good conscious rich and poor work together…. With Hillary, maybe not all at once but that’s a better start than the B.S. your spouting….   I’m with her!

Sean Jackson, you need to get a grip.. .You are another well-dressed but blind ignorant Black apologist  for the garbagedump… You are a hindrance to our ability to resolve these issues. You are on the WRONG side….. Open your eyes and see… please???

Enough said, I’m out…again!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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