What the Hell Do You Have To Lose??”

The garbagedump is now telling white people in suburban Michigan and Wisconsin that he is the messiah for black people. He has tried to pass the problems of the underserved minority communities onto the Democratic Party. He talks about jobs and the lack of opportunity for African Americans. He says, “Your communities are crime ridden, uneducated, and jobless. What the hell do you have to lose??!!!?”  (paraphrased)

What he does not tell them is that the republican Congress has blocked every jobs plan, every increase in educational program funding, every infrastructure bill presented by Democrats.     He does not tell them that republicans legislators and governors have jerry-mandered voting districts in their states to dilute the voting power of minorities, especially in Black communities so that there is less funding from the taxes within that state for disadvantaged communities. What he does not say is Black folks were hit hard or even harder that white communities from the 2008 depression created by republicans, with little or no relief from state legislators.

What he does not say is schools in minority neighborhoods were generally inferior, with less special programs, less experienced teachers, less money for school supplies, all this controlled by state legislators. He does not say that those communities of color are unjustly, used to increase funds in the cities’ coffers by traffic fines; funds that do not find their way back as investment in the black communities.

So when he clumsily attempts to place all Black folks in one barrel, and assume that, we all do not have the capacity to overcome the lack of services I’ve mentioned, he shows how clueless he is.

Here’s what we have to lose…..  fair access to jobs and promotion, better educational opportunities to attend good grammar schools through college, a higher minimum wage,       the ability to keep more of the salaries that we earn, the ability to have our vote count as much as the white vote, medical coverages, whether it be Medicare or Medicaid …..

Despite the successes that many of us have gained, as just plain great workers, in all the fields, in technology, sales, teaching; from space exploration to medical advances, to PHDs in so many disciplines too numerous to mention here, to sport stars, to successes in music and the stage, the garbagedump chooses to lump us all together and disparage all of us.

What do we have to gain by not voting for the garbagedump?  Not having a small-minded bigoted, selfish, egotistical, biased, buffoon as the leader of our nation. Not having woman worry about their ability to choose how they deal with their issues or equal pay. We avoid being an embarrassment to the world by having a tactless, clueless, naïve blowhard, with a penchant for revenge, who has his fingertip away from the nuclear codes.

I have watched people like Darryl Scott, supposedly a preacher, Sean Jackson and other sick Black Floridians, as well the two black women, Hester and Jester who evidently took idiot clown courses at trump u. My question is, why do you delete opinions that DO NOT coincide with your views? I see it as just another way the republicans deny open opinions and continue their mantra, “Do everything you can do to deny that Barack Obama is your PRESIDENT!! Well he is and he has done a magnificent job getting this country back on course after the 2008 debacle created by bushieboy and his cabal. Hillary will continue on the path laid out by President and enhance it to help us all improve our lives.

While I am at it, let me speak to the choir, since I do not believe that what I have to say will reach the ears of those who really need to hear this, the lazy gangbanger, the dope seller, gun toting thug/ murderer, or otherwise recalcitrant. Perhaps, somehow my reader can pass this on to that person…

“You need to stop what you are doing…you need to stop thinking that bleeding your community to pad your pockets with dirty money from selling drugs, is not hurting the people who have no choice but to live where they live.  Stop thinking you are a big man because you have a weapon in your pocket, or you are a hero when you go to prison for murder because you do not value life.  You need to stop wearing your pants below your knees, even though you are 35 years old; or making fifteen babies with six different women without paying support, because all the stupid things you do only gives idiots like garbagedump the idea that they can get away with using tainted information to denigrate minorities.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!




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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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