The garbagedump Blindly Stabs in The Dark…

They tried to put lipstick on the pig, and paint on a chameleon, and give a brain to the frankenstein monster. Now after firing anybody who tried to cover his bigoted rhetoric with lying and false explanations, he brings in a classic con woman, to work her witchery and place a flimsy facade over his ingrained ignorance and divisive demeanor. She has told him that he needs to address the tremendous gap he has created with minorities regarding the upcoming election in November. Most polls say Black folks prefer Hillary 91% to 1% and Hispanics prefer Hillary something like 84% to 14%!

Now he speaks to decidedly white audiences about how he sees the plight of all Black people, in regard to crime, education, and employment, and that he may soften his stance on breaking up families and using a posse to round up innocent people and deport them. “Trust me”, he says… while he whines that a Federal judge can’t be fair because of his heritage. How can any sensible and righteous person get past all that? Especially when he uses “I” all the damn time, as if he’ll dictate to the Congress and use them as his pawn.

The man is so disingenuous he has no clue on how to address minorities because all his life, he’s looked upon them as inferior and as a tool to make his millions. Why, he can’t even say “African American” in a way that is not offensive. And his only spiel is “What the hell do you have to lose?” after telling his white followers how he sees Black America from the comfort of his big screen television. Just like he sees immigrants as rapists and drug smugglers, and Muslims as a threat to America, while he insults patriots, he is nothing more than a racist klan member in business suit. There is no “I’ll have the Federal government  work with local communities to assist, where necessary, to improve your pursuit of happiness.” No, he will send in more troops….take control…..continue that “you need ME mentality!!!”

The question I have is, “Where the hell were you before you were 90 points behind??” Where were you when economically deprived folks needed jobs? You, as a billionaire (you say) could have built a factory in an inner city and manufactured your ties and shirts and shoes with your name on them there! You as a billionaire could have donated funds to buy back guns from people who should not have them. I started to mention, funding perhaps a charter school in a Black neighborhood, but I don’t think that would work, given frump u!!!

He can’t make 18 months of denigration, vitriol and nastiness go away with a rant on how bad he sees the world.

Garbagedump, I personally do not want to hear from you, so take your message of hate and fearmongering to your ivory tower and stew in it. Of course, you still have your lackeys and traitorous boot kissers. There are always some among us. But that is why we have defensive deodorants and cleansers. We know a rat, is a rat, and all it carries is disease and death. Stay away dunnnell garbagedump, take your duplicitous trash elsewhere. Despite your declarations of “Win, win”, you are a loser, take you cabal and crawl back under your sumptuous rock; a cave is still a cave!

Enough said, I’m out!!



About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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