Today I watched the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia and the scene brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful, gorgeous, exquisite dynamic array  mosaic display of the faces of our country, from sea to shining sea, from mountaintop to prairie, to forest from big city and urban centers.

I was struck by the varied sepia shades and tones and hues of our nation, African Americans, Native Americans, Virgin Islanders, Pacific Islanders, Hawaiians, Alaskans, Alabamans, Vermonters, Illiniosans, Utahans, Wyomingites, District of Colombians, New Yorkers, Californians,  Mississippians and so on, that graced the platform and tiers of that arena. Goodness, even the our white brothers and sisters took on a tanned glow of warmth and freedom!

Think back and contrast what I just said to the images of the republic convention….. unfortunately, they have found it overly difficult to colorize their party. Oh yes, I did see some misguided souls of color in the sea of regular milk…..(five or ten in all those thousands of attendees). Quite a shameful display, but certainly expected. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they will rally around that prejudiced bigot and mouth delusional protestation of the progress of all rights in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. We know why their convention looks like it does. I’m not going to reiterate my thoughts on that, you all know them. 

They should want to do something about it, but they won’t; after all, who the hell wants to be around a pack of losers, without any rhythm and  bounce, or smiles and grace?   I know real Americans do not.

We will go to the polls in November and vote in the first woman president of these United States of America.  Together we will continue to make progress……….A Latino president, a Jewish president…… another Black president or White president with empathy, righteousness, and compassion… God, a perhaps, Muslim president… because this nation is and will continue to be that beautiful mosaic I saw today………We are stronger and more beautiful together…     No other country on Earth can make a claim that they are more diverse, but I suggest they try…….We present an opportunity to use and grow our God given talents, like no other place so long as we do what we do, accept you, so long as you have good will in your heart. God Bless America.


Enough said, I’m out!!!



About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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