Condolences, Punkryan, Defeat….

Condolences to the Orlando victims….

The Supreme Court has allowed the Second amendment to murder more people.  This amendment was written in the 18th century when the only guns were a single shot musket and pistol. I do not believe any guns should be allowed in our modern society, let alone automatic weapons of war. But given that this nation does not have the moral will to eliminate the gun, the least our Congress can do, is ban all these war weapons. My wish will not come true, so why can’t we allow what the framers of the Bill of Rights was referring to; that is, if you want a musket you can have one!

Punkin’ Out

I saw “appall” ryan punk out to day on Meet The Press on Sunday when he said “I am obligated to support ddfrump”, as a republican leader. What about thinking about being an “American” leader????  Understanding that this man is not qualified to be a dogcatcher, rich as he says he is. Ryan thinks the republican hierarchy will be able to dictate and use him as a pawn, but he is depending on a volcano to fertilize the republican pasture.

Listen, I’m glad that they a have a bigot, liar, cheater, tax evader, an egotist, paranoid nut case as their leader. This exposes the negativity of a large segment of our population that seems to have forgotten that their forefathers came to this country looking for an opportunity toward a better life for themselves and their children. And do not tell me that they were not terrorists…. Look what they did to the local population. And it was ideology plus greed!  If you really look at how they exploited slavery and the indigenous peoples to gain wealth, you will see what I’m talking about.

Those folks who voted for frump and his pack of lies, will soon find out that their ”leaders” could care less about them. Those “leaders” want the status quo to remain with no thought of helping the masses that falsely believe in the lies this bigot mouths. Instead of being patriotic, and doing what’s best for this nation, they like punkryan, continue to support the privileged rich who refuse to share their spoils and instead, give the back of their hands to the working and middle class.

So, punkryan, wimp, do you really think this man(??) is qualified?? Really??? You are proving every day that as you  ”lay in the cut” waiting for your turn to be president, that you too, are not qualified, your judgement is skewed and that you are blind to the reality that this nation will continue to be a progressive one, and will improve the fortunes of its citizens without the republican party. We are not going back to the misguided age of reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease or his misguided defunding of the Mental Health System Act or the firing of the Air Controllers.

So, support whomever you want, punkryan, but stand aside and let real leaders do their jobs!

Did you see how Steve Kerr un-coached his team to defeat????  He had no clue as to what to do against the defense of Cleveland.  What a sad ending….LeBron was the All-Star last night along with Kyrie…… and Lue, the coach.

Enough said. I’m out!!




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