I Started With Bernie, but……

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie……

Again I implore you to stop your hopeless trek……… you lost….and you knew the deal when you started…….

We Democrats will need every vote to stop the wreckage of ddfrump, a consummate liar whose only asset is the one that he fills a chair with and does his thinking (if I can bring myself to call it that).

If you look in the mirror, you will see ddfrump looking at you, as you and your followers are doing the same thing; that is, creating a following that does not see the big picture of a united America. We need to win in November and every vote against ddfrump counts.

We need to get the Supreme Court back from the lost and bewildered conservative, and we need to get to work to get wages up, make the economy work for all of us, rebuild our roads and infrastructure, deal with pollution, build a bullet train (did you see Europe’s and China’s????) and resolve the immigration situation and allow those eleven million “Americans” to live without fear and anxiety. We need to get people out of minimum wage jobs…and make the rich pay their fair share of taxes…(Can we see tax returns you and ddfrump???)

Don’t worry “old white guys”, we will retrain you for the 21st century too… if YOU want to be retrained….there are new manufacturing jobs ahead using technology instead of brawn and coal. Wouldn’t you rather live to a ripe old age after working a clean job instead of digging in a coal mine and die from lung disease at 62????

So Bernie, we democrats have a lot of “fixing” to do, the sooner, the better; so stop putting the brakes on the new “Freedom” train!! Get onboard!! Be a catalyst for progress, now!!! And bring along your troops, this is a heavy lift so all hands on deck!!! We will not know what kind of a Congress we will have to deal with, so let’s get to work.

A word to the black folks who have lost their minds…….ddfrump is not your friend or supporter…he is a bigot and a bully; and you have the nerve to carry a sign supporting him??? Black person, please!!!!!

And to my “conservative” zombies……..you can still be saved……Democrats have the cure and we are willing to share…it’s your call.

Lastly, the republican leadership (another word that seems to be contradictory, an oxymoron) seems to have given up on American values….This country was built on inclusion, although, selfishly, the South thought they had a right to enslave people and others avariciously thought that they had a right to rob the inhabitants of their land and resources. But in this time and place, we are a beacon to all the world that America will give you a chance to do better. Your glory days of western gun battles, protecting your ranch/ farm….. being a militia man….living the wilderness… shooting first….building your self-esteem  with a AK-47 are gone…. A fair-minded and empathic America is the future, so get on board.

Yet that republican leadership(??) who allowed an outsider to weaken and hijack your party via “teapartiers”, “evangelicals”, and war mongerers, is supporting an unqualified, bigoted presidential candidate and have to lie and bend reality. Instead of them being an American, we see them, red-faced and mumbling, knowing that they have given up on the truth and their nation.

The old cliché, my interpretation, is…..They see their house burning down, so they give the arsonist (ddfrump) a can of kerosene and tell him to put out the fire; then justify it as “We thought he would use the gasoline to set a “backfire”!!!!” Better still is, they want to protect their glass house so they hire a bull to watch the place overnight, thinking that just because they put a harness on it, it will stand still and listen to them when they holler, “No, don’t move!!”.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!




About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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