Reality Check

Reality Check

Last week I watched the gloom and doom rhetoric of the ddfrump campaign in Cleveland. The display of what they perceive as our precious United States of America, was appalling in my mind. Even before the republicans got underway, their motto, “Make America Great again”, was a grasp at delusion, for there is no statistic, no fact, no actuality that supports that assumption. This is abundantly clear, a fact that our President iterated last week.

I understand that there are instances and circumstances that a person or group may find themselves involved in that suggests that they are not receiving the best that this country can offer; but by no means, does those instances reflect our demise.

So, those republicans that frump has led by nose to the point that they, rather than support progressive change, desire to return to a time when by numbers, education, money, access and skin color, they were in charge.

For instance, ddfrump suggests the he, and only he, can bring jobs back or give them the opportunity to go back to the coal mines, and the steel mills, as opposed to getting involved in less dangerous endeavors such as building solar panels, or getting learning the latest computer technology.

People, the sky is not falling, the demise of our military is not a reality; our economy and trade are not failing. The republicans, if you care to note, caused the re(de)pression in 2008; and continued to block any legislation that would have provides jobs right here in America. They have dragged their feet on a livable wage, medical care, equal pay for equal work, tax reform, immigration solutions, and so on. The country has not failed those folks; the republicans have failed to do their sworn duty to assist in moving the country toward even more abundant future.

I contrast the forgoing to what I saw last night and what I believe America will see the week, “Rise up”, “When they go low, we go high”, “I’m with her”, Stronger together”! Tonight, I expect more of the same.

Yes, there is one United States of America, but the stark truth is that the republicans have refused to join the march toward progress and equality for everyone. Just look at the sea of white at their convention, simply because they are the party of exclusion, delusion, fear-mongering, cheating and animosity. Contrast that with the rainbow of inclusion, of compassion, of growth, of hope and courage that is evident in Philadelphia.

Admittedly, the Sanders camp, despite losing to Secretary Clinton in the primaries, still seek their “pound of flesh” or ransom to come into the fold and make the Democrats, a united party.

The problem I see, is that there people in the Sanders camp, who are enthusiastic, dedicated and uncompromising on the supporting their “revolution”.

I was involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the Sixties, with the same fervor, strength and zeal, but we called it a “Movement”, a movement promoting change, accommodation, and respect; not a rebellion, a upheaval without a recognition of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. In fact, we used those documents to further our cause, not fight against its premises.

It’s time to put down the “Feel the Bern” and the “Bernie for President” signs and pick up the “Forward Together” signs and defeat the bigot, fearmongerer and egotist.

President Obama brought us back from the edge of chaos after the debacle of bush, and the reason that the poor, the aged, and the middle class could not join in the rebound, is because the republicans stifled every attempt to share the recovery.

So, it is incumbent upon us, the progressive Democrats to continue the momentum and legacy of our President’s progress and do everything with our power to defeat the creators of false fear.

Let our convention continue on this high note and leave here with an enthusiastic march toward success in November.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!



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