Stark Contrast

I wish there was a way to talk to the ddfrump supporters or those he is targeting as possible voters.

The reports of racist and rancid remarks made by attendees at ddfrump’s rallies are shocking, but not unexpected.

I’ve said for a long time now, that it is not an accident that frump supporters are 99.99% white and most, minimally educated (not a put down, but a fact). When you see confederate flags and divisive caricatures on the signs at his rallies, only a fool can excuse those displays. No matter how the apologists want to “whitewash” the images, their excuses ring hollow and sad.

Just like those who choose to explain what frump meant when he spouts racist, insulting or unethical, comments, or suggests that the Russians hack the Democrats emails, again, it’s utterly ridiculous to think that they can convince real Americans that those comments really do not matter.

We used to say, “Sticks and stone will break my bones…etc.” and that was somewhat true in the past, but with the advent of social media and progress in moral values, that adage is no longer true. Words do hurt. We now understand how words can harm someone for a very longtime, maybe, forever.

Those few minorities in attendance, who witnessed these sordid displays and expressions of hate and idly stand by and ignore them, and then remain silent, demonstrate that they too, are devoid of any decency. People like ben carson, twisted as he is, or tim scott, the black senator from South Carolina, have nothing to say, except they support this idiot.

A few things in my mind come before one should support a man (?) like frump whose whole message is one of hate, denigration, and racism.

How about the devotion to country, and to your fellow citizens; how about promoting equal rights before allegiance to party?

When I contrast the images at the rnc to the images of crowds at the DNC, it is stark; the latter, a bold reflection of what America really is; one that we can be proud of, and not the lily white panorama that the rnc projected.

There has been clamor from the desperate frump delegation about the payment of $400 million to Iran (that is in cash, is not relevant). This whole situation was discussed and settled months ago. If the Iranians wanted to create the appearance of a quid pro quo by releasing the Americans held there, they did so and it is something that we will just have to get over. What was the President supposed to do, say, “This will look bad, return the hostages next month?” No, of course not… ask the families of those brave men, what they think….they could care less what fodder the republicans want to make….their loved one is back home.

In closing, did you see the remarks by Hillary today? She laid out an extensive plan to create jobs, deal with immigration, taxes, clean energy and so on.

Compared to ddfrump’s idea of no ideas, I cannot see how any real American would not vote for Senator Clinton.


Enough said, I’m out!!






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