Still Dilusional, Still Bigoted….

The reports of racist and rancid remarks made by attendees at ddfrump’s rallies are shocking but not unexpected.

I’ve said for a long time now, that it is not an accident that frump supporters are 99.99% white and racist. Yeah, I know, you have a few misguided traitors of color or few females but when you see confederate flags and divisive caricatures on the signs at his rallies, only a fool can excuse those displays. No matter how the apologists want to “whitewash” the images, their excuses ring hollow and sad.

Just like those who choose to explain what frump meant when he spouts racist, insulting or unethical comments, again and again, it’s utterly ridiculous to think that the apologists can convince real Americans that those comments really do not matter.

We used to say, “Sticks and stones will break my bones…etc.” and that was somewhat true in the past, but with the advent of social media and progress in moral values, that adage is no longer true. Words do hurt. We now understand how words can harm someone for a very longtime, maybe, forever.

Those few minorities in attendance, who witnessed these sordid displays and expressions of hate and idly stand by and ignore them and remain silent, demonstrate that they too, are devoid of any decency.

A few things come to mind before one should support a man (?) like ddfrump whose whole message is one of hate, denigration, and racism.

How about the devotion to country; and to your fellow citizens; how about promoting equal rights, voting and civil rights before allegiance to party?

I’m moving on to ddfrump’s taxes and his bag of wind….. Where the hell are his tax returns??? The IRS has said that revealing one’s tax returns are not prohibited by an “audit” so think about that, as you guys who think he’s Mr. Wonderful need to really look at your savior. Do you really think he has nothing to hide??? Then, along with your bad attitude, you are naïve and gullible. You are sooooo fleecible; no, let me change that, sooooo senseless or simply bigotedly blind by your misplaced hatred of President Obama; and for your own self-esteem, you are looking for someone, anyone to blame for your predicament. You need to look in the mirror and see yourself for what you are…..and if you are honest, you would realize that your situation was caused by the very people you wish to save you. The rich people moved their businesses overseas….. not the government in Washington, by their choice and in the process, said, “Screw you!” They did not consider your future; all they considered was how to line their already full pockets. These same millionaires and billionaires have a choice; move their business back to our shores, but they won’t. As you sit there in your rocking chair, think about where you would be, if bushieboy’s economic plan continued. You’d be so far up “s%##z creek” you couldn’t buy that chaw of “tabacca” you got in your mug! And your billionaire savior, ddfrump, with all his money could open up, say, a tie or suit factory in one of those empty factory buildings so you could work…. No, he’s giving you a line of bull, and laughing all the way to the Caymans!

Let me add this…. Your republican party has bailed on every proposal sent to Congress since 2008 to create jobs through infrastructure improvement, energy, and ecology…for Pete’s sake, they still deny global warming!!!!

So you guys need a “wake up call”; be a real American and support progress or crawl back into 2007/2008 and watch your rich billionaire “friends” (who have your back.. ha,ha,ha!!!) continue to sit on their hands and get rich.

Last….Most billionaires and millionaires, who could afford to pay higher wages to their middle income and low wage workers, stuff their portfolios while you suffer.

Remember when you’d get a 10% merit increase and the personal borrowing rate was capped at 6%? Remember when you got 5% on a savings account? Now the mega banks pay 0% interest, and you pay 28% on a credit card and they penalize you if you use more than 30% of the availability or if you don’t use the “credit’’ at all……

So, good luck smart people…. you got a guy whose best output is calling people names, and can’t even do that well, and making goofy faces..  What a joke!!

We progressives and Democrats will do our job and come out and vote for her…….   And make  your disaster crawl back under his rock.

Enough said, I’m out!!!


About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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